Top Listing of FSC 5995 Cable Cord and Wire Assemblies Communication Equipment Parts

FSC 5995 Cable Cord and Wire Assemblies Communication Equipment parts are in stock and ready to ship.  Get an instant quote for top performing parts such as 0-033A300C, 0-033A300C, 0-033A302C, 0-033A302C, 0-033A358B following under NSN number 5995014377597, 5995014377597, 5995014377595, 5995014377595, 5995014377592.

Browse or search for your desired parts with Aviation Orbit, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has one of the largest inventories of 5995 Cable Cord and Wire Assemblies Communication Equipment in the U.S. and overseas As an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company. FSC 5995 Cable Cord and Wire Assemblies Communication Equipment consist of parts like those that Cable Assembly Special Purpose E, Cable Assy, Cable Assy, Cable Assy, Cable Assy manufactured by Tyco Electronics Corp, Cardion Inc, Target Corporation, Air Log Ltd, Pacific Electricord Co respectively.

Part type list for FSC 5995 Cable Cord and Wire Assemblies Communication Equipment

16 in cable 46 ft dip loop cab 688 tactical ob cbl
accessory cable set accessory set otps actuator cable
adapter assembly cable rf adapter audio adapter cable
adapter cable a adapter cable indic adapter cable rtc
adapter harness adapter kit cable adapter quad twin
adapter scsi adapter set assembly adapter telephone cable
adapter test adapter test thermometer adapter tester
adapter triax adaptor cable assy aes encryption cabl
amp coax active tap amplifier anode connector
antenna cable hf antenna contrl unit ares dual c
assembly battery c assembly cable butt assembly cable dist
assembly cable indi assembly cable lase assembly cable mast
assembly cable plc assembly cable shut assembly helmet
assembly pigtail assembly potentiome assembly power cord
assembly shutter ac assembly sm 2 fib assembly source lig
assy cable det com assy camera front a assy ha06e conn
assy special printed at sb4441a audio i o cable
autopilot processorr unit bag antenna transp base shock
battery cable assem battery cable assen battery cable assy
battery rechargable bell data set adapt bell data set cable
bezel bft 2 common cable bft 2 srat cable
bit blade detachable block tiedown
boot wiring harness box accessories sto box cable storage
bracket mounting wi bracket printed cir branched cable and
brkt power invrtr bus assy flexible bushing assy radio
ca assy sp elec ca sp electrical cab kit assy cas81
cabel rmfs copper cable cable 16 inch
cable 31in swapbx cable aasembly cable ac power
cable actuator cable adapter elect cable aileron netw
cable aimtoa cable aircraft mate cable and casing
cable and conduit assembly electrical cable and cover ass cable and duct asse
cable and lead assy cable and mounting plate assembl cable and plate ass
cable antenna cable arc 210 ant cable arn73
cable asembly aircr cable aspirator cable assbmly special
cable assemble cable assembley spe cable assembly
cable assembly 10ft cable assembly 10w7 cable assembly 12w12
cable assembly 12w36 cable assembly 1w3 cable assembly 1w4
cable assembly 2w14 cable assembly 2w21 cable assembly 2w25
cable assembly 2w5 cable assembly 2w62 cable assembly 4w5
cable assembly 5ft cable assembly ac cable assembly acce
cable assembly accessory cable assembly actu cable assembly adapter
cable assembly air shut off cable assembly airc cable assembly airline
cable assembly amperage cable assembly analyzer cable assembly and bracket
cable assembly and reel cable assembly and terminal boar cable assembly ant
cable assembly ante cable assembly arm cable assembly armi
cable assembly arming cable assembly asse cable assembly audi
cable assembly avionics cable assembly azim cable assembly batt
cable assembly box cable assembly brak cable assembly brake
cable assembly brake lever cable assembly brake parking cable assembly bran
cable assembly branched cable assembly branched printed cable assembly breakaway
cable assembly bree cable assembly bsc cable assembly bucket
cable assembly ca64 cable assembly ca90 cable assembly ca98
cable assembly canopy cable assembly canopy hood cable assembly carb
cable assembly carg cable assembly cargo sling cable assembly cell
cable assembly cell jumpers cable assembly ceu cable assembly charging
cable assembly chiller cable assembly clut cable assembly coax
cable assembly coaxial cable assembly combine cable assembly comp
cable assembly computer cable assembly computer digital cable assembly conduit branched
cable assembly cons cable assembly cont cable assembly control
cable assembly control flight cable assembly control hydraulic cable assembly conv
cable assembly cox cable assembly cstu elecrical cable assembly cursor
cable assembly cyli cable assembly data cable assembly dc p
