Top Listing of FSC 4130 Refrigeration and Air Condition Components Parts

FSC 4130 Refrigeration and Air Condition Components parts are in stock and ready to ship.  Get an instant quote for top performing parts such as 00176 PT NO. FTAM-A075-IAA-001, 00178 PT NO. FTAH-B074-IAA-212, 00178 PT NO. RR81C2E-IAA-101, 002-0004-00, 002-0016-00 following under NSN number 4130015214382, 4130015214366, 4130015214599, 4130002690472, 4130005667339.

Browse or search for your desired parts with Aviation Orbit, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has one of the largest inventories of 4130 Refrigeration and Air Condition Components in the U.S. and overseas As an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company. FSC 4130 Refrigeration and Air Condition Components consist of parts like those that Crankshaft Compressor, Wire Basket Assy, Filter Drier Refrigerant, Compressor Unit, Filter Drier Refrigerant manufactured by Frick Co, Dcm Clean Air Products Inc, Bosch Rexroth Corporation, Noske Kaeser Gmbh, Cospolich Inc respectively.

Part type list for FSC 4130 Refrigeration and Air Condition Components

a6 compressor abraso vacu sheets absorber assembly
ac filter assembly accumulator accumulator coolant fluid
accumulator cooler accumulator refrigerant act plate
actuator actuator assembly actuator pneumatic
actuator ventilation damper adjusting screw ass adjustment shaft
adopter duct inlet after cooler aftercooler assy
agitator ice machine agitator ice making agitator icemaker dispenser
angle angle assembly angle screen
arrow rotational assembly anchor rh assembly ice freeze
auger auger ice dispenser auger ice making ma
auger ice making machine baffle baffle assembly
baffle cardcage baffle coil top baffle compressor
baffle slide balance beam ball thrust
bar cutter base condenser base relay
basket refrigerator bead pilot bead seat
bearing bearing and shaft assembly bearing assembly
bearing assembly compressor bearing assembly crankshaft bearing assy thrust
bearing cone ice ma bearing connecting bearing crankcase
bearing crankpin bearing head bearing head and ma
bearing head assemb bearing head assembly bearing head assy p
bearing head cover bearing liner bearing liner assembly seal end
bearing lining bearing set sleeve bearing set upper a
bearing thrust wash beater assembly beater ice cream blender
bellow bellows assembly bellows assy
bit masonry black upholstery to blade
blade agitator blade assy damper blade damper
blade damper drive blade ice cream maker blade louver
blade lower blade preshirl blade ring assembly
blade saw diamond c blade upper blast damper assembly
block block contact block cylinder compressor
block fill block off assembly block pillow
block vane compressor blower direct drive blower impeller
blower motor blower wheel board compressor co
board display body catch body f and g port
body valve bolt bolt assembly
bolt assembly termi bolt cylinder head bolt rotor lock
bolt set connecting bonding boot foot pedal
boot outlet steam e bottom plate chill bottom plate compre
bracket bracket accumulator bracket adjusting
bracket assembly bracket bearing bracket brake
bracket cable bracket control bracket door hinge
bracket hinge bracket idler pulle bracket oil fill
bracket water separator brake hand modified breaker
breaker and bearing breaker foam breaker ice making
breaker strip refri brush brush ice cream fre
brush tube condense brush vacuum bubbler dispenser d
bubbler dispenser drinking water bulb bulb external
bulb well bumper bundle cooler tube
bundle sub assembly bundle subassembly bushing
bushing assy bushing spindle bushing vacu drill
button panel e tens button reset button reset motor
c flange accessory package cable adjustable cable and conduit a
cable assembly retainer cable assy power co cable assy power el
cable control cable control plug cable control temperature
cable ecs cable handbrake sho cable throttle control
cage assembly cage assembly pressure valve cage assembly valve
cage valve cam rear cam shaft assembly
cap carrier bearing case assy
case gear casing casing crankcase head
casing gasket chain assy duct sto chamber assembly
channel assembly charging hose assem charging line refrigerant chargi
charging unit cooling system charging unit refrigerant chassis assembly amplifier
chill room assembly chilled water storage plant chiller assembly w
