FSC 1615 Helicopter Rotor Blades Drive Mechanisms and Components Parts Catalog

FSC 1615 Helicopter Rotor Blades Drive Mechanisms and Components parts are in stock and ready to ship.  Get an instant quote for top performing parts such as YD264A, Y70E70013-001, Y70E700020-002, Y70E700020-001, Y70E700015-002 following under NSN number 1615001254089, 1615001027430, 1615009496087, 1615009496088, 1615001027431.

Browse or search for your desired parts with Aviation Orbit, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has one of the largest inventories of 1615 Helicopter Rotor Blades Drive Mechanisms and Components in the U.S. and overseas As an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company. FSC 1615 Helicopter Rotor Blades Drive Mechanisms and Components consist of parts like those that Cap Filler Opening, Coupling Set, Collet Set Matched, Collet Set Rotor, Collet Set Rotor manufactured by Eaton Aerospace Ltd, Zurn Industries Inc, Rexnord Industries Llc, Gyrodyne Co, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions respectively.

Part type list for FSC 1615 Helicopter Rotor Blades Drive Mechanisms and Components

zapper check kit yoke trunnion yoke tail rotor dri
yoke tail rotor yoke rotor control yoke rotor blades
yoke main rotor col yoke main rotor assembly yoke main gearbox
yoke kit yoke disconnect coupling yoke dephasing mechanism
yoke coupling yoke azimuth yoke assy tail rotor
yoke assy tail roto yoke assy pitch con yoke assy main roto
yoke assy cyclic yoke assy yoke assembly tail
yoke assembly shaft gearbox yoke assembly rotor yoke assembly rotary blade
yoke assembly main rotor yoke assembly main yoke assembly cycli
yoke assembly collective pitch yoke assembly yoke and spindel as
yoke wrench assy cap rot wiring harness junction box
wiring blace tip wiring assy wiring assembly bla
wiring assembly wire preformed wire band special
windowxplug window sump sight gage window observation
wheel assembly gearbox weightxbalance weight wing blade
weight vibrex blade weight tracking weight tip support assembly
weight tip rotor blade weight tip end weight tip cap assembly
weight tip cap weight tip blade weight tail rotor blade
weight tail rotor weight tail drive s weight stabilizer b
weight stabilizer weight shaft transmission weight shaft assembly
weight shaft weight rotor hub weight rotor blade
weight rotor balance weight rotor balanc weight rotary wing head
weight rotary wing blade weight rotary wing weight rotary rudder blade
weight rotary rudde weight rotary head weight rotary blade
weight main rotor blade weight inboard weight hub assembly
weight head rotary weight fold hinge balance weight fold hinge
weight droop stop weight droop snoot weight drive shaft
weight counterbalance weight counter tail rotor contro weight counter tail
weight centrifugal weight blade tail r weight blade rotary
weight blade main weight blade weight bifilar
weight balancing tail weight balancing weight balance rota
weight balance drive shaft weight assy blade weight assy bilifarilar
weight assy bifilar weight assembly tip weight assembly rotary wing head
weight assembly mid weight assembly ine weight assembly bifilar
weight assembly weight anti flap weight
wedge trailing edge main rotor b wedge trailing edge wedge pocket rotor
wedge locking rotor wedge bulkhead wedge blade
wedge assembly droop wedge and guide assembly wedge and guide ass
wear sleeve shaft washer thrust gear box washer star assembl
washer shim guard washer rotary wing washer radius aircr
washer pitch washer m r aircraft washer cup dam
washer beveled washer assy yoke to washer assembly rotary wing
washer anchor fitting vibration absorber vespel spline
vent freewheeling u vent breather vent assy breather
valve yoke assembly valve vernatherm valve transmission
valve stemmed yoke valve stem valve self closing
valve rotary wing valve poppet valve plate
valve oil filter transmission valve oil drain sel valve lubrication
valve damper rotary valve damper piston valve check oil pre
valve body valve assy sequence valve assy damper
valve assy valve assembly transmission valve assembly tor
valve assembly sequence valve assembly oil valve assembly main
valve assembly driv valve assembly damper valve and housing assembly
valve and housing a valve upper nut shaft
upper case assembly universal joint ass universal control l
unit turret assembly helicopter tubing
tubextransfer input tubexassy gear box tubexassy damped
tubeinstall idgbkit tube transmission tube transfer
tube shaft assy tube runout tube run out
tube reservoir tube pitch control tube oil transfer t
tube oil transfer oil cooler tube oil transfer tube oil suction tr
tube oil drain transmission tube m r thrust tube fixation bta
tube element outlet tube drive tube assyxlube
tube assy torsion tube assy torque tube assy tail roto
tube assy sump main tube assy rotor bra tube assy rotor
tube assy rotary wing head tube assy pitch lin tube assy gear box
tube assy filler ne tube assy dipstick tube assy control tail rotor
tube assy tube assembly tail rotor tube assembly tail
tube assembly stabilizer bar rot tube assembly perforated tube assembly contr
tube aircraft mater tube trunnion tail rotor
trunnion set rotor trunnion set assembly tail rotor trunnion main rotor
trunnion damper rotary wing head trunnion damper rot trunnion assy tail rotor
trunnion assy main rotor trunnion assembly tail rotor trunnion assembly swashplate
trunnion assembly main rotor hub trunnion assembly drive trunnion assembly d
trunnion assembly c trunnion assembly trunion set rotor
trunion assembly trompette avant gau trim tab rotary win
trim tab plate trim tab blade rotor trim tab assembly main rotor bla
trim tab assembly main rotor trim assembly blade transmissionmechanicalhelicopt
transmission rotor transmission mechanical helicopter transmission mechanical helicopt
transmission mechan transmission mast transmission main r
transmission main a transmission kit transmission helicopter
transmission helico transmission fwd transmission forwar
transmission assy m transmission assy transmission assembly aft
transmission assembly transmission assemb transmission and mast assembly
transmission and ma transmission aft transmission
transmissiom helico transmision tempera transition fan
transimission assem transferxtube rear transfer tube
transducer torque p transducer rotary wing blade transducer pressure
transducer linear transducer cockpit bim training aid spacer
trailing edge rotor trailing edge rotar trailing edge mrbr
trailing edge assy tracker switch track gust lock
tow boom assembly torsion tube clutch torque tube subassembly main rot
torque tube assembl torque meter assembly tool rigging tail rotor
tool rigging tail a tole etanche radiat toggle assy quadran
tipcap tip rotor blade ass tip rotary wing blade
tip rib rotary wing tip rib rotary blad tip pocket main rot
tip cover blade tip cover assembly rotor blade tip cap tail rotor blade
tip cap tail rotor tip cap main rotor tip cap blade rotar
tip cap blade tip cap assy wing b tip cap assy rotary
tip cap assy main r tip cap assy tip cap assembly rotary
tip cap assembly tip cap tip assy main rotor
tip assembly tail rudder tip assembly main rotor blade tip assembly main r
tip air rotor blade tie rod stabilizer tie rod assembly st
tie rod tie bar assy tie bar assembly la
tie bar assembly tie bar thrust plate
thrush gear roto terminal gust lock main rotor terminal bar roller
terminal assy slip terminal assembly terminal
termianl block template temperature plate helicopter dri
temperature plate h temperature control target blade fold
tank oil special tank oil rotary wing head tank oil lube rotar
tank oil tank fluid shock ab tank cover assembly
tank assy rotary tank assy oil tank assy
tank assembly rotary wing tank assembly rotar tank assembly oil
tank assembly lubrication tank assembly lubri tailxgear box assy
tail rotor sub asse tail rotor shaft tail rotor drive sh
tail rotor drive co tail rotor assembly tail rotor
tail gear box tab upper tab trim aircraft
tab trim tab tail gear box tab lower
tab helicopter tab assy lower swivel assembly pla
swivel assembly swivel anti flap switch pitch lock
switch assembly shaft swashplatecontrollable swashplate stationa
swashplate liner assembly swashplate controllable swashplate control
swashplate assy ta swashplate assy sta swashplate assy rot
swashplate assy air swashplate assy swashplate assembly rotary
swashplate assembly forward swashplate assembly swashplate ass spec
swashplate and support assembly swashplate and supp swashplate
swash plate assy ro swash plate assy af swage special purpose
supportxassy support weight support valve flapp
support upper support tube assembly tail rotor support tube
support transmission support tail rotor support switch disc
support swashplate support sun gear transmission support sun gear ge
support static gear support special support seal transm
support screen filt support rotor trans support rotor brake
support roller bearing assembly support roller bearing support roller assy
support retaining plate support quadrant be support plate assem
support pitch lock support oil seal pump support nose gear b
support mount blade support mount apu support lubrication
support lower support light aft support level
support installatio support housing support gear interm
support gear box support free wheel support frame assy
support forward bea support flap restra support fitting gea
support engine righ support engine left support engine
support droop stop rotary wing h support droop stop interposer support droop stop
support droop control support droop compensator support cover bifilar rotary win
support coupling support counterweight support counterweig
support counter weight tail roto support controls rotary rudder support conduit sub
support conduit ass support clutch spri support climatiseur
support bracket fai support bracket ass support bracket
support blade lock support blade fold support blade droop compensator
support bifilar rotary wing head support bifilar rot support bifilar
support bellcrank support bearing transmission support bearing tai
support assy weight support assy transm support assy tail r
support assy swashplate support assy spring support assy specia
support assy rotor support assy radiat support assy lube
support assy lower support assy gearbo support assy gear box
support assy freew support assy drive support assy damper
support assy boot support assy bearin support assy bear i
support assy azimut support assy aircra support assy
support assembly transmission support assembly tr support assembly torque
support assembly tip weight support assembly tail drive shaf support assembly ta
support assembly swashplate support assembly swash plate support assembly sw
support assembly sun gear support assembly su support assembly spiral bevel gear
support assembly special support assembly sp support assembly shaft bearing
support assembly sh support assembly ro support assembly py
support assembly pi support assembly mi support assembly main gearbox
support assembly hydromechanical support assembly gearbox support assembly gear bearing transmission
support assembly drive shaft support assembly bearing gearbox support assembly bearing
support assembly be support assembly azimuth spindle support assembly ai
support assembly af support assembly actuator tail r support assembly actuator
support assembly ac support assembly support anti torque
support anti flail support aft transmi support actuator
sun gear lower sun gear assembly sump subassembly
sump stud assembly sump ring sound att sump ring sound
sump oil transmission sump housing assy sump body lube
sump assy transmiss sump assembly trans sump assembly main gear
sump assembly gearbox sump assembly gear sump assembly and r
sump assembly stud aircraft mater strut tail rotor
strut rotor strut mrp strut fitting
strut assy rotor support strut assy rotor su strut assy rotor s
strut assembly uppe strut assembly supp strut assembly fold
stripxabrasion strip wear strip trailing edge
strip tail rotor strip striker pitch strip strap pitch c
strip spindle rotor wing head strip rotaryblade strip rotary wing
strip rotary rudder blade strip mainxrotor bl strip main rotor hu
strip main rotor blade strip main rotor bl strip main rotor
strip housing strip erosion blade strip chafing
strip balancing strip assembly rotary strip assembly
strip anti chafe strip abrasive roto strip abrasive hub
strip abrasion tipcap rotary win strip abrasion rotary wing blade strip abrasion rotary rudder bla
strip abrasion rotary strip abrasion rota strip abrasion
striker plate beari striker block droop stop striker blade fold
stricker strip pitch housing mai strap tension main strap tension
strap set main rotor strap rotary blade strap main rotor hub
strap assy main rotor strap assy main rot strap assemblymain
strap assembly tens strap assembly tail rotor strap assembly tail