cable assembly dd78 cable assembly detent mechanism cable assembly df h
cable assembly digi cable assembly dipl cable assembly disp
cable assembly dist cable assembly dive cable assembly down
cable assembly dumm cable assembly edge connector cable assembly elbow
cable assembly ele cable assembly elec cable assembly electric
cable assembly electrical cable assembly electrical engine cable assembly electrical specia
cable assembly electrical vehicu cable assembly elev cable assembly elevation
cable assembly elevator cable assembly emer cable assembly enco
cable assembly endwall cable assembly engi cable assembly engine
cable assembly engine control cable assembly eras cable assembly erecting and retr
cable assembly expl cable assembly ext cable assembly exte
cable assembly extender cable assembly fan cable assembly feed
cable assembly fibe cable assembly fiber cable assembly filt
cable assembly fine cable assembly flat cable assembly fle
cable assembly flex cable assembly flexible cable assembly floodlight
cable assembly flowmeter cable assembly fo cable assembly focu
cable assembly foll cable assembly follower cable assembly form
cable assembly fuel cable assembly fuel shut off cable assembly fuse
cable assembly gage cable assembly gene cable assembly glow plug
cable assembly grou cable assembly ground cable assembly grounding
cable assembly grow cable assembly guid cable assembly guy
cable assembly hand cable assembly hand brake cable assembly hand control
cable assembly handbrake cable assembly handle cable assembly hang
cable assembly headset cable assembly heat cable assembly heat exchanger
cable assembly high cable assembly high voltage cable assembly hinge pin control
cable assembly hois cable assembly hoist cable assembly horn
cable assembly hydr cable assembly hyra cable assembly if
cable assembly igni cable assembly ignition cable assembly ignition combusto
cable assembly inch cable assembly indicator cable assembly inertia reel
cable assembly inp cable assembly inteconnection cable assembly interconnect
cable assembly intr cable assembly jump cable assembly jumper
cable assembly junction box cable assembly keyb cable assembly kit
cable assembly lamp cable assembly lan cable assembly landing gear
cable assembly lanyard cable assembly lcd cable assembly left
cable assembly leveling cable assembly ligh cable assembly light
cable assembly limi cable assembly lock cable assembly logi
cable assembly long cable assembly loop cable assembly lower
cable assembly mad gear cable assembly magnetic cable assembly magneto ground
cable assembly main cable assembly main rotor servo cable assembly mete
cable assembly micr cable assembly microwave cable assembly miss
cable assembly modu cable assembly moni cable assembly mot
cable assembly navi cable assembly nose cable assembly nose wheel
cable assembly nozzle control cable assembly nozzle grounding cable assembly nrp
cable assembly oem cable assembly opti cable assembly organizer
cable assembly oscilloscope cable assembly otps cable assembly outboard
cable assembly outline cable assembly outp cable assembly paper sensor
cable assembly park cable assembly parking brake cable assembly patc
cable assembly pc b cable assembly pcs cable assembly pen carriage recorder
cable assembly peng cable assembly peri cable assembly periscope
cable assembly pers cable assembly pin release cable assembly pinc
cable assembly pivot cable assembly platform cable assembly plug
cable assembly port cable assembly powe cable assembly power
cable assembly power electrical cable assembly power electrical branched cable assembly prea
cable assembly pressure transduc cable assembly prin cable assembly printed flexible
cable assembly printer plotter cable assembly prob cable assembly prog
cable assembly proo cable assembly puls cable assembly punching machine
cable assembly push pull cable assembly radi cable assembly radio altimeter a
cable assembly radio frequency cable assembly radio frequency b cable assembly radio frequency branched
cable assembly radius cable assembly rece cable assembly receiver test set
cable assembly red cable assembly reel cable assembly regu
cable assembly release cable assembly release toilet du cable assembly remo
cable assembly retaining quick r cable assembly retr cable assembly retrofit
cable assembly rf cable assembly rf 5 cable assembly ribb
cable assembly ribbon electrical cable assembly righ cable assembly roll
cable assembly roller cable assembly rotor cable assembly rotor blade
cable assembly rudder cable assembly s cable assembly scan
cable assembly seat cable assembly seat release cable assembly self
cable assembly sens cable assembly sensing element o cable assembly sensor
cable assembly serv cable assembly servovalve cable assembly set
