Top Listing of FSC 5998 Electrical and Electronic Assemblies Boards Cards and Associated Hardware Parts

FSC 5998 Electrical and Electronic Assemblies Boards Cards and Associated Hardware parts are in stock and ready to ship.  Get an instant quote for top performing parts such as 0 51820 1, 0 51849 1, 0 54121 10T, 0 54121 22, 0 811 405 149 following under NSN number 5998012168398, 5998010159523, 5998012177529, 5998012177530, 5998015065094.

Browse or search for your desired parts with Aviation Orbit, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has one of the largest inventories of 5998 Electrical and Electronic Assemblies Boards Cards and Associated Hardware in the U.S. and overseas As an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company. FSC 5998 Electrical and Electronic Assemblies Boards Cards and Associated Hardware consist of parts like those that Circuit Card Assembly, Circuit Card Assembly, Circuit Card Assembly, Circuit Card Assembly, Circuit Card Assembly manufactured by Air Log Ltd, Reliance Electric Co, Bosch Robert Corp, Cardion Inc, Target Corporation respectively.

Part type list for FSC 5998 Electrical and Electronic Assemblies Boards Cards and Associated Hardware

12 ch aud intf cca 1g reg pc2700sgldmm 2 chanl relay module
2 chnl output module 256mb ddr sa6400 3 pole contact brkr
72 pin simm a d converter abu 1
abu 2 ac fault card ac v measmt module
ac voltage transduc accelerator graphics actuator cca
ad25 module adapter bit adapter ethernet special
adapter fiber channel host bus adapter host adapter instl
adapter kit assemblies adapter kit usb interface adapter rf blind
adaptor adaptor assembly adc flex card
advanced tact commu air conditioner air air filter washable
alarm board alarm relay board alspa communicator
altimeter reliabili amd fifo amp y assembly
amplifier cw amplifier deflectio amplifier doppler
amplifier final amplifier gate assy amplifier global po
amplifier indicator amplifier input amplifier interface driver
amplifier module amplifier module as amplifier pitch
amplifier power amplifier quad amplifier rf
amplifier tension ams card motor driv amx video sync sens
an usq 125 analg output modu analog brand
analog cable 6ft analog combo module analog digital conv
analog input board analog io board ass analog motherboard
analog outlog mod analog unit vai 48 analogzpczbdzassyzz
annunciator card antenna duplex antenna interfance
apc gruppo continui apc gruppo di conti aperture interface
apu electronic arbf if mdl array
assembly ac source assembly bottom pnl assembly box lvdc
assembly cca probe assembly dc source assembly printed circuit module
assembly rdm cont assembly x series assemblyzzpczcardzz
asservissement de p assy common sys eqp assy digital cont
assy hmi extens assy mycap rtr inc assyembly load acti
astab assembly asu aud intf cca asynchronous commun
atten fxd 9db 18 attitude heading re attten fxd 5db 1
aud logic card abu1 aud logic card abu2 audio assembly
audio board audio card audio control
audio delay board audio io pwa audio module
audio switch board auto bus transfer autopilot circuit card assembly
aux lcd display ass auxilary trunk avionics module
axle starter back plane camp backplane
backplane assembly backplane assy backplane board
backplane common backplane flex circuit a backplane flex circuit b
backplane special balance unit lighti ballast assembly
band logic band narrow rec bandwidth control a
bare board base band assembly base expansion
base unit baseplate expansion battery assembly ai
bd dstrbn ps beam filter unit bezel
biaszsplyzbdzassyzz bit module assembly black csp assy
black io assy blank pca inhibitor blast extender fwd
blind plate block disk entry blower assembly
board board 1553 modified board analog output
board assembly board assy board assy timer
board audio board computer board connector
board digital input board ethernet board extender hardcopy
board fiber buffer board interface board local area ne
board memory board output conver board printed circu
board set board transmitter board video
boitier recopie booster amplifier bracket assy box mo
bracket assy electronic componen bracket card cage bracket mounting re
breaker panel dc buck assembly buck inductor assy
buck regulator buck regulator as buffer c c o
buffer input output buffer ram 16k buffer series decod