strap assembly main rotor strap assembly main strap assembly hub
strap assembly strainerxassy strainer transmissi
strainer sleeve intake strainer oil pump strainer input assy
strainer gear box strainer element special strainer damper
strainer assy trans strainer assy main strainer assy filte
strainer assembly m strainer assembly l strainer assembly
strainer and filler strainer stopxcylinder
stopspecial stopper cork stopmechanical
stop teeter tail ro stop tail rotor spi stop tail rotor flapping
stop static tail rotor stop static tail ro stop static
stop rotor installa stop rotating stop rotary wing he
stop rotary rudder stop recess bar stop quill shaft
stop pitch links stop mechanical stop inboard fitting
stop hinge fold pad stop hinge fold stop helicopter
stop fold hinge stop flap restraint stop dynamic stabil
stop droop rotary wing head stop droop forward stop droop
stop cylinder stop coning restraint main rotor stop assy static ma
stop assembly stati stop assembly sling stop assembly rotor
stop assembly dynam stop anti flap rotary wing head stop anti flap assembly
stop actuator trans stiffenerxblade stiffener rotary wi
stiffener root rib stiffener pocket ro stiffener lh spec
stiffener stem filter stator housing
stator assembly fan stator assembly actuator stationary swashplate assembly
static stop tail rotor assembly static stop tail ro static stop rotor
static stop main rotor static stop main ro star subassembly ma
star clutch star assy main roto star assembly main
star assembly azimuth standpipexoil standpipe transmiss
standpipe assembly standoff assy gearb stand pipe special
stabilizer tube rotary wing stabilizer rotary wing stabilizer plate up
stabilizer plate lo stabilizer bar assy stabilizer bar asse
stabilizer assembly sprocket assembly spring tens
spring special spring retainer intake valve spring pitch restra
spring assy oil cap spring assembly preload spring assembly
sprag retainer assy sprag clutch sprag
sponson assyxfoward split ring assy split cone rotary hub
splined key spline trailing edg spline section
spline pitch lock a spline pitch lock spline output coupling drive sha
spline main gear box spline bushing assy spline assyxoutput
spline assy spline assembly splice strip blade
splice cover assembly splice cover splashplate lubrica
splash guard oil spiralxgear box spiral gearbox assy
spiral gear box ass spinner assembly ma spinner assembly
spindlexassy rotor spindlexassy spindle tail rotor
spindle rotary rudder spindle rotary blade spindle rod
spindle main transm spindle main rotor spindle lock
spindle liner assy spindle head rotary wing spindle blade
spindle assy rotary rudder spindle assy rotary spindle assy rot
spindle assy head r spindle assy spindle assembly sl
spindle assembly rudder spindle assembly rotary wilng spindle assembly rotary rudder
spindle assembly rotary head spindle assembly main rotor spindle assembly air
spindle assembly ai spindle assembly spindle and liner assembly
spindle and liner spigot spider upper
spider transmission spider planetary main transmissi spider main rotor
spider lower main t spider lower main spider assy control
spider assembly spherical drive shaft tail rotor spherical drive sha
spar end closure spacerxset spacerxseal
spacerxbearing spacer swashplate spacer suplied
spacer spindlexassy spacer spindle sleeve spacer skid landin
spacer side plate spacer shipping spacer set sleeve main gear box
spacer set quill as spacer set matched main gearbox spacer set main rot
spacer set bearing rotor brake spacer set spacer rudder cam
spacer rotor hub spacer planetary ge spacer outer bearin
spacer matched set spacer main rotor m spacer main rotor grip
spacer main gear box spacer main drive s spacer input bearin
spacer inner bearin spacer hinge pin rotary spacer gate assy
spacer flange input spacer damper mounting rotary wi spacer cone set
spacer clutch acces spacer clutch spacer bearing gear
spacer bearing spacer assy rotary spacer assy gearbox
spacer assy spacer assembly splined spacer assembly spindle rotary h
spacer assembly main transmissio spacer assembly hub spacer assembly gearbox
spacer assembly spacer and pin assembly spacer adapter
socketx socket swashplate socket rotary wing
socket pitch lock socket assembly mai socket assembly bal
socket assembly azi socket assembly socket
sock assy main rotor snubber trunnion ro snubber trunnion
smoke shield rotor slipxring assy slipring
slip ring assy slip ring assembly main shaft ro slip ring assembly
slingerxoil slinger oil gearbox slinger oil gearbo
slinger gearbox aircraft slinger gearbox slinger gear box
slinger slider tail rotor slider swashplate
slider shaft rotary wing control slider shaft rotary controls win slider rotary rudder
slider guide assemb slider assy rotor slider assembly rotor controls
slider assembly rotor sleevexstrainer sleevexlink
sleevexkey sleevexassy sump sleeve wicking
sleeve wear shaft sleeve wear seal sleeve wear gearbox
sleeve wear alterna sleeve wear sleeve transmission
sleeve tail rotor s sleeve tail rotor h sleeve tail rotor drive
sleeve tail rotor sleeve tail drive s sleeve swashplate
sleeve strainer sum sleeve strainer oil pump sleeve strainer
sleeve spring anti sleeve spindle rudder sleeve spindle assy
sleeve spindle assembly sleeve spindle asse sleeve special main rotor
sleeve shaft tail gearbox sleeve seal shaft r sleeve seal main ro
sleeve seal sleeve screen assembly sleeve scavenge strainer main mo
sleeve rotor mast sleeve rotary rudder sleeve retaining ge
sleeve push rod tai sleeve protective shaft sleeve pinion trans
sleeve output gearbox sleeve oil sump gear box sleeve oil seal retaining
sleeve oil pump tra sleeve oil pump main gearbox sleeve oil collecto
sleeve main gear box sleeve lube gear bo sleeve link
sleeve insert ported sleeve input gearbo sleeve input bevel
sleeve hub assy sleeve housing head sleeve hinge assembly
sleeve grease sleeve gear box sleeve gear
sleeve flotation sleeve extension 7 sleeve extension
sleeve detector sleeve cylinder shock absorber sleeve cylinder
sleeve control tube sleeve connecting l sleeve collective a
sleeve collective sleeve check valve sleeve by pass valv
sleeve bungee sleeve blade rotary wing sleeve assy rotary
sleeve assy pivot swashplate sleeve assy output sleeve assy input t
sleeve assy gear bo sleeve assy bevel g sleeve assy
sleeve assembly transmission sleeve assembly tai sleeve assembly slip ring main g
sleeve assembly shaft sleeve assembly sci sleeve assembly rotor brake tran
sleeve assembly rotor brake sleeve assembly rotary rudder sleeve assembly rotary
sleeve assembly mai sleeve assembly gen sleeve assembly gearbox
sleeve assembly gea sleeve assembly aircraft sleeve assembly
sleeve assembled bushing tail ro sleeve anti torque sleeve anti flail
sleeve and spindle assy sleeve and spindle assembly rotary wing head sleeve and spindle
sleeve and hub set sleeve and hinge assy main rotor sleeve and hinge assembly main r
sleeve and hinge assembly sleeve and hinge sleeve and bushing
sleeve adapter assembly tow sleeve skin pocket rotor b
skin pocket blade skin patch material skin fairing repair
skin fairing skin boom fair spec skin assembly upper
skin assembly blade skid rotor blade signal processor
signal flag assy sight plug assembly sight glass transmission
sight glass hub sight glass grip ma sight gage mix box
siege appui sideplate shroud transmission
shroud subassembly shroud protective shroud hub assembly
shroud assembly rot shroud assembly rig shroud assembly lef
shroud assembly dro shroud anti icing short shaft assy
shols installation shoe outboard shoe hub rotary wing
shoe assy main rotor hub shoe assy main roto shoe assy clutch
shoe assy centrifug shoe assembly trans shoe and lining assembly
shoe and lining ass shoe and liner assy shock absorber assy
shock absorber assembly shock absorber asse shimxretainer
shim weight rotary wing blade shim tip cap assembly shim plate sleeve
shim input housing shim housing gearbo shim control lock
shim control lever shim blade fold shim balance
shield tail rotor shield tail drive shaft shield swashplate
shield stationary star shield special shield rotor blade
shield rotor shield rotary wing shield rod assembly
shield protective aft shield portective forward shield oil transmission
shield oil retainin shield oil cooler shield main rotor b
shield main gearbox shield hub main rotor shield heat
shield grease transmimission shield grease trans shield grease output gear
shield grease input shield gear box shield control plat
shield azimuth sadd shield assy shield assembly slump
shield assembly shaft shield assembly rot shield assembly oil
shield assembly main rotor shield assembly gearbox shield assembly dust
shield assembly con shield assembly sheath erosion
sheath assy blade rotary wing sheath assembly rotary wing sheath assembly
shaftxgear box shaftxassy outer shaftxassy gear box
shaftxassy cooler shaft varying shaft upper planetary
shaft transmission shaft threaded airc shaft tail rotor dr
shaft tail rotor shaft tail drive shaft splined outpu
shaft spline main g shaft slip ring shaft shouldered
shaft shear servo m shaft seal assy magnetic shaft rotor transmi
shaft rotor helicopter shaft rotor helicop shaft rotor gearbox
shaft rotor drive shaft rotor assembl shaft rotor
shaft rotary wing p shaft rotary rudder shaft rod end
shaft rigid shaft quill tail ro shaft quill special
shaft quill housing shaft quill aft tra shaft quill
shaft pump transmis shaft propulsion rotary rudder shaft propulsion
shaft plug shaft pivot shaft pinton
shaft pinion shaft outputclutch shaft output drive
shaft output clutch shaft outer gear bo shaft oil pump tran
shaft oil pump shaft main rotor shaft main input ge
shaft main gearbox shaft main gear tra shaft main gear box
shaft input engine shaft input arm rot shaft input
shaft hollow shaft hinge lock shaft guide damper
shaft gearbox rotor shaft gear transmission shaft gear box
shaft fan tailroto shaft fan assembly shaft fan
shaft extension shaft droop stop ro shaft droop compensator
shaft drive pump shaft drive gearbox shaft drive clutch
shaft drive aft rot shaft drive shaft detent
shaft decoupler shaft damper assembly shaft damper
shaft crank shaft coupling tail shaft coupling adap
shaft coupling shaft control assy shaft control
shaft clutch shaft bushing assem shaft blower gear b
shaft blade folding shaft bearing planetary shaft bearing pitch
shaft bearing hange shaft assy torque m shaft assy tailroto
shaft assy tail rotor drive shaft assy tail rot shaft assy tail gea
shaft assy tail dri shaft assy tail shaft assy segmente
shaft assy section shaft assy rotary r shaft assy quill
shaft assy pitch shaft assy pail rot shaft assy main tra
shaft assy main tai shaft assy main rot shaft assy main
shaft assy hydrauli shaft assy housing shaft assy gear box
shaft assy fwd tail shaft assy freewhel shaft assy freewhee
shaft assy drive shaft assy cooler shaft assy
shaft assembly tran shaft assembly tail gearbox shaft assembly tail gear box
shaft assembly tail drive shaft shaft assembly tail drive shaft assembly tail
shaft assembly synchronized shaft assembly sync shaft assembly sect
shaft assembly rotor drive shaft assembly roto shaft assembly rota
shaft assembly pylon shaft assembly pylo shaft assembly pla
shaft assembly pitch control shaft assembly pitch shaft assembly oil cooler
shaft assembly main gearbox shaft assembly main shaft assembly gearbox
shaft assembly flexible shaft assembly fan exit shaft assembly fan
shaft assembly drive tail cone shaft assembly drive section shaft assembly drive disconnect
shaft assembly drive shaft assembly driv shaft assembly dri
shaft assembly comb shaft assembly clutch shaft assembly balanced
shaft assembly balance shaft assembly bala shaft assembly airc
shaft assembly aft shaft assembly shaft anti flap
shaft and plug asse shaft and housing assembly shaft and housing a
shaft and bushing a shaft and bearing a shaft adapter assy
shaft set sheath port set foam
servo valve assy ro servo valve assembl servo rt tail inboa
sensor rotor flapp sensor proximity sensor azimuth intermediate gear
segment assy tail r seat upper cone seat lower cone mai
seat cone lower seat assembly sealxhousing
seal upper mast seal transmission seal tip rotary win
seal tail rotor bla seal spacer rotary seal spacer
seal rotor output s seal rotary wing he seal rotary blade
seal retainer assy seal retainer seal pocket rotary blade
seal plate assembly transmission seal metallic rotary wing seal main gear box
seal liner main gear box seal liner assy seal kit tail rotor
seal kit main rotor seal input tail rot seal gen combining
seal gasket seal diaphragm seal cylinder assembly
seal assy shaft seal assy rotary wi seal assy rotary bl
seal assy rotary seal assy inboard seal assy gearbox
seal assy driveshaft seal assy diaphragm seal assy
seal assembly trans seal assembly slider shaft seal assembly rotary wing head
seal assembly rotary wing blade seal assembly rotary seal assembly rotar