cable assembly set electrical cable assembly set radio frequen cable assembly set radio frequency
cable assembly setelectrical cable assembly setradio frequen cable assembly shield
cable assembly shif cable assembly shift transmission cable assembly shoulder release
cable assembly sign cable assembly signal cable assembly simu
cable assembly slin cable assembly sling cable assembly sling fillet flap
cable assembly sma cable assembly sole cable assembly sound powered
cable assembly sp e cable assembly spar cable assembly spe
cable assembly spec cable assembly special cable assembly special purpose
cable assembly special purpose e cable assembly special purpose electrical cable assembly special purpose electrical branched
cable assembly special purpose switch electrical cable assembly spectrum analyzer cable assembly spee
cable assembly speedometer drive cable assembly spep cable assembly spir
cable assembly star cable assembly static cable assembly ste
cable assembly stee cable assembly step a cab cable assembly stra
cable assembly submarine cable assembly support cable assembly support folding f
cable assembly survival kit quickrelease cable assembly swit cable assembly switch
cable assembly switch electrical cable assembly syst cable assembly tach
cable assembly tachometer cable assembly tail cable assembly tail guide
cable assembly tee cable assembly tele cable assembly telephone
cable assembly telephone branche cable assembly telephone branched cable assembly temperature
cable assembly temporary repair cable assembly term cable assembly tes
cable assembly test cable assembly test panel cable assembly test probe
cable assembly test set cable assembly test station cable assembly tester indicator
cable assembly them cable assembly theodolite cable assembly ther
cable assembly torp cable assembly torpedo cable assembly tow
cable assembly trai cable assembly trainer cable assembly training set
cable assembly tran cable assembly transducer cable assembly transmitter
cable assembly trolley cable assembly trottle cable assembly trun
cable assembly tunn cable assembly turret remote con cable assembly udb
cable assembly umbi cable assembly unit cable assembly valv
cable assembly valve cable assembly vehicular cable assembly vide
cable assembly volt cable assembly w1 cable assembly w13
cable assembly w2 cable assembly w2 t cable assembly w3
cable assembly w4 t cable assembly w5 cable assembly w7
cable assembly w98 cable assembly welding cable assembly whee
cable assembly wind cable assembly x ray apparatus cable assemblym spe
cable assemblypowerelectrical cable assemblyprintedflexible cable assemblyradio frequency
cable assemblyradio frequencyb cable assemblyribbonelectrical cable assemblyspecial purposee
cable assemblytelephone cable assemblytres1 cable assemblyxradi
cable assemblyxspec cable assemly cable assmbly speci
cable assmebly spec cable assy cable assy 14ft
cable assy 17ft cable assy access d cable assy adaptor
cable assy afcs lin cable assy aflc lin cable assy aircraft
cable assy antenna cable assy apu ecu cable assy arc 210
cable assy audio cable assy battery cable assy branched
cable assy buss cable assy cable fr cable assy ch3 roto
cable assy ch3 stat cable assy ch4 roto cable assy ch4 stat
cable assy coax cable assy coaxial cable assy communic
cable assy control cable assy data ele cable assy dc
cable assy detector cable assy differen cable assy dispence
cable assy ele cable assy electric cable assy extender
cable assy fibre ch cable assy flex cable assy flexible
cable assy global p cable assy ground cable assy head ali
cable assy headset cable assy heat cable assy intercom
cable assy intercon cable assy interfac cable assy kb
cable assy line mod cable assy lt tail cable assy lt wing
cable assy material cable assy mechanic cable assy meter
cable assy microwav cable assy postampl cable assy power
cable assy power dc cable assy power el cable assy power in
cable assy printed cable assy radio cable assy radio fr
cable assy radio re cable assy radio rf cable assy rear bay
cable assy recov cable assy rf cable assy rf coax
cable assy rf w001 cable assy rf w002 cable assy rf w003
cable assy rf w004 cable assy rf w005 cable assy rf w006
cable assy rf w007 cable assy rf w008 cable assy rf w009
cable assy rf w010 cable assy rf w011 cable assy rf w012
cable assy rf w013 cable assy rf w014 cable assy rf w015
cable assy rf w016 cable assy rf w017 cable assy rf w018
cable assy rf w020 cable assy rf w021 cable assy rf w022
cable assy rf w023 cable assy rf w024 cable assy rf w025
cable assy rf w026 cable assy rf w027 cable assy rf w028
cable assy rf w029 cable assy rf w031 cable assy rf w032
cable assy rf w033 cable assy rf w034 cable assy rf w036
cable assy ribbon cable assy rmc cable assy rmtu con