chiller galley fwd chiller package chiller unit
chiller water refrigerating choke commutating chute ice
circulator clamp clamp assembly heat
clamp assembly heater clamp duct clamp duct connecto
clamp line cooler clamp valve clip mounting screen
clip screen mtg clip tube clip valve
clutch compressor coalescer bag coil
coil assembly coil assembly cooler coil assy
coil assy aftercool coil assy rh coil compressor
coil condenser coil condensing lh coil control
coil cooling coil heating assy coil hot water
coil precooling coil solenoid 230 v coil solenoid valve
coil tube cold plate assembly collar compressor
collar muffler collar rubber collector ring asse
compressor compressor and coup compressor assembly
compressor assembly power compressor assy compressor assy clo
compressor foot chi compressor motor re compressor unit
compressor unit ref condenser condenser assembly
condenser assy condenser coil condenser coil asse
condenser coil refr condenser coil right hand condenser frame assembly
condenser group condenser receiver condenser refrigerator
condensing unit refrigerating condensor group conditioner group
conductor high volt conduit compressor cone
connecting link connecting rod and connecting rod and eccentric ass
connecting rod asse connecting rod assy connecting rod comp
connecting rod piston connection charging connector assembly
connector duct connector linkage connector rod
connector rod piston connector sleeve connector solenoid
contact block contact holder contact plate
contact spring contactor heater container dessiccant
control control assembly control assembly expansion valve
control assembly high pressure control assy control automatic a
control cold control compressor control cooler shutdown
control damper control diff oil control electric
control fan motor control flow control freeze
control hi pressure control high pressure control ice making
control low pressur control lube oil control module
control module asse control module assembly control module assy
control motor load control oil failure control oil pressure
control oil pressure differentia control panel assem control panel assembly
control pressure control push pull control refrigerati
control refrigerato control relay control rust kt
control temperature control tlc control unit refri
control water flow controller controller flow
controller pneumatic controller sequence controller temperat
cooler cooler fluid transmission cooler sample water
cooler subassembly cooler thermoelect cooler water
cooler water assembly cooling assy cooling coil assemb
cooling coil assembly cooling coil continuous tube gra cooling subsystem
cooling turbine cooling unit water cord acetate and rubber
core filter drier corrosion control k counterbalance comp
counterweight conde coupler assembly coupler duct
coupling coupling assembly coupling assembly duct
coupling assy coupling assy male coupling clamp duct
coupling duct coupling fle ible coupling half union
coupling v band coupling vent cover
cover access valve cover assembly cover assembly comp
cover assembly filt cover assembly insulation cover assy
cover assy clutch cover assy coils cover assy motor co
cover assy sight gl cover bottom cover center metal
cover coil condensing cover compressor cover compressor he
cover condenser cover condenser fan cover cylinder comp
cover damper motor cover duct cover duct circuit
cover dust cover end cover female inlet
cover female labyrinth cover female outlet cover filter
cover front cover hand hole sig cover handhole
cover head compress cover hinged cover indicator filter
cover male inlet cover male labyrinth cover male outlet
cover motor end cover plate cover plate bolt
cover plate compressor cover screen cover seal
cover slide stop cover stator cover subassembly r
crane crank case subassy crank shaft
crankcase crankcase and bearing crankcase assembly
crankcase compresso crankcase heater crankshaft
crankshaft and bear crankshaft and plug crankshaft and roto
crankshaft assembly crankshaft assy crankshaft compress
crankshaft compressor crankshaft eccentri crevice tool 11 in
crs cut router bit curtain assembly ic cushion
cushion compressor cutout low temperat cutter bundle carbi
cutter bundle compl cylinder assy cylinder charging
cylinder compressor cylinder head cylinder head compressor
cylinder head packa cylinder head secon cylinder liner and