seal assembly main seal assembly drive seal assembly
seal and retainer seal and housing as seal
scupper assembly screw retaining oil screenxassy
screen transmission screen tank screen tail rotor
screen lubricator screen lubrication jet gearbox screen lube jet gear box
screen lube jet screen jet lubricat screen jet
screen housing assembly screen filler cap r screen filler cap
screen duct oil coo screen clutch gearbox screen assy transmi
screen assy pump inlet screen assy pump in screen assy planeta
screen assy oil pum screen assy interme screen assy gearbox accessory
screen assy gearbox screen assy screen assembly transmission
screen assembly rotor screen assembly roto screen assembly oil
screen assembly mai screen assembly scoop assembly c12a
scoop scissors rotor scissors fixed helicopter rotor
scissors assy swash scissors assy rotar scissors assy main
scissors assembly stationary scissors assembly rotating contr scissors assembly rotating
scissors assembly r scissors assembly scissors and sleeve assembly
scissors and sleeve scissor sleeve assy scissor drive adapt
scissor assy scavenge screen saddle azimuth
s acer tail rotor d rudder stab rods rubbing block pushrod
rubber coupling ass rotorhead aircraft rotor tracker balan
rotor tail rotor spindle main rotor shaft assy
rotor main rotor head forward rotor head aircraft
rotor head aft rotor fan oil coole rotor clip
rotor blower rotor blade trunnion rotor blade tail
rotor assy upper rotor assy lower rotor assy blower
rotor assembly tail rotor assembly main rotor assembly fan
rotor assembly aircraft rotor assembly actuator rotor assembly
rotor rotary wing head forward rotary wing head af
rotary wing head rotary wing hea rotary head
root pocket assembl root fitting assemb root fitting assem
rompette avant dro roller support upper roller set
roller rotary wing roller retainer gea roller retainer bea
roller droop stop f roller clutch roller block blank
roller block assy roller block assembly roller assembly gust lock
roller assembly droop stop roller assembly roller arm assembly
roller and spring a rodxassy damper rodxassy
rodassembly rod tie rod retaining
rod pitch control rod piston main rot rod piston damper
rod main rotor cont rod end pitch control rod end pin pitchlock assembly
rod end connecting link rod end assy push rod end assy main r
rod end assy damper rod end assy rod end assembly pitch control
rod end assembly flight controls rod end assembly rod drag brace
rod damper main rotor rod control tail ro rod assy tail rotor
rod assy strain gag rod assy gust lock rod assy damper
rod assy azimuth co rod assembly tail r rod assembly rotary
rod assembly gear b rod assembly droop rod assembly damper rotary head
rod assembly damper rod assembly contro rod assembly azimuth
rod assembly rod and bushing mai rod
rocking pin rotor ringxcollector ring wearing
ring thrust ring swashplate inner ring swashplate con
ring swashplate ring support de ice distributor ring stationary
ring set split ring rubber ring rotor shaft
ring rotor hub rain ring rotor ring rotary wing
ring retaining hub ring planetary tran ring oil dam freewh
ring molded ring locking gearsh ring indexing strap
ring glyd ring gear planetary ring gear main gear
ring gear box ring gear assy ring gear assembly
ring droopstop roto ring de ice distributor ring damper
ring connector ring collector transmission ring collector main gear box
ring collector gear box ring collector gear ring clevis swashpl
ring clamp collective ring clamp collecti ring clamp
ring centering transmission ring brg anti rota ring bearing swashplate
ring bearing seal s ring assy swshplate ring assy swashplat
ring assy rotary wi ring assy rotary ring assy outer swa
ring assy outer ring assy inner swa ring assy helicopter blades
ring assy gimbal ring assy cover ring assy aircraft
ring assy ring assembly swash ring assembly swas
ring assembly slip ring assembly rotor ring assembly rotary
ring assembly rotar ring assembly restrainer ring assembly pressure plate
ring assembly outer ring assembly main ring assembly inner swashplate
ring assembly inner ring assembly hub ring assembly gimbal
ring assembly gimba ring assembly forward ring assembly forwa
ring assembly collector ring assembly clamp ring assembly aircraft
ring assembly aft swash plate ring assembly aft s ring assembly
ring anti flail ring and bus bar ring
rigging plate assembly rib weight rotor bl rib tip rotary wing blade
rib tip assembly rotary rudder rib assy rotor blad rib assembly rudder blade
rib assembly rhtop deck retrofit kit
retention pilot tail rotor retention block as retention assy inne
retention assy retention assembly main rotor bl retention assembly
retaining ring weather cover retainerxplunger retainer wicking ge
retainer wicking retainer weight rotor retainer weight rotary wing blad
retainer weight mai retainer weight blade retainer weight bla
retainer vertical h retainer valve check retainer valve by pass
retainer valve retainer upper bearing retainer tip seal
retainer thrust bearing retainer threaded s retainer tail rotor bearing
retainer tail rotor retainer swashplate retainer sun gear
retainer subassy retainer strainer retainer spring bla
retainer spring retainer splined retainer special
retainer shock absorber retainer shaft rollerbearing gea retainer shaft gear
retainer servo tail retainer section retainer seal transmission
retainer seal trans retainer seal main rotor retainer seal hinge
retainer seal assembly retainer seal retainer screen sump
retainer screen sum retainer scissor swashplate retainer rotor mast
retainer rotor cont retainer rotor retainer rotary wing
retainer roller gear box retainer roller clu retainer roller
retainer pylon assy retainer plunger retainer plate gear box
retainer plantary main gear box retainer pinion gea retainer pinion bearing
retainer pinion ass retainer pinion retainer pin tail rotor blade
retainer pin rotor retainer pin main gearbox retainer oil seal
retainer main rotor trunnion retainer main rotor retainer main gearbox
retainer lubricating oil retainer jet retainer input shaft
retainer input retainer idler gear retainer hub nut cover
retainer hub retainer helical compression spring retainer head rotar
retainer half retainer grease sea retainer grease drive shaft
retainer gland retainer gearbox retainer gear box
retainer gear retainer flange fitting retainer end cover rotor blades
retainer dust plate retainer driveshaft retainer drive shaft
retainer damper assembly rotary retainer damper retainer cup filter
retainer cover rotary wing retainer cover retainer cap aircra
retainer bumper retainer breather combining retainer breather
retainer boot rotor retainer boot main rotor retainer boot
retainer blower drive shaft retainer blade ballast retainer bearing tr
retainer bearing swashplate retainer bearing sc retainer bearing rotor controls
retainer bearing ro retainer bearing mechanical clutch retainer bearing ma
retainer bearing lu retainer bearing le retainer bearing ho
retainer bearing and seal retainer bearing ai retainer bearing
retainer ballast rotary wing bla retainer ball beari retainer balance weight
retainer assy trans retainer assy seal retainer assy rotor
retainer assy helicopter blades retainer assy free retainer assy
retainer assembly tail rotor con retainer assembly tail rotor bea retainer assembly t
retainer assembly oil seal retainer assembly o retainer assembly m
retainer assembly gearbox retainer assembly gear retainer assembly g
retainer assembly crosshead retainer assembly c retainer assembly bearing
retainer assembly anti flap retainer assembly retainer anchor wei
retainer restrictor spar tip restrictor spar
restrictor assembly restrainer main restrainer assembly hub
restrainer assembly rest assembly screw reservoir trunnion main rotor
reservoir lubricant reservoir head rota reservoir dampener
reservoir blade shock absorber reservoir assy rota reservoir assy
reservoir assembly reservoir and cover reservoir
repair kt 42degree repair kit xmsnbild repair kit tail rotor
repair kit tail repair kit rotrbrkq repair kit rotor bl
repair kit rotary w repair kit rotary blades repair kit rotary b
repair kit oil syst repair kit n stab bar repair kit n sc sleeve
repair kit mechanical transmission repair kit mechanical transmissi repair kit installa
repair kit heat and repair kit genquilasy repair kit fuelsyst
repair kit floorpanel repair kit flightcn repair kit driveshaft
repair kit blade repair kit avionele repair kit ah1wfuel
reflectorxreservoir reflector oil sight reduction housing gear assembly
reduction housing assembly reciever supportba receiverxassy blade
receiver tie down fitting receiver support receiver housing assembly
receiver assy tie d receiver assy blade reaction plate
radius ring assembly radiator oil cooler radiator gearbox main
radiator gearbox radiator engine nose radiator engine and
radiator assembly oil cooler radiator assembly oil radiator
race transmission race tail rotor tru race tail rotor hub
race sprag clutch race outer quill race outer free whe
race inner clutch i race inner clutch race inner
race hinge pin race clutch outer race clutch inner
race clutch race and dowel assy race
quillxshaft input quill shaft gear box quill shaft fan dri
quill shaft assy quill gearbox helicopter quill assy transmission
quill assy transmis quill assy pinion quill assy gearbox
quill assy gear box quill assy gear quill assy
quill assembly transmission quill assembly tran quill assembly tail rotor
quill assembly tail quill assembly single boost quill assembly roto
quill assembly main xms quill assembly main quill assembly gene
quill assembly gen quill assembly gearbox tail roto quill assembly gear
quill assembly acce quill assembly quadrant assembly tail rotor gea
quadrant assembly pylon support pusher assy clutch
push rod assy tail pump oil main gear pump lubrication and scavenging
pump lubrication aft transmsn pump lube and scave pump housing assembly gear box
pump barrel pump assembly oil sump pump assembly oil c
pump assembly oil pump and meter assembly pulleyxhousing asse
pulley cooler puller lock pin assembly puller cone
protectorrotor blade protector rotor blade protection arbre ro
propeller shaft rotary wing aircraft propeller shaft rotary wing airc pressure plate rotary engine
power control helicopter positioner assy con poppet filter and r
pointer assembly pocket tip main rotor blade pocket rudder blade
pocket rotor blade pocket main rotor b pocket blade rotary
pocket assy rotary pocket assy blade pocket assy
pocket assembly rot pocket assembly main rotor pocket assembly mai
pocket assembly blade pocket assembly bla pocket assembly
ply peel plunger rotary wing plunger rotary head
plunger relief valv plunger main transm plunger main rotor
plunger main gear b plunger cylinder plunger assy
plunger assembly rotary wing bla plunger assembly ma plunger antiflapping rotary wing
plunger plugxassy wing head plugxassy rudder
plug window plug thrust plug thru shaft main gear box
plug tail rotor gea plug tail rotor drive plug tail rotor blade
plug sump main tran plug spiral bevel pinion fwd xms plug sight glass
plug seal gearshaft tail gear bo plug seal gear box plug rotor shaft
plug retention bolt plug retention plug quill shaft ma
plug pitch arm tail rotor plug oil transmission plug oil seal
plug oil pump cover main gear bo plug oil cooler bypass valve plug oil collector
plug main shaft transmission plug main rotor mas plug main rotor hin
plug main gearbox plug main gear box plug lubrication jet
plug lubrication plug link rotor plug kit 7inx50
plug kit 7inx25 plug kit 7inx175 plug kit 7inx125
plug kit 3inx50 plug kit 3inx25 plug kit 3inx175
plug kit 3inx125 plug jet lubricator plug inspection
plug input shaft main gear box plug input bevel main gear box plug input adapter
plug hub rotary wing plug housing plug guide rotor shaft
plug gearbox plug gear rotor dri plug gear mesh
plug gear housing plug gear box plug fluid passage
plug filter plug droop stop plug drive gear
plug damper rotary wing head plug assy output sh plug assy actuator
plug assembly rotary rudder plug assembly mast plug assembly
plug and stop assy plug and breather a plug aft transmission
plug platexretainer plates matched set
plates matched plate vernier plate transmission
plate thrust plate tail rotor su plate tail rotor dr
plate tail rotor plate swashplate plate support ring gear
plate support gear box plate support plate sump main tra
plate sump external plate stop droop plate step main rot
plate spline scissors plate spindle assembly plate special
plate sleeve plate shim plate set transmission
plate set tail rotor plate set matched plate set main gear
plate set generator plate set gear box plate set flapping
plate set collectiv plate set collecti plate seal retainer
plate scuff plate saddle mount plate rudder blade
plate rotor hub upp plate rotor drive plate rotor blade