cable assy rotating cable assy rudder control cable assy seat rel
cable assy set cable assy set otps cable assy smay air
cable assy sp elec cable assy sp purp cable assy sp purpo
cable assy spcl pur cable assy spe pur cable assy spec
cable assy spec pur cable assy special cable assy spooler
cable assy sr spec cable assy srt 651 cable assy starter
cable assy svga hd1 cable assy telephon cable assy teletype
cable assy term bx cable assy terminet cable assy test set
cable assy transducer cable assy trunk br cable assy turret
cable assy turret c cable assy usb cable assy velocity
cable assy w10 cable assy w15 cable assy w16
cable assy w214 cable assy w253 cable assy w9
cable assy waveguid cable assy5 0 cable asy
cable asy power ele cable asy sp pur el cable asy spe pur
cable asy spe pur e cable asy stand oph cable ay gps spec
cable bonding cable breathing cable bundle assy
cable cam cable case unit cable channel
cable choke cable cisco router cable clamp
cable clamp ring bo cable coax cable coax assembly
cable coaxial cable coaxial radio cable communication
cable compass cable comsec fill cable conduit assem
cable connecting bu cable connector ass cable cont aileron
cable control cable control conso cable conv 422 232
cable crl molded tr cable crossover cable data
cable data bus twin cable data interface cable defibrillator
cable diop lrti ac cable discharge cable disconnect
cable drive assy cable dubbling cable ehf
cable electrical cable electrical sp cable electrical to
cable electrocardio cable end assembly cable equalizer
cable esata cable ethernet cable ethernet spec
cable expander cable ext kit 60a cable extend head
cable extend sva pw cable extender cable extender freq
cable extension cable extension cam cable extension mic
cable extension vid cable external ac cable flament
cable flat cable flat ribbon cable fle ible
cable flexible cable fooded mast cable gland seal
cable gps cable gps antenna cable ground
cable grounding cable group cable guard assembly
cable hand brake cable harness cable harness headset microphone
cable harness helmet cable holder radiog cable hydrophone as
cable ignitor tpm cable inboard rfv cable input
cable installation cable interconnect cable interconnecti
cable interface cable interface boa cable joystick cntr
cable jumper cable kg eightyfour cable kit
cable kit installation cable kit test cable kvk 13
cable ky sixtyeight cable led anesthesi cable light monitor
cable line section cable load cable loop
cable lrti joystick cable lt aileron se cable mag form tape
cable main power cable manual release cable message chang
cable mission cmdr cable module extend cable molded
cable molded fuel t cable monitor 8p cable mount
cable mounting cable nongraphics cable nose camera
cable oximeter cable payload data cable power
cable power control cable power cursor cable power ind air
cable power test cable pressure comp cable printed wiring board assem
cable processor pow cable pvc insulated cable radio frequen
cable radio interface cable range preset cable receiver he
cable reel set lrti cable relay panel cable remote
cable remote contro cable remote displa cable remote keypad
cable remote mount cable ret device cable retainer
cable retransmissio cable rf cable rf choke coax
cable rf prc 138 cable rf special cable ribbon board
cable router interf cable rs422 cnp cable s video aircr
cable semirigid cable sensor cable serial expand
cable serial port cable set cable set control unit
cable set matched radio frequenc cable set rdu aircr cable set receiver
cable set semi rigi cable set syncl cable set transmitter
cable shield cable shielded mult cable signal curren
cable signal egi mo cable solenoid special cable spec
cable special cable special 10m cable special elect
cable special purpo cable ssembly cable step switch
cable stereo cable subassembly cable support
cable support assem cable support assy cable switch assembly
cable synchro inter cable sys console cable tap
cable tape cable tape perforat cable teletype
cable terminator cable test cable test six feet
cable test ten feet cable test three fe cable tie
cable tie special cable triaxial cable trottle lg 3000
cable unit cable usb ocu gdt cable valve
cable vga to dvi cable viasat cable video
cable video aircraf cable w 01 cable w 02a
cable w 03a cable w 15 cable w 16
cable w67 aircraft cable wiring harness cable wsti protocol
cable x ray apparat cableassembly cableassembly special
cableassy electric cableassy heatedcameralense cablecoaxintdata900
cables cables and extender cables bench test
cables helmet cables italy cots cablexassembly spec
cablexassemblyxpowe cablexassemblyxspec cablezassembly
cablezassemblyzspec cablezassy cablezextenderzstdi
cablezzheadsetzassy calbe assy special calibration group
camera if cable air cap cer 47uf 6 3v cap dust fiber opti