built in test modul bulkheadassy buret drive board
bus bar bus continuity module bus system interfac
bus terminator cp a bush ca vme digital
cabinet bottom comp cabinet electrical cable assembly exte
cable assembly inte cable assembly radi cable assembly rf
cable assembly thro cable assy aircraft cable assy angle po
cable assy spcl pur cable assy throttle cable hdd 6ft
cable ln33 test set cable payout proces cable test ln33
cache accelerator cam s a input cam s a output
camera logic a camera mod color vd can assembly shorti
can assembly shorting caneller echo speci cap assy 28v nvis a
cap by pass valve capacitor ac capacitor dc
capsule assy carcage assy card assembly
card assembly circu card assembly short card assy control
card cage assembly card cage assy card cage assy asu
card cage assy proc card extender card file assembly
card guide card kit ethernet card kit flash disk
card kit pcmcia card memory card micro sd
card ntwk mngmn card pcmcia memory card plug in progra
card rack assy card rack sub assy card reference
cardaudio cardlok cardzprintedzcircui
carry summary cart m e m 1 eq pr cart m e m o eq pr
carte ethernet carte ioc carte vir
case electrical car cb assy ups status cba trans monitor
cc power dist cca cca 10 mhz pcb
cca 16 chan preamp cca 20gh doubler cca 3d if generator
cca 4 chan dsp cca 40gh doubler cca 485 bus intfc
cca 60 hz gen cca 64mb ecc ram cca 7 chan waveform
cca a35 cca acoustic cca alc
cca alpha nu cca analog cntrl cca analog pcb
cca antenna if cca assy bic bpc cca assy micro seq
cca audio switch cca backplane cca bic ltu
cca bri s t in out cca bus controller cca camera video
cca clock ocms cca cntrl beamform cca comsec
cca controller recv cca controller z80 cca converter aircr
cca cpci carri cca cpu cca data storage
cca dial cen office cca digital cca digital cntrl
cca display cca display card cca dmm
cca drvr rcvr mux cca dsp pcb cca dspl intrfce
cca duc cca ethernet switc cca ext mem ve
cca fddi interface cca fddi port inter cca filter
cca front panel cca hd prom ram 32k cca hd prom ram 64k
cca high rate data cca hiway interface cca if
cca if filter cca interface cca ism
cca key pad cca lb amp filter cca lb cplr dtc
cca link processor cca local sp 1 cca logic level xfr
cca low rate demux cca main cca math juca
cca micro seq cca microcomputer a cca modem
cca module cca motherboard cca multi accum
cca nfa switch cca nic pci cca nic pci 1000bas
cca nmb aircraft ma cca ntds seria cca ntwk proc
cca output cca output aircraft cca pci
cca pm fl cca pm fl beamform cca pmc ethernet
cca pmc graphics cca port expander cca power amplifier
cca power and synch cca power supply cca proc to mem
cca processor aircr cca processor d cca programmed
cca radar data intf cca radar interface cca rcvr telemtry
cca receiver cca recvr telemetry cca reg inverter
cca rf bit pll cca rfe cmd status cca rmb assembly
cca sau interface cca serialinput cnt cca signal controll
cca sim cont interf cca spib cca steerin
cca sub panel cca supply power v cca switch cntrl ay
cca switch control cca switch controll cca switch ethernet
cca switcher protec cca tadil ac ltu cca tb controller
cca tb cpontroller cca timing generat cca tiu data if
cca trans cross bar cca trans ser cntrl cca transputer bus
cca tuner intf cpu cca video cca video annotation
cca video graphics cca vnic h841 cca voltage regulator
cca vxi slot o cont cca vxi vme adapter cca waveform gen cn
cca yo loop offset ccaz1397zez4002 ccazcomputerzzvmezz
ccazmcuzmkiizunitzz ccazpwmzmkiizmodula ccazrs422 2 1553 1
ccazsemiconductor z ccazzrm 235rgzvmezz ccem module
cd rom 32x cd rw drive aircraf cdcg custom euro
cdi aggregate center plate assembly central display dri
central electro central electronics cfp module analog
cfp module connect cfp module digital cfp module ethernet
cfp module relay cfp module thermo ch kit lc 20 md 2nd
chaff if generator channel assy direction finding channel assy omni
channel relay mod 4 character module charge amplifier ai
charger control board charger vents assy chassis assy slcc
chassis circuit car chassis pxi assy chassis remote mission system
chassis signal proc chassis vme 1 chip bead
circuir card assemb circuit circuit assembly
circuit board circuit board 1 r circuit board 2 di
circuit board assem circuit board assy circuit board ophth
circuit breaker circuit card circuit card a