plate rotary wing h plate rotary wing plate rotary blade
plate root rotary wing plate root rotary w plate root end
plate rigging rudder plate rigging plate retaining tail rotor drive
plate retaining rotor plate retaining mai plate retaining
plate retainer splined plate retainer pump plate retainer oil
plate retainer assembly plate retainer plate rectifier
plate quill assembly plate pressure lwr plate pressure hub
plate port plate pitchlock plate pin bushing
plate outer plate outboard plate orifice damper
plate orifice plate oil level tra plate oil cap trans
plate mounting rotary plate mounting electrical plate mount torque
plate main rotor blade plate main rotor bl plate machined
plate lower hub plate locking nut transmission plate locking gearbox
plate locking gearb plate locking and support main m plate lock
plate kit modkit plate inner plate information
plate index plate housing comp plate hoisting
plate helicopter plate gearbox shim plate flutter dampe
plate flooring bear plate flapping lock plate flanged
plate fitting main plate fan drive ass plate end
plate dust rotary wing plate dust rotary w plate driver tail r
plate drive main rotor plate disc pack plate damper tail rotor shaft
plate damper drive plate damper plate cover quill
plate cover input q plate cover plate coupling retainer
plate coupling reta plate coupling plate clutch shoe
plate check valve plate chafing rotary wing blade plate centering bearing
plate caution hub plate buffer plate blade da
plate bifilar rotar plate backing bulkhead plate assy upper
plate assy transmis plate assy tail rot plate assy swash
plate assy pressure plate assy matched plate assy mast ca
plate assy mast plate assy lower plate assy hub rota
plate assy hub main plate assy gearbox plate assy gear box
plate assy droop compensator plate assy cover plate assy brake
plate assembly uppe plate assembly tran plate assembly tail rotor drive
plate assembly supp plate assembly spar tip plate assembly rotor
plate assembly rotary wing plate assembly rotary rudder plate assembly rotary head
plate assembly retention plate assembly pressure upper plate assembly pressure lower
plate assembly pressure hub plate assembly pitchlock plate assembly output spline
plate assembly matched set gearb plate assembly main plate assembly hub
plate assembly gearbox plate assembly driv plate assembly cyli
plate assembly bearing plate assembly airc plate assembly accumulator
plate assembly plate armor plate and nut assem
plate adjusting plate adapter plate actuated clutch
plate planetaryxjet planetary assy tran
planetary assy gear planetary assy planetary assembly lower
planetary assembly aircraft planetary assembly planet pinion
pla lever assembly pivot shaft and lev pivot main rotor hinge
pivot driveshaft assembly pitchlock assembly rotary wing h pitchlock assembly
pitchlink assy mai pitch shaft assy pitch shaft assembly
pitch shaft assembl pitch lock assembly rotary head pitch lock assembly
pitch lock actuator pitch lock pitch link tail rot
pitch link assy rot pitch link assy pitch link assembly
pitch housing assembly rotary pitch housing assembly pitch horn assy tai
pitch horn assy pitch horn assembly main rotor pitch horn assembly
pitch horn pitch control special purpose pitch control link tail rotor
pitch control assy pitch bearing assem pitch beam tail gearbox
pitch beam gearbox pitch beam assembly pitch arm tail roto
pitch piston valve return piston valve inlet
piston torque meter piston subassy posi piston sub assy
piston rodxassy piston reservoir piston pressure indicator
piston pitch lock piston damper piston blade fold s
piston blade fold rotary head piston blade fold piston assembly damper rotary wi
piston assembly damper rotary piston assembly cylinder piston assembly blade
piston assembly pipe right handed pipe left handed
pion de centrage pinion shaft nose g pinion shaft gear set
pinion output main pinion main input t pinion input transm
pinion hub bored pinion flanged pinion assy
pinion assembly spi pin wobble ring pin swashplate
pin spindle rotary pin spindle pin pre track
pin main rotor pin lubricating pin hub rotary wing
pin hollow rotary wing head pin dowel lock rotary wing head pin blade main roto
pin assy link rotor pin assembly tie ba pin assembly rotor
pin assembly rotary wing head pin assembly main r pin assembly attach
pin assembly adapte pin aft rotor shaft pilots collective control stick
pilot forward pilot coupling pilot assembly main rotor
pillow block pellet locking shaf patch rotary wing blade
patch kit trailing patch kit plug patch kit 9in
patch kit 5in patch kit 3in patch kit
parts kithelicopter rotor parts kitbladerotary wing parts kit transmission planetary
parts kit transmiss parts kit tail roto parts kit slip ring
parts kit seal replacement mecha parts kit rotor win parts kit rotor con
parts kit rotor blade parts kit rotor bla parts kit rotary h
parts kit retention parts kit quick rotor build up parts kit pump
parts kit mechanical transmission parts kit mechanical transmissio parts kit main rotor rotating co
parts kit main roto parts kit main gear parts kit helicopter rotor
parts kit head assembly forward parts kit grip main parts kit gearbox
parts kit gear box parts kit driveshaf parts kit damper as
parts kit damper parts kit clutch parts kit blades fiberglass
parts kit blade rotary wing parts kit blade rot parts kit blade
parts kit azimuth a panelxassy panel rotary wing
pan collector transmission pan assy tail rotor pan assembly tail rotor
pan paire d adapt frq paire adaptateurs de frequence
padxassy droop pad wear main rotor blade pad vibration absorber
pad rotary wing pad rod assembly pad plate assy roto
pad main rotor pad helicopter pad grip main rotor blade
pad fold stop pad droop stop pad bracket main ro
pad bonded pad blade rotary wing head pad blade assembly
pad blade pad assembly droop rotary head oil plug gear box
oil plug oil nut oil line
oil level sensor oil floodgate gear oil dam gearbox
oil dam free wheel unit gear box oil dam oil cooler transmis
oil cooler assembly oil collector assembly nut tail rotor drive
nut strap pack ou nut splined transmission nut spanner gear box
nut shaft wing head nut retaining tailr nut qssembly specia
nut plate and bolt nut mast tail rotor nut main shaft
nut m r thrust nut lock gear assembly nut input duplex be
nut gear box nut engine drive nut duplex bearing
nut coupling nut bearing upper nut bearing retaine
nut assy mast main nut assy main rotor nut assy bearing re
nut assembly tail rotor nut assembly tail r nut assembly specia
nut assembly rotor blade nut assembly rotor nut alternator tran
nut alternator main nrp yoke bffr bndng nrp tail rotor blad
nrp shaft assembly nrp plate ass y swa nrp hub main rotor
nrp housing assy ce nrp heat exchanger nrp head wing rotor
nrp head wing rotar nrp damper assy h64 nozzle oil transmis
nozzle lubrication nozzle lubricating nozzle lubricant tr
nozzle jetting tail gearbox nozzle jet lubricat nozzle assembly right hand
nozzle assembly left hand nozzle assembly nose spun
nose gearbox assembly nose gear box assy nose fan assembly
nose cap blade rota nose absr kit mounting plate assy
mount main rotor mount indicator mount impeller shro
mount engine propul mount droop stop mount assembly
motor and brake ass montering til girbo monitor oil
module power module blade fold modifications kit
modification kitaircraft compon modification kit tr modification kit ta
modification kit sw modification kit ro modification kit ma
modification kit el modification kit aircraft components modification kit aircraft compon
modification kit ai mod xmsn assy aircr mod shaft
mixer assy control mixer assembly cont mirror main gear bo
mechanism release mechanical stop mast rotor helicopter
mast pole aircraft mast nut mast main rotor sup
mast assy transmiss mast assy rotary wi mast assy main roto
mast assy mast assembly trans mast assembly rotar
mast assembly pylon mast assembly main rotor mast assembly main
mast assembly manifold tube assem manifold transmission
manifold oil pressure manifold oil pressu manifold housing assembly
manifold gearbox manifold gear box manifold damper
manifold assy oil g manifold assembly transmission manifold assembly m
manifold assembly gearbox maint kit transmission main rotor upper co
main rotor transmis main rotor hub assy main rotor hub assembly
main rotor hub main rotor helicopter main rotor head
main rotor blade main module assy ai main module assy
main module assembly gearbox main module main gearbox assy
main gearbox asseml main gearbox main gear box assy
main gear box lver support assy lugrotor lock
lug mounting upper damper lug assembly lug actuator
lubriclone lubricator transmis lubricator jet transmission
lubricator combinin lubricator bearing lubrication tube ge
lubexjet clamp lower nut shaft lower housing assy
lockwasher transmission lockwasher hub assy lockring input adap
lockring bearing pl lockring bearing lockplate tail roto
lockplate main rotor lockplate grip nut lockout block tail
locknut transmissio locknut main rotor locknut bearing input pinion com
locknut bearing lockblade boltmain rotor lock strap retainer nut
lock spring guide lock sleeve spindle assembly lock sleeve nut
lock set main rotor lock seal spindle r lock seal spindle
lock seal hub rotary wing head lock seal hub assembly lock rotor hub
lock rotor blade gr lock rotor blade lock ring gear case
lock ring gear box lock retention nut lock plate scissors
lock plate retainer lock plate lock pin sub assemb
lock pin rotary wing head lock pin assembly fold lock nut main rotor
lock mast nut pylon assembly lock main rotor rod lock main rotor hub
lock main rotor lock lower mast lock inner race
lock fold hinge lock eccentric lock droop stop
lock crosshead retainer tail rot lock blade bolt nut lock blade bolt main rotor
lock bearing nut lock assy spline lock assy main roto
lock assy horn lock assembly horn lock assembly helicopter
lock anti flap lock actuator bolt tail rotor lock
locator assembly load plate hub main linkxrotary rudder
linkpitch restraintrotary wing link upper link tail rotor pit
link swashplate dri link set rotary win link set assy
link scissors helicopter rotor link scissor link rotating scissors
link rotary wing link rotary rudder link rotary rubber
link rod assy link pitch restraint rotary wing link pitch lock
link pitch control link main rotor sta link main rotor sci
link lock pin rotary wing head link lateral main link head rotary wi
link hanger bearin link drive rotor link cylinder blade
link cyclic pitch link control link connecting
link assy upper link assy tail roto link assy swash plate
link assy rotor link assy pitch link assy main roto
link assy lower link assy hydraulic link assy flabbing
link assy collectiv link assy blade loc link assy blade fol
link assy antidrive main rotor link assy link assembly upper
link assembly tail link assembly swashplate link assembly swash
link assembly stabi link assembly special link assembly scissor
link assembly rotor link assembly rotary wing head link assembly pitch
link assembly piston link assembly main rotor controls link assembly main rotor
link assembly main link assembly lower link assembly lead
link assembly instrument link assembly hub link assembly horiz
link assembly follo link assembly contr link assembly blade fold
link assembly blade link assembly link asembly stabil
link adjustable link lining friction
linerxseal linerxmain gear box linerxhornxgear box
linerxgear box linerxbearing liner yoke assembly gearbox
liner yoke assembly liner upper tie bar pin liner upper main ro
liner upper bearing transmission liner transmission liner takeoff
liner tail rotor ge liner tail rotor liner tail gearbox
liner swashplate liner stat swashpltte liner star main rotor
liner spur bevel up liner spindle rotar liner spindle assembly
liner spindle liner special liner sleeve spindle assembly
liner sleeve spindle liner sleeve hinge liner sleeve and spindle assembl
liner seal retainer liner seal main sha liner seal housing
liner seal gear box liner scissor assembly liner rotor
liner rotating star liner rotary wing liner rotary pump
liner rod end damper liner retainer liner pump
liner plate assembly rotary wing liner plate assembly liner pitch shaft
liner pitch lock liner pitch beam liner pinion support
liner pin assembly liner module gearbo liner main rotor be
liner main gearbox liner main gear box liner main gear
liner lower tie bar pin liner input gearbox liner idler gear
liner hub sub assembly liner hub rotary wing liner hub rotary wi
liner hub rotary rudder liner hub main rotor liner hub assembly
liner hub liner housing transmission liner housing gearb
liner housing liner horn sub assy liner horn assy
liner horn assembly liner horn liner gearbox housi
liner gearbox liner gear box main liner gear box
liner gear liner folding pin liner flat sleeve
liner flanged transmission liner flanged liner fitting main rotor