capsule pressure test set card pcmcia case assembly
case cable assembly casecable assembly cat5 stp stranded
cat5e shielded sst cb assy ups status cbl uhf ant elt
cca daisy chain cca nic pci 100 cca nic pci 100base
cda usb addapter ca channel board circuit card assemb
clamp 1 cable wrap clamp gear clip and resistor assembly
clip stacking assy clock frequency standard coax cable metalshi
coax line assy volt coaxial cable wire coil cord assy
coiled cord collet communication subsy
comparator compass assembly compensator cable
computer digital da comrope blue comrope yellow
conductor flex conduit cable conduit lftng assy
conn plug connector connector accessory
connector and cable connector cable tra connector kit
connector strip connector wired contact assembly el
contact coaxial control cable control module gun
conversion patch converter from 9 to cord
cord ac cord and cable fitt cord and cover headband
cord assembly cord assembly cx 4 cord assembly elect
cord assembly electrical cord assembly electrical branche cord assembly electrical branched
cord assembly kit cord assemblyelectrical cord assemblyelectricalbranche
cord assy electrica cord coiled cord defibrillator
cord drive cord handset cord headset
cord line cord line polarized cord microphone
cord patch cord plug assembly cord power
cord power ac cord rca pin cord rectractile
cord retractible cord sensing element cord special
cord test cord tip cordage assy microp
cordset shield coupler antenna coupler cable assy
coupling u joint cover cable assembly and reel cover wiring harnes
csble assembly spec cxc cable assembly daisy chain cable
dc loom assembly designation strip designation strip vertical
disk power cable dispenser pack grounding braid drum unit
dual camera assembly ir color duct assy dummy cable assembly electrical
dvi distribution amplifier dyna sync belt ejector pwb assy
electrical cable electrical cable as electrical wire
electrode induction electronic components assembly engine detector har
equipment pack exercise control assembly ext performan swtch
extender cable extender cable assembly extender kit
extender usb extension cable extension cable tyk
external cable w22 external cable w27 external focusing system
feedline assembly fiber channel cable flex cable 11 lead
flex cable 17 lead flex cable assembly flexi tail assembly
flexible printed wi flexprint cable flight control systcontrol syste
foam box fuel data manager gdt 28v cable ass
generic upgrade kit getc prog cable gps amtenna cable
grid lead assy ground cable ground cable antenna
ground cable assy ground strap ground strap stabilizing assy
ground strip ground wire assembly grounding bond
guide cable assembl halogen bulb harness
harness adapter exc harness and board a harness assembly
harness assembly ah harness assembly ai harness assembly cabin
harness assembly co harness assembly dc harness assembly fl
harness assembly gearbox engine harness assembly hull harness assembly lower tailboom
harness assembly main disconnect harness assembly pylon harness assembly si
harness assembly sp harness assembly upper tailboom harness assy
harness assy br ocu harness assy lvdt harness assy power
harness assy scr 57 harness assy wiring harness cable
harness cannon plug harness control harness control val
harness dct harness egt thermoc harness flat ribbon
harness fqi fwd air harness heater element harness mcu
harness rcu harness round plug harness spec
harness special harness unit harness wire assembly
harness wiring harness wiring spec harnessassembly
hdmi hdmi tyc cable headset dual contro headset electrical
headset microphone heater assembly air helmet commo set
high freq grnd assy holder cord holdown assy cable
hole sense cable as housed encorder housing and harness
housing assembly helicopter housing wiring harn hv breakout cable
ieee 488 int cable ignition wire assembly inner conductor
input connector mag insert insert assy sldv
installation kit ca insulation sheet insulator
intercom cable interconnect contro interface cable
item special ivi driver jig wiring harness
jumper jumper cable jumper cable assemb
jumper cell jumper kit junction cable asse
kabelboom spec key pad cable 20ft keyloader prog cbl
keynetwork port kit antenna cable kit battery strap
kit batterystrap kit cable kit cable assembly
kit cable installation kit cableassembly kit contactor hw ca
kit cord assembly kit grounding coaxial kit housing
kit lightning prot kit maintenance tcn kit marker cable assembly
kit miscellaneous cables kit power cable kit power cord electrical
kit power supply kit test lead kit xtva data cable
lanyard assy lanyard special lead
lead and conduit assembly electrical lead assembly lead assembly elect
lead assembly electrical lead assy lead assy electrica