cylinder plate compressor cylinder reciprocating compresso cylinder sleeve
cylinder sleeve ass cylinder sleeve assembly cylinder unloader
damper damper and filter a damper assembly
damper assembly outlet damper assembly plenum damper assy
damper assy cooler damper blade assembly damper by pass
damper control damper diesel recirculation damper face
damper face and bypass damper low pressure damper operator
damper pressure red deflector deflector dirt and
deflector oil dehydrator dessicant demister assembly c
demister oil detail vacu sander device vgd assy
diamond cutoff blad disk disk and gasket
disk assembly disk oil check disk seat
disk spacer thrust disk thrust disk valve
dispenser distribution tube w distributor
distributor refrigerant distributor refrigerator door assembly lower
door assy compresso door cable storage door condenser
door ice cream maker soft serve door kit ice cream maker door refrigerator
door walk in refrigerator dotco tools grease drain assy
drain pan assembly drain rack ice maki drain refrigerator
draw plunger drawbar assembly drawbar assy
drawer storage refrigerator drawer weldment drier
drier compressor drive assembly oil drive segment oil p
drive shaft assy drive shaft rear driven hub and adju
driven hub and rele driver assembly clutch driving disk assy
dryer dryer regulator ass dual hub assembly
duct duct assembly duct assembly purging
duct assembly set insulated duct assy pre coole duct fan
duct shock duct silencer duct table rack
duct venturi dust filter dust pad vacuum
dusting brush 3 rd eccentric eccentric one piece
economizer control ejector elbow and tubing assembly
elbow assy elbow bulkhead elbow combustion ai
elbow swivel electric defrost electric roto peen
element element coalescer element e pansion v
element electric element filter element filter bras
element filter securus element flexible element membrane
element oil filter element power unloader eliminator set
eliminator vibratio enclosure assembly end bell electrical rotating equ
end cover end heater end thrust crimp sp
end yoke fan shaft equalizer tube asse ergo lite vacu sand
ergo lite vacuum exchanger expansion thermo sp
fan fan assembly condenser fan assy
fan assy refrigerat fan blade fan blade assy
fan closure assy fan coil unit fan condenser
fan control assembly condenser p fan electrical fan tray filtr assy
fastener switch fault detector felt ring
fender assy rear ai ferrule tube fasten fill piece
filler filter filter absolute
filter and mounting assembly filter assembly filter assy large
filter assy special filter clip filter computer set
filter condensate filter cone moistur filter core
filter demister filter drier filter drier assy
filter drier refrigerant filter dust filter element
filter element asse filter element fluid filter element inta
filter emi dust filter fan filter fluid
filter head assembl filter header and bags filter insert
filter material filter oil filter oil mist
filter package filter panel filter recharge
filter screen filter screen assem filter special
filter sub assembly filtering material filtering media
flange flange chiller flange coil
flange compressor flange mounting flange protector condenser
flange pulley flange suction flexible rubber element
float float assembly float ball ice mach
float chamber assembly float ice machine float valve and cov
floating oil ring floor nozzle 2 way floor wand 5 foot
floor wand vacuum flow restrictor fluid
flywheel flywheel compressor fod stick 30 inch
fod stick 60 inch follower cam foot compressor
foot mounting fork drive fork unloader
frame assembly duct storage frame assembly left side frame assy
frame beater ice cr frame ends front and rear frame filter
frame filter element frame heat shield frame mounting fan
frame side frame weldment freezer ice maker
freezer ice making freezestat front cover assembl
front cover metal front end assembly refrigertor ftg schrader
gage gage bearing temp gage bearing tempe
gage oil pressure gage oil temperatur gasket
gasket base plate gasket battery gasket bellow seal
gasket end cover gasket head low pre gasket material
gasket muffler to f gasket set gasket set mod3003
gasket set mod3015 gasket suction elbo gasket suction valv
gasket valve cover gear motor ice disp gear speed reducer
gear subassy speed gland gland packing
gland sight glass glass glass and cover liq
glass assembly hand glass assy sight co glass sight