liner fan drive gear bearing liner damper rotary liner damper r
liner coupling tail drive shaft liner blank liner blade root
liner bearing support liner bearing sleeve liner bearing gearbox
liner bearing cover liner bearing liner assy bearing
liner assembly seal liner assembly liner antifretting
liner and stud assy liner and stud assembly liner and stud asse
liner and stud liner and housing liner airotor wheel
liner aircraft liner adapter assy liner accessory dri
liner linear gear box limiter switch
limiter roll tail r limiter right contr limiter pitch link
limiter longitudinal limiter link contro limiter left latera
limiter forword co limiter forward co limiter extension
limiter droop stop limiter control limeter left lateral
light module assembly tip cover lifter kit lever swashplate su
lever support lever stabilizer ba lever pitchlock
lever pitch adjusti lever main rotor lever gust lock
lever droop stop as lever droop stop lever blade lock
lever assy rotor lever assy idler lever assy drive sw
lever assy drive lever assy collecti lever assembly tail rotor
lever assembly stabilizer lever assembly stabalizer lever assembly stab
lever assembly rotor lever assembly pylo lever assembly main rotor
lever assembly idle lever assembly droo lever assembly coll
lever assembly airc lever assembly lever actuator assy
lever lee jet lead stop rotary wing
lead stop hub assembly lead electrical latch half rotor
latch assembly lap assembly laminate assembly
kit wheel assy kit voltage protect kit starter control
kit reset ch 47 kit reset ah 64 kit plug patch
kit patch kit modification kit main rotor hub
kit head hh60 kit bolt rotating kit bolt flight control
kit apu clutch key rotary head key locking rotary
key lock rod end cl key lock pitch cont key drive assembly
keeper set damper main rotor kaflex drive shaft junction box tail rotor
junction box main r junction box assy jumper bonding
jumper assembly journal tail rotor joint assembly tail
jetxassy lube jetspecial jet upper cover
jet transmission jet spray oil jet spray
jet rotor transmiss jet plug jet planetary gear box
jet planetary jet oil nose gearbo jet oil input bevel
jet oil gearbox jet oil gear box jet oil feed gearbo
jet oil jet main gear box jet lubricator xmsn
jet lubricator transmission jet lubricator tran jet lubricator
jet lubrication transmission jet input shaft jet input section
jet gear mesh jet forward transmi jet cover
jet bevel out mesh rh jet bevel out mesh lh jet bevel in mesh lh engine nose
jet bearing gear jet assy transmissi jet assy oil transm
jet assy oil tail r jet assy oil no 2 jet assy no 1
jet assy main gearb jet assy lube jet assy input hous
jet assy gearbox jet assy bearing re jet assy
jet assemblygear box jet assembly transmission bearin jet assembly transmission
jet assembly transm jet assembly planetary bearing jet assembly oil transmitter
jet assembly oil ta jet assembly oil jet assembly main gearbox
jet assembly lubricator gear jet assembly lubricator jet assembly lubrication gearbox
jet assembly lube main gear box jet assembly input housing jet assembly gearbox
jet assembly gearbo jet assembly gear box jet assembly gear
jet assembly drive jet assembly bearin jet assembly
jet aft transmissio jet jaw coupling
jaw assembly input jackshaft assembly jackshaft
jackscrew actuating isolator interrupter single
interrupter magneti interrupter double interrupter blade t
interrupter blade interconnect drive insulator vibrator
insulator shaft ass insulator piston br insulator
insulation rotary tip installation set bl installation kit un
installation kit transmission rotary helicopter installation kit transmission ro installation kit spindle
installation kit ro insertjaw type insert sikorsky
insert rudder blade insert rotary rudder blade insert pump assembl
insert main transmi insert main rotor c input section shim
input quill assy ai input housing shim input drive gear
inner spacer main rotor inner ring assy swa inner race idler link controls
inner race follower inletspecial inlet blower
inertia weight inertia arm stabili indicator tracking
indicator tool indicator special indicator sight gage
indicator rod indicator pressure indicator mount support
indicator filter differential indicator cup accumulator indicator bypass
indicator index pas collectif inboard cover blade
impeller assy trans idler tail rotor idler bearing lubri
idler assembly tail rotor idler assembly pylo idler assembly main rotor contro
idler assembly left idler assembly airc idler assembly
hubxrotary rudder hubrotorhelicopter hub transmission hy
hub to shaft assembly hub tail rotor blade hub tail rotor
hub subassy rotor hub subassy hub subassembly rotary
hub subassembly rot hub subassembly mai hub subassembly
hub sub assembly rudder hub sub assembly hub spinning
hub rotor main hub rotor helicopter hub rotor
hub rotary wing head hub rotary wing hea hub rotary wing
hub plate assembly hub main rotor airc hub main rotor
hub grip main rotor hub gear transmissi hub damper assembly
hub coupling input hub coupling gearbo hub collective
hub clutch hub brake flanged t hub assy tail rotor
hub assy rotor hub assy rotary win hub assy main rotor
hub assembly tail r hub assembly rotor brake hub assembly rotor
hub assembly rotary wing hub assembly rotary rudder hub assembly rotary
hub assembly main rotor head hub assembly main rotor hub assembly main r
hub assembly main hub assembly collective hub assembly collec
hub assembly aircraft hub assembly hub and sleeve spec
hub and sleeve assy hub and blade tail rotor hub and blade installation
hub and blade assy hub and blade assembly hub and blade assem
housting assembly p housingxsubassy housingxliner assy
housingxinner housingxbearing housingxassy input
housingxassy housingxand liner housingxand cover
housingtransmissionmechanical housingassy gearbo housingassembly
housing winch pump housing valve rotary housing valve adjustable
housing valve housing upper housing trunnion be
housing transmission mechanical housing transmission housing transmissio
housing tie down rotary blade housing tail rotor housing sump gearbo
housing subassy gear housing subassembly input tail g housing subassembly
housing sub assy housing strainer tr housing stop mechan
housing special housing seal tail g housing seal main g
housing seal housing rotor pylon housing rotary wing
housing quill tail rotor housing quill assembly tail rotor housing pump
housing pulley nose housing pitch rotar housing pitch control
housing pinion assembly housing parttransmissionmechan housing part transmission mechanical
housing part transmission mechan housing output line housing outer rotar
housing outer disconnect couplin housing oil reservoir housing oil reservo
housing oil pump transmission housing oil pump tr housing oil pump gearbox
housing nose gear housing mechanical drive housing mechanical
housing manifold bl housing main transmission housing main input
housing main gearbox housing main drive housing main assy
housing main housing lower liner main gearbox housing lower liner
housing lower de ice distributor housing lower housing lockplate
housing lock horn a housing linerxassy housing liner stud
housing liner assy housing liner assembly housing liner and s
housing jet housing intermediat housing input trans
housing input seal gearbox housing input seal housing input bearing
housing input beari housing inner disconnect couplin housing inner assembly
housing inner housing helicopter housing head rotary
housing grease seal housing gearbox tai housing gearbox assembly aircraf
housing gearbox housing gear case housing gear box ma
housing gear box housing gear assembly housing gear actuator
housing gate rotary head housing gasket main housing freewheelin
housing flanged transmission end housing fixed assy housing filter assy
housing filter assembly housing filter and housing filter
housing fan housing end actuator housing end
housing drive mechanism helicopt housing drive link housing drive gear box
housing drive end housing dampener ro housing cylinder
housing cover housing control tail housing control
housing clutch main housing clutch housing bungee
housing blade lock detent housing blade lock cylinder housing bearing tai
housing bearing mai housing bearing fan housing bearing dri
housing bearing air housing bearing housing assy transm
housing assy tailr housing assy specia housing assy rotor
housing assy positi housing assy pitch housing assy output
housing assy nozzle housing assy mechan housing assy main t
housing assy main housing assy lower housing assy input
housing assy helicopter blades housing assy gearbo housing assy gear box
housing assy gear b housing assy freewh housing assy freew
housing assy filter housing assy dampen housing assy clutch
housing assy center housing assy bearin housing assy
housing assemblydamper housing assembly upper housing assembly trunnion
housing assembly tr housing assembly thrust washer housing assembly tail takeoff
housing assembly tail rotor driv housing assembly ta housing assembly support frictio
housing assembly support bearing housing assembly sump housing assembly seal
housing assembly scissors housing assembly ro housing assembly pl
housing assembly pitch housing assembly output stud housing assembly oil pump
housing assembly nose gearbox housing assembly matchel set housing assembly main transmissi
housing assembly main gearbox housing assembly ma housing assembly liner
housing assembly li housing assembly jet housing assembly intermediate ma
housing assembly gearbox bearing housing assembly gearbox housing assembly gear box
housing assembly ge housing assembly end actuator housing assembly drive link
housing assembly dr housing assembly damper housing assembly da
housing assembly center housing assembly ce housing assembly bypass
housing assembly bearing rotary rudder housing assembly be housing assembly ac
housing assembly housing anti torque housing and stud as
housing and liner assembly housing and liner a housing and liner
housing and cover assembly housing and cover housing aircraft
housing accessory gearbox housing houaing assy center
hornxassygear box horn subassy horn subassembly sl
horn sub assy spindle horn pitch control main rotor horn main rotor
horn liner assy horn equalizer roto horn control rotor
horn assembly tail horn assembly spindle assembly horn assembly rotary head
horn assembly main rotor horn assembly horn and liner assy
holder rotary rudder hinge rotary wing head hinge rotary wing h
hinge pin rotary wing hub hinge pin hinge half aircraft
hinge assy main rot hinge assy hinge assembly tail
hinge assembly rotary hinge assembly blade hinge
heatshield drive sh heat exchangerfluid to air heat exchanger fluid to air
heat exchanger asse headxassy cylinder head rotary wing as
head rotary wing head rotary rudder head manifold
head main rotor damper head fluid filter head filter
head assy rotary wi head assy rotary pump head assy rotary
head assy main roto head assy filter head assembly sleeve
head assembly pump head assembly main head assembly forward rotary win
head assembly aft rotary wing head harness special assembly electri
harness assy wiring harness assy harness assembly wiring
harness assembly hanger tail rotor d hanger driveshaft tail rotor
hanger driveshaft hanger bearing tail hanger bearing fwd
hanger bearing driveshaft hanger assy drivesh hanger assembly tail rotor drive
hanger assembly rotor drive shaf hanger assembly dri hanger assembly
hanger handle and lock handgrip spec
half flange gyro three axis ra gutter
gusset blade rotor gusset blade guide tube square
guide tube guide teletape guide tail rotor dr
guide swashplate guide swash plate guide support
guide spring main rotor guide spring guide spindle assembly
guide special guide shaft tail ro guide shaft couplin
guide plateau cycli guide plate guide pitch lock
guide piston sleeve guide piston med guide piston large
guide piston guide mast bearing guide lubrication
guide lead guide free wheel ro guide filter and re
guide droop stop guide damper torque guide damper isolation
guide damper assembly guide cylinder guide coupling
guide converter speed decreaser guide control tail guide cable tail rotor control
guide ball guide assy liner guide assembly gearbox
guide and bearing a guide guard tail rotor shaft
guard swashplate guard sprocket tail rotor guard rotary blade
guard quadrant guard mechanical guard leading edge
guard landing guard assy support guard assy rotor
guard assembly leading edge guard assembly grommet blade fold
grip tail rotor grip main rotor bla grip main rotor
grip housing rotor grip blade grip assy tail roto
grip assy rotor tai grip assy rotary ru grip assy main roto
grip assy hub rotar grip assy cyclic sp grip assembly tail
grip assembly main rotor grip assembly main grip assembly contr
grip assembly aircraft grip assembly grate flow brake
grate assy transmis glyd ring gland rod end
gland blade lag gimble assembly gerotors assembly