lead assy rf elec lead dial lead double ended
lead eht lead electrical lead index
lead set electrical lead setelectrical lead special electrical
lead special purpose lead window leadelectrical
led photo led single right lim swt console cab
limiter radio frequency line cord line cord assembly
line slab coaxial list cable load cable assembly
load cell conl cab lock cable cover locknetwork port
long cable assembly loopback loopback cable kit
loopback plug m rk radio prg cbl m870a3 retrofit kit
mains loom assembly manifold and filter marker assembly wir
miii station mill station mlv data cable tmp
modular line cord module module cable
module connection module transition monitor video cable
mount speaker mounting support mtr pow console cab
mtr res console cab mwo kit ndi inst cable kit
network input match nrp accy elect equi nrp antenna
nrp antenna control nrp assy digital co nrp assy dist pwr s
nrp assy saw resona nrp ca assy pwr spc nrp cable assembly
nrp cable assy hm5x nrp cable assy hud nrp cable assy irst
nrp cable assy laun nrp cable assy sas nrp cable assy set
nrp cable assy w7 c nrp cable dvi d to nrp cable harness
nrp cable harness d nrp cable mids load nrp cable serial co
nrp cable special p nrp cass otps aircr nrp down convrter a
nrp harness wiring nrp hydra serial ca nrp intercon cable
nrp interconnecting nrp magr cable airc nrp magr kyk cable
nrp magr power cabl nrp panel ifd otps nrp ptc module
nrp tow cable litto nrp tsp cable inter nrp upper tension a
nrp wiring harness oilzfldzcblzayzw581 oilzfldzcblzayzw583
oscillator outdoor ethernet ca pacer defibrillator
pad splitting panel cable panel patching ante
panel patching antenna panel power distribution parallel ndi
patch cable patch cable fiber patch cord
patch cord assembly patch cord assy patch cord electric
patchcord patchcord assembly patchcord electric
patchcord electrica patchcord interface patchcord patchboard programming
patchcord squid penetrator hull per crd
pgdt green tfoca pgdt pta ac pwr cbl pgdt uhf setup cabl
pgdt ups stat cable pic cable pigtail cable assem
pigtail wire assy pipe with cable plate assembly wire wrap
plate connector plug assembly plug blanking assy
plug jumper polarizing filter power cable electrical
power cca power cord power cord assy
power source trasfo preamp assy printed cable
printed cable assem printed cable assembly flexible printed cable flexible front
printer protector printed circuit board prt srv crd
pulley pwr cable assy airc pwr cable extension
pwr cord source one radar set subassembly radio frequency ass
radio interface intercom control rct adapter cable rct term box cable
rear e stop cable receptacle and cabl reel assembly cable
repeater prog cble reprogram cable retainer shroud
return plenum rf cable assy kit rf cables
rgb cable 2x120v ribbon cable ring loom actuator
rs422 to rs232 spec safe t cable tool k screw special
sensor cable assemb ser cbl ser cbl connection
sfp module sheav bow ramp shield cable
short cable short feed dual short feed single
shroud assembly lig shunt cam switch signal cable assembly
single cable mod single port sleeve cable
socket cable assembly spark plug wire set spkr bx cable assy
splitter cable stabilizer spec standpipe and ground assy
stop cable reel strap assembly strap ground
strip supplementary equipment electron support assy electric cable assy
support cable assembly support lead switch
switch power system cable system cable set 2
take up assy chart tape device tensioner cable
terminal block assy rfa1 to rfa4 terminal block assy rfa3 to rfa6 terminal switch lea
termination cable termistor test cable
test cable b to b test cable video ai test cables
test cord test harness test port cable
test stand cooling tester cable defibr tfoca ii green
trailer plug 7 way transformer transition cable
transition cable ay transmission line communication trlr plug pigtail
ups usb to serial adapter usmc aav eels r variant
utility cable ext valve assy selenoid video cable
video cable special w2 crosswire plate w2 hub to smart con
w3 hub to cda cable waveguide assembly wde console cab
wire wire assembly wire assy electrica
wire assy w101 wire assy w103 wire assy w104
wire assy w105 wire assy w108 wire black
wire braid wire bundle wire bundle assembl
wire bundle assembly wire bundle assembly electrical wire bundle w0596
wire electr solderl wire green wire harness
wire harness assy wire harness control wire harness data1
wire harness data2 wire harness data3 wire harness data4
wire prism shade wire red wire white
wire wrap assy wire yellow wiredbezel assembly
wiring wiring assembly wiring assembly manpack analyst
wiring assembly manpack co wiring assembly manpack communic wiring assembly manpack cs
wiring assembly manpack fileserv wiring assy adapter wiring assy interco