governor grey abs wand grill
grill inlet with gasket grill outlet with gasket grill protective
grille assembly int grille condenser fa grille return
grinder angular grommet grommet mount
guard access shelter guard condenser guard filter
guard valve guard ventilation hammer stop pin
handle handle assembly enclosure lockin handle cover
handle flush modifi handle lid harness
harvest bar ice maker dispenser hazardous waste vac hazmat cntmt bag 5g
hazmat cntmt bag 6g head head assembly
head assembly bearing head assembly cylin head assy
head assy bearing head assy compresso head assy cylinde c
head assy cylinder head back condenser head back cooler un
head bearing head bearing compressor head compresser
head condenser head condenser back head condenser fron
head condenser rear head condensing unit head cylinder
head cylinder std s head front head front condenser
head front cooler u head power head rear
header and coil ass header assembly compressor heat interchanger a
heat interchanger c heat interchanger r heat interchanger refrigerant
heater heater assembly heater assembly drip pan
heater assy heater assy crankca heater connector ac
heater crankcase heater electrical heater gearmotor
heater oil heater package crankcase heater spec
heater well heating element heating element electrical immer
hepa filter 15gal hepa filter 5gal hepa filter 6gal
hepa filter cvr 5ga hepa filter cvr 6ga hermetic
hold down battery holder bulb thermostat holder protector plate
holder rod hook assy hose
hose assembly hose assembly guidance hose assy
hose reel drum hub clutch pulley hub retainer bolt
humidistat assembly humidistat spec hy duty pneu grinde
ice breaker ice making machine ice maker compact ice storage bin
idler arm blower idler assembly ignition assembly
impact filter 6gal impeller compressor impeller oil recovery
impeller special in line vacu sander indicator filter
inlet assembly impeller inlet fan inlet fan centrifug
inlet ring inlet venturi contr inline oiler unit
inner bin bottom ice making mach insert assembly por insulation
insulation sheet insulator insulator terminal
intake grille intercooler interlock
isolator assembly jacket weldment jitter vacu sander
key key pad keystone module assembly
kit tune up labyrinth labyrinth assembly
labyrinth compresso labyrinth shaft end labyrinth stage
lamp lamp amber lamp red
lens lens control lever bellows
light light pilot limit ring vacu nee
line line aftercooler line assembly condensat
line intercooler line return line static pressur
line supply liner liner assy
liner bearing liner compressor cy liner cylinder
lining muffler link arm link brake
linkage assembly duct linkage damper loading spring washer
lock conn rod nut locking operating c locking rod baffle
locking socket assembly ice maki long board sand she long board vacu san
louver metal lt duty pneu grinde lubricant strip
lubricating oil lug lifting mainfold
maintenanance set a mandrel drill mechanical
mechanical seal media filterdown microrelay
mini ros vacu sande mist eliminator mist eliminator assembly
mix probe assembly mobile work center module
module assembly electrical module chill water module control
module control assembly module motor load moisture filter oil
monitor coolant unit motor motor and shroud assembly
motor assembly motor blower motor compressor
motor crank assembl motor fan motor modulating
motor shaft assembly mount mount bearing condenser
mount compressor mount condenser mount control
mounting compressor muffler muffler assembly so
muffler cooler unit muffler hot gas needle scaler vacu
nitrogen servicing nozzle assembly nozzle assembly spr
nozzle distribution refrigerant nut nut lock
nut slotted nut swivel oil cooler
oil filler oil safety switch oil separator
operator assembly damper operator assembly damper wpilot operator cooler dam
operator cooler damper operator damper operator pneumatic damper
orifice check valve assembly orifice fan outline
overload overload compressor overload module
package flow switch packing packing gland
pad pad compressor pad leveling
pan drip pan drip ice cream pan ice making machine
pan strainer suctio pan water assy panel
panel access panel assembly panel assembly cont
panel assembly control panel assembly front panel assembly left side
panel assembly rear access panel assembly top panel assy control
panel control panel control assembly panel control assy