circuit card a spec circuit card as circuit card ass hy
circuit card ass kb circuit card assem circuit card assemb
circuit card assembly circuit card assembly aft valve circuit card asseme
circuit card asseml circuit card asssem circuit card assy
circuit card assy a circuit card assy s circuit card asy vm
circuit card audio circuit card board circuit card dig t3
circuit card driver circuit card dummy circuit card dxp213
circuit card ls mag circuit card memory circuit card set
circuit card spec circuit card ssl circuit card tuner
circuit card unit circuit card video circuit control
circuit deflection circuit diagram circuit firing
circuit flexible circuit flexible special circuit integrated
circuit layer assy circuit lighting circuit lighting rangefinder
circuit logic gate circuit oscillator circuit regulator
circuit sensing circuit special circuit target pres
circuit tester circuit tuned circuitboard
circuitzcard circuitzcardzassemb circuitzcardzassyzz
cirucit card assemb ckt card assy ckt card ay btry pl
ckt cd assy ckt cd assy eth sw clamp assy edge con
clock and obt clock assy teletype clock card
cna simulator cntrl micro mod coax duplexer 18 40
cockpit light aircr coder data assy com anode driver
com freq gen assy combiner channel common analog inter
common controller communication inter communication module assembly
commutator electron comparator angle component assy 1553
component board component board ass component board dem
component boards as components assembly computation phase
computer computer assembly computer assembly pcb
computer dy4 with w computer laptop computer module
computer proc unit computer sgl brd computer single board
computer stabilizat computer system dig computerzassy
concentrator concentrator node conductivity board
conductivity cell conference card config module
configuartion assem connection box rj45 connector electrica
connector recv ita connectors aircraft connectorwrap
connetor electrical contact assembly control aggregate s
control antenna interface control assembly electronic control board
control board a control board assy control board b
control board c control board w control box assembl
control box assembly control box leg control circuit ass
control device control dispencer control display printed wiring b
control head astro control hp rfgt control mode f2
control module control module elec control motor
control node contr control panel assy control pcb
control pcb electro control rd control register
control switch control switching control unit antenn
controler deicing h controller controller 8 port rs 232
controller analog controller array controller board
controller digital controller dual cir controller inerting
controller interlace controller module controller processo
controller pwr assy controller quad controller route status
controller solid state controller tape drive controller tape reader
controller temperature controllerassembly convenience input
converter converter 3 wire converter a d
converter assembly converter multiplex cord silver coated
coupler data link coupler divider course director ass
cover access bkpln cover assy cca cover card retainer
cover rear assy sin cpt drawer assy cpu board
cpu board assembly cpu cca cpu circuit card ay
cpu micronet cpu module cpu motherboard
cradle crkt brkr fuse assy crossover assy
crossover electrica crt monitor aircraf crt socket board
crypto module cspi sc1 array proc cspi supercard 4xl
ct7 processor card cup card retainer curcuit card assy
current source scp dacs module aircraft daq computer assy a
daq computer assy j dat drive 4mm data acq unit
data acquisition ca data concentrator b data link module bo
data pack assembly data package assy data transfer unit
daughter board pwa daughtercard type b dayton dc gearmotor
dayton dc speed con dc fault card dci panel assy
dcm serial interfac dcu lrti de gas module
dec alpha 160 decal memory card decoder bus term
defibrillator and c deflection amplifie deflection amplifier
defrost control boa dell kvm deskside model back
detect schot 2 18 detector amplifier deterrent kit bird
differential global positioning digital board digital buffer
digital i o card digital if output digital input board
digital io pwa digital record ampl digital synchro con
digital unit vdi 48 digital unit vdmc digital unit vdop24