wiring harness wiring harness aircraft wiring harness asse
wiring harness assy wiring harness aui wiring harness bran
wiring harness branched wiring harness elec wiring harness inte
wiring harness kit wiring harness lamp wiring harness lowe
wiring harness main wiring harness osci wiring harness pda
wiring harness powe wiring harness set electrical wiring harness vid
wiring harness w11 wiring harnessbranched wiring integration
wiring sepdc1 tier wiring sepdc2 tier wiringzharnessz

Part Number's List for FSC 5995 Cable Cord And Wire Assemblies Communication Equipment

Part No NSN Item Name Manufacturer QTY RFQ
0 0336488 5 5995-01-629-4202
cable assembly special purpose e Tyco Electronics Corp Avl RFQ
0-033A291B 5995-01-437-7584
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-033A291B 5995-01-437-7584
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-033A292B 5995-01-437-7596
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-033A292B 5995-01-437-7596
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-033A300C 5995-01-437-7597
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-033A300C 5995-01-437-7597
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-033A302C 5995-01-437-7595
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-033A302C 5995-01-437-7595
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-033A358B 5995-01-437-7592
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-033A358B 5995-01-437-7592
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-033A360C 5995-01-437-7575
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-033A360C 5995-01-437-7575
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-033A361B 5995-01-437-7581
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-033A361B 5995-01-437-7581
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-033A362E 5995-01-437-7589
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-033A362E 5995-01-437-7589
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-033A362F 5995-01-437-7594
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-033A362F 5995-01-437-7594
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-033A364B 5995-01-437-7574
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-033A364B 5995-01-437-7574
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-033A367A 5995-01-437-7579
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-033A367A 5995-01-437-7579
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-033A368B 5995-01-437-7593
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-033A368B 5995-01-437-7593
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-1532006-7 5995-01-446-0648
cable assembly radio frequency Tyco Electronics Corp Avl RFQ
0-4819-8-301-01 5995-99-776-6781
cable assembly special purpose electrical branched Air Log Ltd Avl RFQ
0-5349-008G7 5995-00-493-3416
cable assembly power electrical Pacific Electricord Co Avl RFQ
0-5349580-2 5995-01-586-2198
cable assy special Tyco Electronics Corp Avl RFQ
0-6025 5995-00-163-1985
cable assembly power electrical Southwire Company Avl RFQ
0-6025 5995-00-163-1985
cable assembly power electrical York Technical Institute Llc Avl RFQ
0-6374646-1 5995-01-678-5318
cable assemblyspecial purposee Tyco Electronics Corp Avl RFQ
0-90900-12 5995-00-258-9718
lead electrical Amphenol Corporation Avl RFQ
0-90900-12 5995-00-258-9718
lead electrical Unison Industries Llc Avl RFQ
0-FAS194-06 5995-01-437-7578
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-FAS194-06 5995-01-437-7578
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-FAS195-02 5995-01-437-7590
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-FAS195-02 5995-01-437-7590
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-FAS195-03 5995-01-437-7586
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-FAS195-03 5995-01-437-7586
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-FAS195-04 5995-01-437-7580
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-FAS195-04 5995-01-437-7580
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-FAS195-07 5995-01-437-7577
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-FAS195-07 5995-01-437-7577
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-FAS195-12 5995-01-437-7576
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-FAS195-12 5995-01-437-7576
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-FAS195-14 5995-01-437-7572
cable assy Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-FAS195-14 5995-01-437-7572
cable assy Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0.090-FSK-0.50A6 5995-01-147-8543
cable assembly special purpose e Thomas And Betts Corp Avl RFQ
0.822.7796 5995-01-416-2485
cable x ray apparat Dental Imaging Technologies Avl RFQ
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