panel duct outlet panel frequency sta panel left side
panel lower panel lower front panel outside
panel outside center panel side r h panel switch thermo
panel top rear panel upper panel ventilating
parts kit dehydrator pedal foot pendant with sleeve
petcock pilot control board pilot positioner
pilotlight red pin pin piston
pin piston compress pin suction valve pin84
pipe accessory pipe assembly curve pipehead assy mount
piping assy piston piston and connecti
piston and pin piston and pin assembly piston and sleeve a
piston assembly piston assy compres piston balance
piston check valve piston compressor piston male balance
piston oil relief v piston spindle piston suction valv
piston unloader piston with pin pitot tube assy
pivot plate plate and tube
plate assembly plate assembly cyli plate assembly valv
plate assembly valve plate assy valve cy plate back
plate baffle plate bearing plate bearing backup
plate blankoff plate blankoff condenser plate block off
plate bottom plate check valve plate control panel
plate cover plate cover assembly plate cover compres
plate damper plate end cover sea plate filter mtg
plate gasket plate ice cream mac plate idler
plate labyrinth plate locating plate mounting
plate mounting control panel plate mounting univ plate pressure condenser
plate rotor plate seal lock plate sealing
plate shaft plate shaft seal plate shaft seal cl
plate spray bar sup plate stop plate suction valve
plate terminal plate valve plate valve second stage
plate valve stage t plate valve with ga plate washer
plate water ice making machine plenum assembly plenum assy sound s
plenum blower plenum fan plug
plug and oil indica plug and seal assem plug assembly conde
plug assembly directional contro plug bearing head plug orifice
plug shunting plug strainer plunger and seat
plunger assembly plunger lifter pist plunger valve
pneumatic piston mover poly robo vacuum posi vac starter ki
positioner pilot post idler power assembly
power assembly cont power assembly expa power assembly expansion valve
power assembly valv power assembly valve power assembly valve expansion
power assy power supply 5vdc a power supply assy
precooler dispenser prefilter rc vent prefilter vent
pressure operator a pressure plate condenser pressure stat
prewhirl vane probe probe mix level
propeller fan proportional amplifier protection
protector protector compressor protector motor
protector overload protector sleeve pulley
pulley blower pulley idler pulley motor
push button assy push rod pusher
r a pneumatic tool rack rack duct
rail end condenser rear cover metal receiver
receiver dehydrator receiver drier receiver drier refr
receiver quill assembly receptacle electrical receptacle panel mount
rectifier rectifier assembly recycle control
reducer speed reducer switch oil reed
reed set suction reed suction valve reeds
reel assembly hose ref refriger
refrigerant refrigerant relief valve assembl refrigerator
regulator dispenser regulator pressure relay
relay electric pneu relief line assembl relief valve
remote control panel reservoir reservoir assembly ice making ma
reservoir cover reservoir ice machine reservoir ice making machine
reservoir oil reset button assy resevoir
rest button rest cup retainer
retainer anti icing retainer assembly retainer assembly d
retainer assembly filter retainer assembly sleeve retainer assy sleev
retainer assy sprin retainer baffle retainer compressor
retainer crankshaft retainer duct retainer filter
retainer glass retainer piston pin retainer ring oil
retainer sensor retainer sight glass retainer spring
retainer suction va retainer thrust plug retainer valve
retainer valve disk retainer valve plate retainer wick
retaining ring oil right angle posi va ring
ring actuator ring actuator plate ring assembly lifte
ring assembly second stage ring compressor ass ring friction
ring laminated ring marking inlet fan ring o seal cylinde
ring piston ring protective tub ring retainer
ring set piston riser can safety as robo sta puts 5g ai
rod rod assembly coalescer rod brake
rod check valve rod connecting rod connecting asse
rod damper control rod linkage rod slide valve indicator
rod unloader roller assembly front roller assembly rear
roof assembly ros vacu sander ros vacu starter ki
rotary seal replace rotor assembly rotor assy compress
rotor casing assemb rotor finished rotor generator
rotor match set rotor set compressor rubber guard