digitizer assembly dimmer regulator diode aircraft mate
diode assy sealed direct input scp ei directi0n finder v1
disc controller discrete ftm high d discriminator pwb a
disk control board disk internal display
display assembly display assy display diagnostic
display digital cir display filter display memory
display module assy displayzpczbdzassyz distribition unit
distribution circui docking station dou pcb assy
down converter asse dp memory card dpu1 full populated
drawer lpi chassis drift adjustment ca drive assy
drive assy variome drive cage drive panel assy ai
drive translator driver driver amplifier
driver board attenuator driver decoder asse driver display
driver electron driver meter driver meter card
driver module driver motor apheresis device driver printed circ
driver printed circuit dsp assy dsp module
dtc dual amplifier dual card
dual channel card dual module dummy card
dummy card assembly dvi vid input mod eca interface assem
edacs intfce module edacs serial intfce ejector special
elect component asy elect components as electornic componen
electrical board led screen electrical bracket electrical card holder support
electrical chassis electricalkit electrocardiograph
electronec subassem electronic electronic assem
electronic assembly electronic comp electronic componen
electronic component electronic components assembly electronic control
electronic counterm electronic module a electronic subassem
electronics compone electronics unit electroniczcomponen
elek component embedded micractrlr embedded processor
emergency stop spec emi air door filter enclosure assembly
enclosure cca asse enclosure sensor in enclosure tacan mod
encode module encryption assy engine card
engine control interface engine ecm enpac 2500 2 plane
envelope retain pla envir monitor assy eprom
eprom chip module equalizer 6db 5 equalizer g
equipment shelf ethernet card ethernet hub
ethernet modbus ethernet repeater a ethernet rj45 aui
ethernet switch ethernet xcvr aircraft exciter assy
exciter board exciter interface printed wiring exciter monitor generator printe
expand amplifier expand center mark expander card compu
expander card computer automatic expander card computer automatic data processing expansion card
ext mass ma unit extender assembly extender card
extender card assem extender card elect extender card electronic test
extender card inter extender card monit extender cardelectronic test
extender circuit ca extender circuit cable extender module
extender vga external hard drive external time sync card
extractor assy extractor card extractor coil sz 4
extractor elect car extractor electrica extractor electrical card
extractorelectrical card faceassembly fan
fan tray assembly fancooling fault and control s
fault monitor fcr interface board fdap interface cca
fddi 2 intf cca fddi interface feedback sensor
ferrite cores aircraft filter amplif unit filter board
filter ceramic filter crystal bp firewall cisco asa
firing package firmware memory flex board
flex circuit ay flexible printed wiring board ri flexible wiring board assy a25a7
flexprint assembly floating point chip floppy drive aircra
fltr bp fci 60mhz frame 11ru frame assembly
frame assy main pow freq synth module front card px3
front cover kit front housing assembly front panel control
front panel pec fss console assembl function control
gain filter scp ai gate module gauge cluster unit
gbs unclassified gen timing cont cca generation unit
generator assembly generator blanking generator marker
generator radar set generator symobl ci generator trigger
generator video generic dsp pmc getc board
getc nb stat aux gf gpu gig long wave
gig short wave global positioning system w ante gps processor
gps retransmission kit graphic card graphics card spec
graphics module graphics processo grounding switch fl
group view display gruppo di continuit guard assembly aircraft
guide card guide circuit boar guide circuit card locking tab
guide extender card guide module h bridge sips
hall effect cntl bd handle handle circuit card
hard disk card kit hard drive aircraft hardware kit cable
harmonic mxr input harness assy harness circuit fle
head board rc x5j head electrical mod heat sink assembly
heat sink assy heater heatsink assembly s
heatsink assy rectifier high speed data acq high voltage
holder electrical holder electrical c holder electrical card