gerotor assembly generator rotor generator gas
gearxbox plug assy gearxbox locknut gearxbox assy
gearshaftxgearbox gearshaft splined gearshaft assy hous
gearboxes drive mec gearbox wheel gearbox transmission
gearbox transmissio gearbox tailrotor gearbox tail rotor
gearbox tail gearbox special gearbox seal assy
gearbox rotary rudd gearbox motor speci gearbox mod tail ro
gearbox main transm gearbox main drive gearbox main
gearbox intermediat gearbox instlat gearbox input module transmissio
gearbox housing output gearbox housing input gearbox housing ay
gearbox drive mechanism helicopter gearbox drive mecha gearbox assy t r 90
gearbox assy rotor gearbox assy resolv gearbox assy nose
gearbox assy main gearbox assy drive gearbox assy
gearbox assembly transmission py gearbox assembly transmission gearbox assembly tr
gearbox assembly tail transmissi gearbox assembly tail rotor driv gearbox assembly tail rotor
gearbox assembly tail gearbox assembly taail rotor dri gearbox assembly ta
gearbox assembly rotory rudder gearbox assembly ro gearbox assembly nose
gearbox assembly no gearbox assembly main gearbox assembly ma
gearbox assembly intermediate gearbox assembly in gearbox assembly ac
gearbox assembly gearbox accessory drive turbine engine gearbox accessory drive turbine
gearbox accessory drive transmis gearbox accessory gear transmission f
gear tail take off gear shaft tail gear shaft gear box
gear set sector gear set planet gear set intermedia
gear set hinge gear sector set spu gear rotor brake
gear rotor gear ring main gear gear pinion
gear oil pump gear internal trans gear input
gear free wheel gear drive assembly gear cluster thread
gear cluster internal spur gear box rotary rud gear box nut
gear box locking gear box intermedia gear box assy tail
gear box assy rotor gear box assy inter gear box assy drive
gear box assy gear box assembly tail rotor dri gear box assembly tail
gear box assembly t gear box assembly r gear box assembly n
gear box assembly main rotor gear box assembly m gear box assembly i
gear box assembly gear box gear bearing assy
gear assy transmiss gear assy idler gear assy gearbox
gear assy gear assembly transmission gear assembly trans
gear assembly right hand gear assembly gener gear assembly fold
gear assembly alternator drive gear assembly gear and shaft suba
gauge sight gate sleeve spindle gate plunger
gate housing gate hinge rotary gasket xmsn storage
gage sight funnel transmission funnel assembly oil filter
friction disc assembly frein rotor freewheeling assy
freewheeling assemb free wheeling assy free wheel unit gea
free wheel unit ay frame spec frame set stabilize
frame assembly stai frame assembly cent forward rotor head
fork weld assembly fork extrusion fork drive tail r3
fork assy tail rtr fork assy tail roto fork assembly swash
fork adjustment fork forging spindle assembly
forging liner stationary swashpl forging housing forging cover subassembly
force gradient assembly fond btp equipe follower main rotor
follower cam follower assy fold hinge assembly
flyweighthubrotor mast flyweight hub rotor mast flyweight assy
flyweight assembly flingexoil flight control rigg
flexframe flex assembly flasque manchon sup
flasque manchon inf flap restraint flap droop restrain
flap assyx r h flap assy rotor flap assy l h
flap assy flap assembly rotor flap assembly blade
flap flank brake rotor flangexhousing
flangexgear box flangexcooler flangexassy
flangexaccessory flange transmission flange tailxtakeoff
flange tail takeoff module flange tail gear box flange sump seal
flange splined flange rotor disk flange rotor brake
flange plate set flange oilxcooler flange oil cooler rear cover
flange oil cooler main gearbox flange oil cooler flange nose gear box
flange multiple disconnect flange mrp flange main rotor hub
flange main gearbox flange input transm flange input
flange housing flange gearxbox flange gearbox
flange gear box main flange gear box flange fold hinge
flange flexible coupling drive s flange duct oil cooler flange duct oil coo
flange driven pulle flange drive shaft flange drive auxili
flange coupling flange companion aircraft univer flange clutch
flange baffle flange assy gearbox flange assy drive
flange assy cooler flange assembly tai flange assembly main gearbox
flange assembly gearbox flange assembly brake flange assembly actvator
flange assembly flange adapter rotor brake disc flange
flag assembly main fixture pre track fixture clutch
fixture bonding rot fixture base fixture assy track
fittingxoutlet fittingxinlet fitting valve return
fitting valve inlet fitting transmission fitting transfer ge
fitting tr shaft fitting tip fitting tie rod sta
fitting tail rotor fitting support btp fitting support
fitting strut acces fitting strap reten fitting strap inboard
fitting static disc fitting special fitting spacer
fitting shaft end fitting right and bearing assy fitting retention strap main rot
fitting retention strap fitting quill assem fitting power takeo
fitting oil transfer fitting oil transfe fitting oil gearbox
fitting oil drain transmission fitting oil cooler fitting main gear b
fitting lock blade fold fitting jet metering fitting interconnec
fitting hydraulic damper fitting hub assembl fitting freewheeling
fitting forwardgea fitting drag brace fitting dipstick gearbox
fitting damper assembly fitting chip detect fitting box end
fitting blower wheel fitting blade stowa fitting blade fold
fitting bearing support fitting balance sup fitting assy strap
fitting assy rotor fitting assy oil sy fitting assy lh
fitting assy hydraulic fitting assy gearbo fitting assy blade
fitting assy fitting assembly tie bar fitting assembly ta
fitting assembly su fitting assembly rotary wing fitting assembly rh
fitting assembly retention strap fitting assembly re fitting assembly ma
fitting assembly lh fitting assembly hu fitting assembly gear box
fitting assembly fo fitting assembly dr fitting assembly
fitting aft transmi fitting aft gear bo fitting
fire shield assy finger shaft finger cam
fin assembly engine filter pack assy filter pack
filter fluid pressure filter fluid filter element tran
filter element gear filter element fluid filter body fluid
filter body filter assy transmi filter assy gear box
filter assembly two stage filter assembly tra filter assembly oil
filter assembly coo filter assembly blade shock abso filter and relief v
filler rotary wing filler neck and cap filler gear box
filler cap gear box filler cap assembly filler cap and brea
filler cap adapter filler breather gearbox filler assembly tra
fan transmission cooling helicop fan hub assembly fan assembly
falier fairing tip cap fairing rotor wing
fairing rotary wing fairing ring assembly fairing ring assemb
fairing blade rotary wing fairing blade fairing assy tail r
fairing assy rotary fairing assy root r fairing assy blade
fairing assy fairing assembly tip cap fairing assembly tail rotor
fairing assembly rotor fairing assembly rotary wing hea fairing assembly root
fairing assembly ro fairing assembly ou fairing assembly in
fairing assembly blade fairing assembly eyebolt assy
eyebolt and bearing assembly eye bolt assembly extrusion wing head
extension pylon ass extension main rotor extension collectiv
extension assy main extension assy mai extension assembly
extender assembly blade etrier erosion strip blade
equalizer horn main ensemble virolle engine drive shaft
eng indicator n2 endcap damper end fitting drives
end cover shock absorber end cap rotor end cap blade
end bell electrical rotating equipment element screen elbow main gear box
elbow assyxrudder elbow assembly main transmission eccentric tracking
eccentric ring and eccentric ring eccentric liner
dust plate assy dam duplex gearing set duct transmission
duct oil cooler tra duct assy transmiss duct assy oil coole
duct assembly transition duct assembly oil cooler duct assembly oil
duct assembly fan duct assembly bonded duct assembly
drum tail rotor dri drum cover clutch drum clutch
drum centrifugal cl drum assembly clutch drum and coupling a
droop stop assy rot droop stop assy droop stop assembly
drivexhousing driveshaft subassem driveshaft oil cooler
driveshaft assy tai driveshaft assy inp driveshaft assy eng
driveshaft assembly driver assy drive shaft seg
drive shaft helicopter drive shaft helicop drive shaft assy tr
drive shaft assy drive shaft assemblytail rotor drive shaft assemblyrotary wing
drive shaft assembly tail rotor drive shaft assembly rotary wing drive shaft assembly
drive shaft assembl drive shaft assemb drive ring set
drive plate main rotor controls drive plate main drive link assy
drive link assembly drive link and trunnion drive link and trun
drive housing drive collar assy drive assy transmis
drive assy drive assembly tran drive assembly tach
drive assembly powe drive assembly inpu drive assembly gene
drive and sump assy drive adapter eng t drift assy seal pit
drain pan oil coole drain hose xmsn drain fitting
drain assy transmis drag strut acft drag pin assembly
drag brace assembly dowel plate mounting dowel housing assembly
dowel aircraft mate dowel doublerassy rotor
doubler upper rotar doubler tip cap doubler ti cap
doubler rotor blade doubler rotary rudder blade doubler lower rotar
doubler helicopter doubler fairing rot doubler duct oil co
doubler bonded assembly doubler assy rotor doubler assy
doubler assembly outboard flap doubler assembly inboard flap bracket upper doubler assembly inboard flap bracket lower
doubler assembly inboard double rotorblade diverter top valve
distributor box asy distributor box ass disk wicking
disk splined disk solid plain disk pack assembly
disk indicator oil disk felt disk assembly
discxassy disc special disc retainer
disc flexible drive shaft disc driving clutch disc coupling
disc brake disc assembly coupling disc
diffuser transmissi detent puller detectormetallic particle
detector metallic plug detector metallic particle detector magnetic p
detector chip deicing kit rotary wing and rudd deicing kit rotar b
deicerelectricalaircraft deicer electrical aircraft deicer assembly rot
deflector sand roto deflector sand main rotor deflector particle
deflector oil pinion gear deflector main rotor deflector input
deflector inboard t deflector dirt and liquid deflector
dector chip dect assembly trans de ice heating mat
damper tube assembly damper shimmy damper rotor blade
damper mr sn damper main rotor damper hub main ro
damper drive shaft damper cable assemb damper bracket assembly
damper assy wing damper assy stabilizer bar damper assy
damper assembly tra damper assembly rotor head damper assembly rotor
damper assembly rotary damper assembly rot damper assembly
damper dampener vibration drive shaft dampener fluid pressure
dam spiral bevel pinion dam quill shaft dam oil transmission
dam oil quill shaft dam oil dam lube transmissi
dam lub transmissio dam gear tail rotor dam clutch lube
cylinderxassy cylinder valve cylinder sub assemb
cylinder stop rotar cylinder sleeve adn cylinder master rot
cylinder head assembly cylinder head cylinder damper
cylinder control lo cylinder clutch cylinder blade lock
cylinder blade fold rotary wing cylinder blade fold cylinder assy dampe
cylinder assembly damper cylinder assembly blade fold cylinder assembly blade
cylinder assembly cylinder and piston cylinder and head assembly dampe
cylinder and head assembly cylinder and head a cylinder and head
cylinder cushion slip ring a cushion
cup spring droop cup pin retainer cup combining gearbox
cup boss cup assembly oil drain cup assembly oil dr
cup assembly junction box cup assembly accumulator cup assembly
cuff wing blade cuff rudder blade cuff rotary wing blade
cuff main rotor hub cuff main rotor bla cuff assy blade
cuff assy cuff assembly spindle cuff assembly main
cuff assembly crosspiece crosshead tail rotor
crosshead tail roto crosshead assembly tail rotor co crosshead assembly
crosshead cross assembly rotor blade crank assy control
crank assy crank assembly rotor coverxreservoir
coverplate driveshaft cover viewing port cover top switch
cover tip rotor blade cover tip rotor bla cover tip rotary wi
cover tip end rotor cover tip end cover tip
cover tank lube oil cover tank fluid cover tank assembly
cover tail rotor cover support assy cover sump transmis
cover sump cover subassembly main gearbox cover subassembly
cover sub assembly cover splice cover special
cover solonoid cover solenoid swit cover slip ring uni
cover slip ring cover shipping blade cover shaft output
cover shaft idler gear cover shaft cover seal
cover rotor helicopter cover rotor brake cover rotary wing a
cover rotary wing cover rotary rudder blade cover roller block
cover reservoir trunnion cover reservoir cover rearxcover
cover pump housing cover pump assembly cover pump
cover protective sw cover protective di cover plate blade r
cover plate blade e cover plate assy cover pivot shaft t
cover pitch varying cover pitch lock cover pinion shaft rh