rubber insert runner door runner inner
rupture valve scaling chisel screen
screen assembly screen assembly compressor screen assembly con
screen assembly lint screen assembly oil screen assembly refrigerator
screen assy screen assy conde screen breaker foam
screen condenser screen frame coalescer screen guard conden
screen inlet screen muffler assy screen oil separato
screen oil strainer screen sight glass screen strainer
screen strainer oil screen subassembly screen suction
screen suction strainer screw scroll assembly blower
scroll rotor scroll rotor compre seal
seal assembly seal assembly compr seal assembly shaft
seal assy seal assy compresso seal assy crankshaf
seal casing seal end assembly c seal gas
seal inner seal oil assembly seal oil seat rotat
seal outer seal ring assembly compressor seal ring assy
seal ring outer flo seal rotary pressur seal runner
seal terminal seal terminal cover sealing strip
seat compressor seat sleeve valve seat spring
seat valve part securus chanber assembly sensing element temperature
sensor sensor module sensor sp
sensor special separator separator inlet
separator interstage separator moisture separator video chassis assembly
separator water seperator shaft
shaft and impeller shaft assembly impeller shaft assy fle ible
shaft blower shaft compressor mo shaft coupling brazed
shaft eccentric shaft fan shaft front drive
shaft high speed shaft labyrinth sea shaft labyrinth thr
shaft main drive co shaft main drive en shaft pulley
shaft seal collar shaft valve sheave assy
shell assembly shell strainer replacement kit shell subassembly
shield assembly lau shield connecting r shield cover
shield drip pan shield heat assy shock mount casting
shoe and key shoe friction clutc shoe set compressor
shoe thrust bearing shoulder shaft seal shroud fan
sight sight assembly oil sight glass
sight glass gland sightglass sightglass special
silencer blower sleeve sleeve compressor
sleeve connection sleeve connector sleeve cylinder
sleeve female distance sleeve insulating c sleeve loading
sleeve male distance sleeve overload sleeve piston assem
sleeve slide stop sleeve spindle sleeve unloader
slide gate ice slide stop slider assembly compressor
slinger slinger compressor slinger oil
slydring socket thermometer software controller operations
solder sleeve devic sound attenuator spacer
spacer mounting com spacer universal jo spark arrestor muff
speed switch cover splash panel ice ma spool towbar
spout assembly spray bar spray bar ice makin
spray bar ice making machine spring spring actuator
spring balance assembly spring bearing unit spring release
spring retainer spring valve stabilizer
stabilizer assy eng stabilizer control stack assy
stack e haust stator stator assembly compressor
stator assy compressor stator compressor m stator instal tool
stator removal tool stem assembly valve stop eccentric
strainer strainer assembly strainer assembly s
strainer assembly suction strainer compressor strainer drain
strainer line strainer motor end strainer oil
strainer package as strainer suction strainer suction ga
strip feather value strip oil strainer stripper gear oil
stud stud assembly stud terminal
suction filter pack suction service val suction strainer as
suction valve assem sump assembly ice machine switch
switch assembly ice making machi switch assembly shaft switch device multi cam
switch pressure con switch purge switch safety
switch temperature swiv lok vacu hose tee bulkhead
tee drier temperature adjuster temperature control
tensioner idler terminal terminal assembly
terminal assembly s terminal block terminal compressor
thermo thermo guard thermometer
thermometer resista thermostat thermostat and cord
thermostat and moun thermostat assembly thermostat bearing
thermostat compress thermostat cooler d thermostat crankcas
thermostat electronic thermostat freeze p thermostat heater
thermostat high lim thermostat modulati thermostat water co
threaded sleeve throttle control as thrust bearing assy
thrust plate mtch s thrust ring tie down snorkel up
tie rod assembly tie rod assy timer
timer 3 min delay timer motor toggle clamp assy
tool seal positioni tool vacuum top baffle
top cover assembly torus assembly cooling turbine tower right hand
track assembly rear transducer motional transformer
tray drain icemaker tray filter patch trim molding
trip body trip pin tube