holder electrical card subassemb holder printed boar holder printed circ
holder printed circuit board holderelectrical card holderprinted circuit board
horiz deflec assemb host proc mod cca housing projector
hp server rp3440 hub ethernet speed hybrid line
hydrophone system ic set ieee 488 interface
igbt galaxy ignition housing as in beam calculator
inboard control inbound recovery bo indicator card
indicator lvps indicator special inlet hook
input brd dvi p input brd hdmi input output assemb
input output module input output r insert
installation kitelectronic equi insulator housing integrated circuit
integrator coordina intelligent control point hcp interconnect board
interconnect module interface interface actuator
interface adapter interface autotune interface board power
interface box interface card high speed wan interface carrier
interface cca interface con board interface control
interface electrica interface electroni interface electronic assembly
interface front panel interface gimbal interface keying
interface link interface module interface module remote mission
interface network interface network c interface nu bus
interface pec interface unit interface unit auto
interface unit bus subsystem interface unit ethe interface unit inpu
interface unit input output interface unitinput output interface vswr
interphase pulse duration modula io interface assy ip carrier
ip converter ip media proc bd iqan toc2 controlle
ircr pc board isolation assembly isolator amplifier
isolator wire j7873 jackfield assembly
jam detector jammer if generat jumper board aircra
key generator contr key lockout aircraf key programing
keyboard assembly keyboard special keyer assembly
keypad kit module de panne kit udc pwb p7100
kit upgrade kvm extender lamination
lamp housing lamp lens yellow lampdrive
lan interface conve laser warning set latch board assembl
launcher display launcher electronic assembly lc 20 module
lcd panel led act 12v led board assembly
led diameter left protection level secure
lever strike light courtesy light detector
light pipe assembly line transmission lining friction
link security linking pwb assy lo distr
load programmable m local computer cont localizer
logic board logic board assy pu logicator driver
loop mod low voltage power supply buck co lpezprocessorzcardz
lq driver lq25 liquid fuel valve lr xfp module
lsc cradle assembly lsd kit lvdt signal conditi
magnetic memory main control board main controller
main drive control management unitelectrical elect manual chopper
manual chopper card manual chopperxboar manual stand
mastr iii stn intfc mastriii stn bkplbd matrix assy
matrix board matrix switch cpu matrix swither
mcu control card ai mdl 1000base lx mdl ethernet 10 gbe
media attachment ai media drive special media module
memory memory 32mb ram memory assembly
memory bd memory board memory buffer card
memory carrier memory exp bd o mb memory module assy
memory processor memory random acces memory system read
memory unit meter aircraft mate micro control
microcircuit microcircuit assembly microprocessor as
microprocessor gene microprocessor grap microprocessor module
microvax chassis mirror assembly misc io
mixer radar set mlv interface board mmm adsu
mmm payload module mod elec eoc sm mod hf band lvl 20d
mode selector mode subassy modem card kit
modem special modulation generator tacan modulator assembly
modulator demodulat modulator pseudo no modulatorhigh power
modulatorlow power module module 16 channel
module a13 module abms module amplifier
module analog input module assembly module assembly aircraft
module assembly pdt module assembly rf module assembly special
module assy control module assy cpu mem module assy fiber o
module assy miprcs module assy power a module assy process
module assy shield module base module channel
module chassis module controler module conv
module converter module countermeasu module coupler
module cpu module delay module delay narro
module digital i o module digital outp module diplexer
module driver module dsp module emi protection
module engine seque module esh4 module ethernet
module exctr fld module generator module gyro
module inducator module management module motor contro
module optic module osc module output
module phase lock module picc module pmc