cover pinion shaft lh cover pinion bearin cover oil tank combining transmi
cover oil tank cover oil shield rear cover oil shield
cover oil seed cover oil reservoir cover oil pump
cover oil hole cover main transmis cover main rotor blade
cover main rotor cover lower rotary cover linerxassy
cover liner assy cover hydraulic pump cover housing lower
cover housing gearb cover grease cover gearbox tail
cover gearbox cover gear box aircraft cover front switch
cover front gear box cover front cover end
cover duct cover drive plate cover damper main r
cover damper assembley cover control valve cover control sprocket
cover cone cover cmrb containe cover clutch
cover brush block cover blade fold cover blade
cover bifilar rotary wing head cover bearing cover back switch
cover assy upper cover assy tip cover assy sump
cover assy sprag cl cover assy slip rin cover assy rotor
cover assy oil tank cover assy main tra transmission cover assy liner
cover assy gearbox tailrotor cover assy gearbox cover assy gear box
cover assy front cover assy forward cover assy engine n
cover assy clutch cover assy cover assembly tran
cover assembly special cover assembly rotor drive shaft cover assembly roto
cover assembly rota cover assembly rear cover assembly quill pad
cover assembly oil cover assembly main gearbox cover assembly impe
cover assembly hydr cover assembly head cover assembly gearbox
cover assembly gear box cover assembly gear cover assembly fold
cover assembly coupling cover assembly controls tail rot cover assembly aft
cover assembly cover and slide assembly cover and slide
cover and liner ass cover and liner cover accessory gearbox
cover access cover couplingxflange
couplingxassy couplingdrive shaft coupling tailrotor
coupling tail rotor coupling splined co coupling spline rotor
coupling spline gear box coupling spherical coupling single
coupling set coupling rotor blad coupling rotor
coupling pump drive coupling male spherical coupling male main gear
coupling male drive shaft coupling main driveshaft coupling main drive
coupling input driv coupling hanger tail coupling hanger
coupling female spl coupling female drive coupling female dri
coupling female coupling engine to coupling engine nos
coupling driveshaft coupling drive shaft coupling drive
coupling combining coupling assy trans coupling assy servo
coupling assembly tail drive sha coupling assembly t coupling assembly oil cooler
coupling assembly gearbox coupling assembly drive coupling assembly d
coupling assembly coupling coupler set gearbox
coupler flexible sh coupler assembly tail drive shaf coupler assembly
counterweight tail rotor blade counterweight tail counterweight rotor blade helico
counterweight rotor blade counterweight rotor counterweight rotary wing blade
counterweight rotar counterweight main rotor counterweight hub
counterweight blade assembly win counterweight blade counterweight balance
counterweight balan counterweight assy counterweight assembly rotary wi
counterweight assembly counterweight core patch material
core main rotor hub core fastener special cooler oil transmis
cooler fluid transm cooler fluid gearbo cooler assy transmi
cooler assembly tra cooler assembly oil cooler
controller retainer control valve control tube tail rotor
control tube assembly tail rotor control rotating pi control rotary wing
control rod tail rotor control rod assembly rotor control rod assembl
control pitch control nut rotor control nut assy
control interlock control assy rotor control assy
control assembly ta control assembly quill control assembly
container shipping container blade bal connector plate
connector assy connector assembly coning stop assembly main rotor
cone tail fan assembly cone split rudder cone split rotor hu
cone split hub cone set upper main cone set trunnion main rotor
cone set tail rotor cone set rotor cone set main rotor
cone set lower main cone set freewheeling clutch cone oil collector
cone matched set ro cone lower main rot cone hub assembly
cone forward transm cone and liner assy cone alignment airc
cone aft transmissi cone conduit assembly
compressor assembly combiner collet set rotor
collet set matched collet set m r hub collet m r hub s
collector transmission collector quill collector oil clutch
collector oil collector assembly transmission collector assembly planetary mai
collector assembly collar transmission collar swashplate d
collar split shaft collar gearbox collar fixation
collar bearing tail rotor drive collar bearing tail collar assy drive
collar assy collar assembly special collar assembly sha
collar assembly head control collar assembly drive collar assembly
collar cmmu retrofit kit clutch transmission
clutch subassembly clutch sub assy ove clutch sprag input
clutch sprag drive clutch freewheeling clutch engine trans
clutch drum centrif clutch drive rotor clutch assy idler a
clutch assy hydro m clutch assy clutch assembly tra
clutch assembly mai clutch assembly centrifugal aircraft clutch assembly centrifugal airc
clutch assembly clutch closure spindle mai
closure inboard closure fitting main rotor closure assembly sp
clipxretainer clip tail rotor cov clip quadrant
clip pre track clip oil filter transmission clip lock main roto
clip lock damper clip gear bearing clip assy rotor win
clevis idler contro clevis control rod roto head clevis assy inboard
clevis assembly tan clevis assembly blade clevis assembly
clamp stabilizer da clamp segment collective frictio clamp rotor
clamp ring clamp retaining housing clamp planetary jetgear box
clamp half swashpla clamp blade fold mo clamp assembly
chuck assembly chip detector tail chip detector electronic
chip detector assy chip detector check valve seat shock absorber
chassis assy helicopter chart tail rotor balance chart corrector
channelxassy blade channel tip rib channel rudder blade
channel rotary rudder blade channel blade rotar channel bim vent rotary wing
channel bim vent channel assembly rudder blade channel assembly harness
channel chain assy silent chafing strip yoke
chafing strip ch1p detector elect centre frame assembly
centerxhousing plug centering socket hub assembly centering ring spindlf
center housing gearbox center frame assembly center case main transmission
casting housing casing transition fan casing blower
casing assembly fan case transmission c case transmission a
case transmission case taper case main transmission
case assy transmiss case assy top trans case assy t r gearb
case assy main tran case assy gear box tail rotor dr case assy
case assembly upper case assembly transmission case assembly trans
case assembly top transmission case assembly tail case assembly sump
case assembly gearbox case assembly gearb case assembly gear
case assembly case and cover tran case and cover assy transmission
case and cover assy carrier transmissio carrier tranmission
carrier subassembly transmission carrier rotor aft carrier planet tran
carrier first stage carrier disc pack carrier clutch
carrier bearing transmiisson carrier bearing carrier assy transm
carrier assembly transmission carrier assembly plantetary carrier assembly planetary
carrier assembly cargo hook r f kit capxrubber
capxassy tip capxassy captrunnion
cap washer scissors rotor contro cap vertical pin cap upper hub
cap transmission gearbox aircraf cap trailing rotary cap trailing hinge pin
cap trailing edge cap tip tail rotor cap tip rotary wing blade
cap tip rotary wing cap tip rotary blade cap tip blade rotary rudder
cap tip blade assy cap tip assembly cap thrust aircraft
cap tail rotor driv cap sump screen cap stabilizer bar
cap sleeve and spindle rotary wi cap sleeve and spindle assembly cap shroud acft spe
cap shroud cap servocylinder cap servo cylinder
cap rotor shaft cap rotor hup tensi cap rotor hub tensi
cap rotor hub cap rotary wing hub cap rotary wing head
cap rotary wing blade cap rotary blade cap root fairing rudder blade
cap retention gear cap reservoir cap quill assembly
cap planetaryxjet cap pin cap pan assembly ro
cap oil reservoir cap oil pressure cap main rotor spin
cap main rotor hub cap main rotor cap lock tube and w
cap leading rotary cap leading horizon cap lead tail rotor
cap lag side tail cap input quill transmission cap inner swashpla
cap inboard transit cap idler gearshaft cap gearxbox
cap gearbox assembl cap folding pin cap flutter dampene
cap filter breather cap filter assy cap filler opening
cap fairingxblade cap end coupling sh cap cylinder
cap controller cap blade tip cap bearing tail r
cap bearing dynamic cap assy tip cap assy tail rotor
cap assy rotary win cap assy root cap assy restraint
cap assy outer cap assy lower hous cap assy gearbox
cap assy freewheeli cap assy cap assembly trunnion
cap assembly transmission cap assembly transm cap assembly tip
cap assembly thrust cap assembly tail r cap assembly rotor
cap assembly rotary cap assembly main rotor blade cap assembly main rotor
cap assembly main r cap assembly blade cap assembly
cap and filler assy cap abrasion cap
cancelled replaced by camshaft gearbox camshaft gear box
camshaft assy input camshaft assy cam shaft gear box
cam shaft assy gear cam shaft assembly gear cam shaft assembly
cam rotary wing hea cam handle assembly cam free wheel clut
cam droop stop assy cam droop stop cam blade position
cam assy rotary rud cam assy main gear cam assy gearbox
cam assy droop stop cam assy blade positioner cam assembly wheel
cam assembly main gear cam assembly gearbox cam assembly gear b
cam assembly droop cam assembly anti flap cam assembly
cam anti flap rotary wing head cam anti flap rotar cam anti flap assembly
cam anti flap cam cage stationary
cage roller gearbox cage roller cage and plate asse
cable umbilical cable support rotor cable drum
cable assy rotor cable assembly tail cable assembly rotor head
cable assembly main cable assembly cable adapter
cable cabin absr kit butee spherique lamifiee
butee spherique butee repliage pale bushing wing head
bushing set bushing main r bushing locking mai
bushing input shaft gearbox bushing flanged yoke bushing clutch
bushing bifilar wt bushing bifilar bushing assy
bushing assembly thrust bushing assembly tail rotor bushing assembly ta
bushing assembly special bushing assembly pi bushing assembly main transmissi
bushing assembly blade bushing assembly bushing aircraft ma
busbar assy slip ri bungee assy bungee assembly
bungee and clamp bumper yoke main r bumper weight assy
bumper transmission bumper stop rotor bumper rotary wing head
bumper main rotor bumper droop stop bumper blade fold
bumper bifilar assy bumper assy rotor bumper
bulkhead blade rota bulb assembly trans buffer yoke main r
buffer yoke assy buffer plate gear b buffer plate
buffer fretting buffer brush shield
brush block plate brush block assy brush block assembl
brush and spring as bridge assy bride transmis roto
breather transmissi breather aircraft breather
brake tip control brake shoe brake rotor
brake pump casing a brake plate tail ro brake plate assy
brake plate assembly brake caliper aircr brake assy rotary w
brake and pulley as braid assembly tubu bracketxrudder
bracketxmicroswitch bracketxblade bracketxassy damper
bracketxassy bracket yoke assembly bracket weldment tail rotor heli
bracket weldment ta bracket vernier scale bracket vernier
bracket transmitter bracket track and b bracket tip cap
bracket tail rotor bracket tail pylon bracket tail gear
bracket switch bracket swashplate rotory wing h bracket swashplate
bracket swash plate bracket support fairing bracket support
bracket static disc bracket rotor main bracket rotor head
bracket rotor harness bracket rotor control bracket rotor contr
bracket rotor brake bracket rotary wing head bracket rotary wing blade
bracket rotary wing bracket rotary rudder bracket rotary head
bracket roller blade folding mec bracket pressure sw bracket nut retainer
bracket mounting ap bracket microswitch bracket main rotor
bracket main gearbox bracket magnetic pi bracket lower damper rotary wing
bracket lock pin switch bracket line suppor bracket housing
bracket harness hub bracket harness electrical bracket gust lock
bracket guide bracket gear box bracket fwd tail ro
bracket fold switch bracket fold hinge balance bracket fold hinge
bracket flex shaft engine bracket electrical special bracket droop stop
bracket damper rota bracket damper hose bracket counterweig
bracket control bracket cable bracket blower
bracket blade track bracket blade positioner bracket blade lock
bracket blade fold bracket assy switch bracket assy swashplate
bracket assy rotor bracket assy rotary bracket assy lock
bracket assy lines bracket assy inboar bracket assy helico
bracket assy blade bracket assy anti bracket assy
bracket assembly upper boost bracket assembly transmission bracket assembly swashplate
bracket assembly special bracket assembly sleeve bracket assembly rudder blade
bracket assembly rotor head bracket assembly rotary head bracket assembly rotary
bracket assembly ro bracket assembly main rotor torq bracket assembly ma