tube assy tube assy cooler tube assy first sta
tube assy second st tube assy tpe331 tube brazed
tube bundle sub assembly tube coil assembly tube compressor
tube enclosure tube equalizer tube finned condens
tube inlet tube oil suction tube total test
tube water fill tubing turbine wheel
two way vacuum union unloader assembly
unloader assembly compressor unloader compressor unloader cylinder
unloader frame unloader piston unloader power unit
v ring inlet vac haz vacu accessory hose
vacu block s sheets vacu block sander vacu block sander k
vacu block ssheet vacu brush vacu cart
vacu chisel assy vacu cut off saw vacu cut off wheel
vacu cutoff saw vacu drill vacu drill assy
vacu drill bit set vacu drill bushing vacu drum sander ki
vacu drum sander sl vacu dus pad vacu dus pad 6 inch
vacu dus pad 8 inch vacu dus shroud vacu floor tool
vacu grinder vacu hammer drill k vacu hose accessory
vacu hose assy vacu needle holder vacu needle scaler
vacu needle set vacu nozzle rubber vacu pad 8 inch
vacu rotary cutter vacu rotary hammer vacu rotary shredde
vacu router vacu router and win vacu sander
vacu sander assy vacu sander dus pad vacu sander shroude
vacu sander start k vacu sander starte vacu sander starter
vacu saw vacu sheet 120 grit vacu sheet 150 grit
vacu sheet 36 grit vacu sheet 60 grit vacu sheet 80 grit
vacu sheets vacu shroud vacu shroud multi p
vacu telescopic dou vacu tote vacu tote storage
vacu trim saw vacuum head 15 gal vacuum head 5 gal
value service compr valve valve 300 psi
valve and cover valve and piston valve assembly
valve assembly compressor valve assembly cont valve assembly relief
valve assembly saddle valve assembly shut valve assembly sole
valve assembly solenoid valve assembly suct valve assembly suction end
valve assy check valve assy cover valve assy oil
valve assy oil chec valve assy precool valve assy saddle a
valve assy suction valve body valve bushing assembly
valve bypass relief valve charging valve check
valve check oil return valve compressor valve compressor dr
valve constant pre valve control valve core
valve e pansion aut valve e pansion the valve float ice mac
valve flow control valve foam control valve head pressure
valve hot gas regulator valve mi ing valve oil check
valve oil check com valve oil regulatin valve oil relief assy
valve outlet valve package valve partial admission
valve plate valve plate assembly valve plate assembly compressor
valve plate assy valve plate assy lh valve plate assy rh
valve plate compressor valve plate package valve positive pressure
valve pressure valve receiver valve receiver outlet
valve reducing valve refrigerant valve regulating
valve regulator valve relief valve relief oil
valve reverse valve ring valve service
valve service compressor valve set oil pressure valve shutoff
valve sol hot gas valve solenoid valve solenoid assembly
valve stop valve stop check valve suction
valve suction line valve suction plate valve suction service
valve suction stop valve temperature r valve test oil leve
valve water valve water cooler valve water regulat
valves vane vane assembly
vane assembly inlet vane directional cooler vane outlet
vane rotation velcro surf prep pa vent assembly
vent assembly refrigerator vent cover assy vent heater
ventur venturi fan vibration absorber
vibration eliminato vlave safety relief wand two piece alum
washer washer crankshaft washer thrust
washer towbar washer unloader water
water chiller water curtain lower water level control
water lift valve wear rings weld muffler
weldment beam well wheel
wheel assembly turbine wheel blower wheel compressor
wheel cutoff wheel diamond 40 gr wheel fan
wick compressor lubricating wick separator wire basket assy
wire basket assy 6g wire nut worm steel
wormwheel wrench handle strainer yoke clutch
yoke drain zinc protecter assy zinc rod holder

Part Number's List for FSC 4130 Refrigeration And Air Condition Components

Part No NSN Item Name Manufacturer QTY RFQ
000430 4130-00-860-3663
crankshaft compressor Frick Co Avl RFQ
00111-2 4130-01-459-4382
wire basket assy Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
0012148 4130-01-148-3544
filter drier refrigerant Bosch Rexroth Corporation Avl RFQ
00163 4130-00-191-9578
compressor unit Noske Kaeser Gmbh Avl RFQ
00172 4130-00-791-1420
filter drier refrigerant Noske Kaeser Gmbh Avl RFQ
00176 PT NO. FTAM-A075-IAA-001 4130-01-521-4382
condensing unit refrigerating Cospolich Inc Avl RFQ
00178 PT NO. FTAH-B074-IAA-212 4130-01-521-4366
condensing unit refrigerating Cospolich Inc Avl RFQ
00178 PT NO. RR81C2E-IAA-101 4130-01-521-4599
compressor Cospolich Inc Avl RFQ
002-0004-00 4130-00-269-0472
cylinder head compressor Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
002-0016-00 4130-00-566-7339
cylinder head compressor Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
002-0017-00 4130-00-566-7333
cylinder head compressor Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
002-0019-00 4130-00-818-2976
cylinder head compressor Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
002-0121-00 4130-01-299-1646
cylinder head compressor Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
002-0163-00 4130-01-149-5757
cylinder head compressor Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
002-0167-00 4130-01-299-1646
cylinder head compressor Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
002-0187-00 4130-01-215-7250
cylinder head compressor Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
002-0205-00 4130-01-149-5757
cylinder head compressor Bosch Rexroth Corporation Avl RFQ
002-0361-00 4130-01-149-5757
cylinder head compressor Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
003-0004-1 4130-01-200-9932
plate cover Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
003-0006-00 4130-01-152-5342
bottom plate compre Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
003-0009-00 4130-00-235-6366
cover plate compressor Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
003-0013-00 4130-01-152-2363
bottom plate compre Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
003-0021-00 4130-01-296-7039
plate cover compres Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
003-0060-00 4130-01-149-5753
foot mounting Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
003-0098-00 4130-01-296-7040
bottom plate compre Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
003-0099-00 4130-01-185-6950
bottom plate compre Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
003-0691-00 4130-01-152-2363
bottom plate compre Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
003-0692-00 4130-01-152-5342
bottom plate compre Copeland Corporation Ltd Avl RFQ
00300BS 4130-01-462-2097
vacu drill bushing Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
00300BSH 4130-01-502-1336
vacu drill bushing Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
00300DSH 4130-01-502-1337
vacu drill bit set Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
00305 4130-01-462-2106
crs cut router bit Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
00314 4130-01-494-2015
fod stick 30 inch Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
00315 4130-01-494-2018
fod stick 60 inch Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
00316 4130-01-492-6050
vacu nozzle rubber Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
0031875H 4130-01-502-1331
bushing vacu drill Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
0031875M 4130-01-502-1321
bit masonry Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
0032500H 4130-01-502-1330
bushing vacu drill Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
0032500M 4130-01-502-1322
bit masonry Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
0033750D 4130-01-502-1324
bit masonry Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
0033750H 4130-01-502-1329
bushing vacu drill Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
00348 4130-01-503-9104
brush vacuum Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
0035000 4130-01-502-1333
bushing vacu drill Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
0035000M 4130-01-502-1325
bit masonry Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
00352 4130-01-459-1323
threaded sleeve Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
0036250 4130-01-502-1335
bushing vacu drill Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
0036250M 4130-01-502-1326
bit masonry Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
00372 4130-01-478-3108
grey abs wand Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
00375 4130-01-483-1891
wand two piece alum Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
003750 4130-01-502-1332
bit masonry Dcm Clean Air Products Inc Avl RFQ
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