bracket assembly lock pin switch bracket assembly gearbox bracket assembly fold switch
bracket assembly fold hinge bala bracket assembly fairing bracket assembly fa
bracket assembly droop compensat bracket assembly de bracket assembly damper rotary w
bracket assembly damper bracket assembly controls bracket assembly blower unit
bracket assembly blade bracket assembly anti flap bracket assembly
bracket anti flail bracket accumulator bracket
brace assy tail rot brace assy main rot box rotor head
box equipe bta box collect box assy rotor blad
box assy box assembly bowl oil pump
bowl oil filter bowl assembly trans bouchon support rou
bootair boot tail rotor boot rotor blade helicopter
boot plunger boot friction main boot damper rotary
boot control rod rotor boot control rod boot blade folding
boot assy seal tran boot assy rotary wi boot assy
boot assembly main rotor boot assembly main boot assembly
boot bolt valve retainer bolt rotor blade
bolt pitch horn main rotor bolt pedal adjuster anti torque bolt drag brace mai
bolt damper bolt assy rotor sys bolt assy head cont
bolt assembly transmission bolt assembly rotor blade bolt assembly rotary wing head
bolt assembly rotar bolt assembly main rotor bolt assembly blade retention ma
body vale body thermostat body subassy
body rotor lag damper body pump body helicoper roto
body filter and rel body bearing inserts body assy oil pump
body assembly pump body assembly oil p body
blower unit rotary blower oil cooler blower duct assembly
blower assy gear blower and duct ass blockxassy balance
blockxassy blocker plate hydro block weight rotary
block turret locating block spar tip block spar rotary w
block shipping block rudder blade block rotor blade
block rotaryxblade block rotary wing b block rotary wing
block root rotary wing block retention block pitch control tail rotor
block pillow main r block nose main rotor blade block folding stop
block droop stop rotary wing block droop stop block distributor
block counterweight rotary blade block coning and dr block compression
block casting blade block assy blade block assembly rotary wing blade helicopter
block assembly rotary wing blade block assembly rotary rudder bla block assembly rotary
block assembly block blanket upper rotor
blanket lower rotor bladexhinge blades 5rh port
blades 5h lh stbd bladerotary wing blade tracker
blade sleeve assy blade set tail roto blade set tail
blade set rotary wing blade rotary wing blade rotary rudder
blade rotary pump blade rotary blade rest rotary wing
blade pump blade positioner as blade master balanc
blade main rotor blade lock pin blade lock actuator
blade lag shock abs blade hinge blade grip assembly
blade fold module blade fan engine blade erosion strip
blade cover assy blade block assy blade assy tail rot
blade assy spec blade assy rotor blade assy rotary
blade assy composite blade assy aircraft blade assy
blade assembly tail blade assembly rotor blade assembly main rotor
blade assembly main blade assembly forw blade assembly airc
blade assembly aft blade assembly blade and grip asse
bifiler assembly bifilar assy rotary wing head bifilar assy rotary
bifilar assy main r bifilar assy hub bifilar assy
bifilar assembly bellmouth outlet oil cooler bellmouth compresso
bellmouth assy seal bellcrank controls bellcrank assy
bellcrank assembly bellcrank bell crank assembly
bell crank bearingelastomeric bearing support as
bearing shim input bearing seat bearing ring half
bearing retainer main gearbox bearing retainer bearing key transmission
bearing key transmi bearing frame assy bearing elastomeric
bearing blade retention bearing assy spindle bearing assy spindl
bearing assy rotor bearing assembly swashplate bearing assembly gr
bearing and liner a bearing and gear as beamxassy pitch
beam rotary wing beam pitch control beam assy tail roto
beam assy control beam assembly rotor beam assembly equal
base rotor support base mast support base assy mgb
barrel rotor main barrel rotary contr barrel pitch link main rotor
barrel pitch link barrel lock barrel drag brace main rotor
barrel damper pylon barrel assembly drag brace barreau equipe susp
bar link pitch cont bar bolster bar assy
bar assembly suspension main gearbox bar assembly suspension main gea bar assembly suspen
bar assembly reacti bar assembly azimuth bar assembly
ballast aircraft rotary wing ballast balancing arbor dri
balancing balancedxassy balance wheel rotor
balance weight roto balance weight balance rotor assem
balance plate blade balance plate balance assy
balance arm tail ro balance arm kit bague transm moteur
baffle transmission baffle plate transm baffle plate
baffle pinion gear baffle oil gearbox baffle oil filler n
baffle oil cooler baffle assembly shock absorber baffle assembly oil
bade assembly backing plate bulkhead azimuth stud thrust
azimuth assy collec azimuth assembly axle assembly
axe tube protection ass antiflappeggio armxassy rudder
arm stop rotor blad arm main rotor cam arm fold hinge
arm droop stop arm cam rotary head arm cam droop rotary head
arm cam droop rotary haed arm cam droop restr arm cam
arm balancing arm assy upper arm assy tail rotor
arm assy rotor blad arm assy droop stop arm assy control
arm assy actuator arm assy arm assembly scisso
arm assembly rotary arm assembly head c arm assembly droop compensator
arm assembly dephas arm assembly blade arm assembly
arm anti flapping anvil disc pack anti flap assy rota
anti flail assy tai angle tail rotor cover angle tail rotor co
anchor fitting tip alignment set shaft aft rotor drive ai
adjusting screw adjusting plate bearing adjuster assembly anti torque co
adjuster assembly adaptor assembly adapter vent
adapter trim actuator adapter transmissio adapter transfer tu
adapter tail rotor adapter tail gear b adapter stabilizer
adapter spring assembly adapter splined tai adapter splined sha
adapter splined rot adapter splined adapter special
adapter slip ring adapter sliding dri adapter shaft transmission
adapter shaft trans adapter shaft spline adapter shaft splin
adapter shaft engin adapter shaft assem adapter shaft
adapter rotor shaft adapter rotor brake adapter rotor beari
adapter rotary wing head adapter rotary wing adapter repair
adapter quill adapter pump adapter pulley
adapter plate plug adapter pinnion adapter output fre
adapter mount transmission adapter mix box adapter microswitch
adapter mast drivin adapter main rotor adapter main gear b
adapter input trans adapter input tail adapter input shaft
adapter input pinion adapter head adapter hanger bear
adapter generator gearbox adapter gearbox gen adapter gearbox
adapter flange adapter fitting cap adapter filler cap gearbox
adapter engine exhaust adapter engine adapter driveshaft
adapter drive adapter dip stick t adapter detector plug
adapter damper moun adapter cyclic adapter curvic coupling
adapter coupling adapter compressor adapter cap assembl
adapter brake disk adapter bolt freew adapter blower housing
adapter blower drive adapter blade alignment set adapter blade
adapter bearing inp adapter bearing adapter assy shaft
adapter assy rotor adapter assy plunge adapter assy main
adapter assy gearbo adapter assy drive adapter assy detector
adapter assy clutch adapter assy adapter assembly transmission
adapter assembly tr adapter assembly sy adapter assembly rotary wing bla
adapter assembly lwr accessory d adapter assembly hydraulic adapter assembly fi
adapter assembly drive shaft adapter assembly dr adapter assembly da
adapter assembly blade adapter assembly bl adapter assembly
adapter apu clutch adapter antibacklas adapter and liner
adapter actuator adapter actuating adapter
actuator rotary actuator fold main rotor blade actuator fold main rotor
actuator assembly disconnect actuator assembly accumulator assy
access shaft absorber abrasion strip tail rotor blade
abrasion strip a frame main rotor

Part Number's List for FSC 1615 Helicopter Rotor Blades Drive Mechanisms And Components

Part No NSN Item Name Manufacturer QTY RFQ
ZA635 1615-01-219-2033
cap filler opening Eaton Aerospace Ltd Avl RFQ
Z11MC4D52-1 1615-00-938-9994
coupling set Zurn Industries Inc Avl RFQ
YTD121D 1615-00-524-3583
collet set matched Rexnord Industries Llc Avl RFQ
YTD121C 1615-00-054-8568
collet set rotor Rexnord Industries Llc Avl RFQ
YTD121B 1615-00-930-5206
collet set rotor Rexnord Industries Llc Avl RFQ
YD264A 1615-00-125-4089
trunnion assy main rotor Rexnord Industries Llc Avl RFQ
Y70E70013-001 1615-00-102-7430
tip rib rotary blad Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y70E700020-002 1615-00-949-6087
rotor assy lower Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y70E700020-001 1615-00-949-6088
rotor assy upper Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y70E700015-002 1615-00-102-7431
trailing edge rotar Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y70E700015-001 1615-00-102-7429
trailing edge rotor Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y70E700013-001 1615-00-102-7430
tip rib rotary blad Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y70E700001-002 1615-00-949-6089
blade rotary wing Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y70E700001-001 1615-00-949-6090
blade rotary wing Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y70E410001-001 1615-00-943-7772
support assy Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y70E340009-002 1615-00-943-5018
body assy oil pump Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y70E340006-001 1615-00-943-5019
cover sump transmis Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y70E340004-001 1615-00-946-5367
cover oil pump Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y70E330001-002 1615-00-943-5016
transmission assy Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y63-315700-127 1615-00-868-9967
brake tip control Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y63-315700-1-35 1615-00-788-0453
blade rotary wing Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y63-315700-1-29 1615-00-788-0453
blade rotary wing Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y63-315340-37-3 1615-00-943-5015
filter assy transmi Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y63-315340-37-1 1615-00-033-8208
filter assembly oil Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y63-315330-154-9 1615-00-872-6768
transmission assemb Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y63-315330-154-5 1615-00-794-4635
transmission Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y63-315330-154-11 1615-00-948-3855
transmission assy Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y61-315370-75 1615-00-033-8172
ring assembly Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y61-315350-11 1615-00-033-8166
plate hoisting Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y61-315340-59-6 1615-00-943-7784
valve assy Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
Y61-315340-34 1615-00-033-8247
cap oil pressure Gyrodyne Co Avl RFQ
XZUDG1143N 1615-01-470-4754
parts kit seal replacement mecha Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Avl RFQ
XSZUDG1219A 1615-01-500-9682
parts kit seal replacement mecha Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Avl RFQ
XSZUDG1218A 1615-01-500-9681
parts kit seal replacement mecha Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Avl RFQ
XSZUDG1217A 1615-01-500-9679
parts kit seal replacement mecha Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Avl RFQ
XSZUDG1158A 1615-01-461-4878
parts kit seal replacement mecha Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Avl RFQ
XSZUDG011A 1615-01-448-5990
parts kit seal replacement mecha Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Avl RFQ
XSZUDG008A 1615-01-433-3133
parts kit seal replacement mecha Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Avl RFQ
XSZUDG003U 1615-01-449-2762
parts kit seal replacement mecha Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Avl RFQ
XSZUDG002U 1615-01-454-0887
parts kit seal replacement mecha Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Avl RFQ
XSZUDG002A 1615-01-422-0790
parts kit seal replacement mecha Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Avl RFQ
XCL1215-56K2WA 1615-01-088-4696
sprag Formsprag Company Avl RFQ
XCL1215-56K2W 1615-01-088-4695
sprag Formsprag Company Avl RFQ
X6306 1615-00-865-8472
blade rotary wing Indresco Inc Avl RFQ
X136546 1615-00-854-1143
clutch assy Borgwarner Transmission Systems Inc Avl RFQ
X134296 1615-00-128-1644
clutch freewheeling Borgwarner Transmission Systems Inc Avl RFQ
X133646REVD 1615-00-758-3237
clutch assembly centrifugal aircraft Borgwarner Transmission Systems Inc Avl RFQ
X133488 1615-00-948-0826
clutch assembly Borgwarner Transmission Systems Inc Avl RFQ
X131720 1615-00-859-6225
clutch assembly Borgwarner Transmission Systems Inc Avl RFQ
X128152 1615-00-065-5497
filter assembly coo Honeywell International Inc Avl RFQ
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