module px3 8 port module radar set module receiver
module removal hand module rf module rf 3u
module serial quad module set driver module set transponder
module shipping tra module signal module signal control
module special module tdi card module thermocoup
module transition module transport ap module trusted
module vibration module video module voltage moni
moduleassy controll moduleassy current rrentlimit monitor sar barco
monitor signal modi mother bd ckt card motherboard 486
motherboard assembl motor actuator motor driver
motor supply module mounting circuit ca mounting plate
ms analyzer module mtr protection dvc multi card
multi charger kit multimode fiber navigation electron
nc7170 pci x dual nest assembly net packet
network computer ra network interface network junction as
network switch network time server nic assy
nr cca serial i o nrp 12port ehternet mod nrp alc omni sw 6800
nrp alc omni sw 7700 nrp antenna interfa nrp assembly pc104
nrp assy cont mdl nrp assy conv mdl 1 nrp assy conv mdl 2
nrp assy conv mdl 3 nrp assy power mdl nrp assy vid mdl mount
nrp assy video mdl nrp attenuator vari nrp auxiliary control u
nrp backplane assem nrp backplane pwa nrp backplane scps
nrp bdc interface nrp board controlle nrp board ecb dfd
nrp board interface nrp board pmw contr nrp board tpe
nrp card cage assy nrp card controller nrp cart m e m 1 e
nrp cart m e m o e nrp cca nrp cca adapter lan
nrp cca aircraft eq nrp cca alc nrp cca amp cntrl b
nrp cca analog digi nrp cca analyzer nrp cca bftt link p
nrp cca bite contro nrp cca cell interf nrp cca control uni
nrp cca controller nrp cca cpu sbcsb v nrp cca cpu ukb1 sb
nrp cca cpu ukb2 sb nrp cca dac 16 ch p nrp cca demux bite
nrp cca detector nrp cca ethernet sw nrp cca front end
nrp cca general int nrp cca interface a nrp cca led board
nrp cca main nrp cca main brd a nrp cca mlplxr intr
nrp cca motherboard nrp cca nic pci gig nrp cca ntds a pci
nrp cca output nrp cca programmed nrp cca programmed io
nrp cca programmed psi nrp cca rate int gy nrp cca reference
nrp cca safety and nrp cca security nrp cca shunt amp b
nrp cca simulator nrp cca snsr mplxr nrp cca stave multi
nrp cca tb control nrp cca trans modul nrp cca vme proc mo
nrp chameleon modul nrp charger vents a nrp chassis electri
nrp chassis vme 16 nrp circuit board nrp circuit card
nrp circuit card as nrp circuit card assemb nrp circuit card assy
nrp computer system nrp connecting boar nrp connection boar
nrp control board c nrp control display nrp control process
nrp controller boar nrp controller fadc nrp controller inte
nrp controller raid nrp cpu card nrp dcs 32 module
nrp dig cont assy h nrp disconnect pane nrp display module
nrp dpcb 4 digital nrp drive cage asse nrp driver
nrp dwsm module nrp edge switch mod nrp electronic asse
nrp electronic comp nrp electronic componen nrp electronic modu
nrp electronics boa nrp elek cmpnt asse nrp enclosure assembly
nrp ethernet assy nrp ew receiver dis nrp ewr matched set
nrp extender card e nrp fiber extender nrp fiber input car
nrp filter bank ass nrp fore floor tie nrp graphics board
nrp grapics card nrp gsync time server nrp gvrc card
nrp hdx controller nrp headset driver nrp indicator panel
nrp interface board nrp interface modul nrp interface unit
nrp intrusion preve nrp junction interf nrp kw load anticip
nrp line card nlc nrp maint terminal 15in nrp master ref assy
nrp module maint by nrp mpce netwrk agg nrp network adapter
nrp network quad ca nrp neutralizer int nrp panel assy ac c
nrp panel assy ac p nrp panel assy inte nrp panel pc
nrp passive filter nrp pca 1 nrp pca 2
nrp pca 3 nrp pca 4 nrp pcb assy cntr i
nrp pcb assy gate g nrp pcb assy oven o nrp pcb assy power
nrp pcb assy proces nrp pcb assy signal nrp pcb isolated 4
nrp pcb sub assembl nrp pdu assembly nrp power board
nrp power modules nrp power rack inte nrp printe dbrd ass
nrp printed board a nrp printed cca nrp printed circuit
nrp printed circuit boa nrp printed wiring nrp printed wiring boar
nrp processor nrp processor assem nrp processor cont
nrp processor sub a nrp prog vpt nio cc nrp programmed cfc
nrp programmed vpt nrp progrmd flash c nrp pwa backplane
nrp pwa fan filter nrp pwa high spd co nrp pwa rdcl
nrp pwa rdcl pwr su nrp pwb assy sp sw bd nrp pwb assy status
nrp pwr sup mod 12v nrp rackmount ups nrp rc test pnl assy
nrp rear transit mo nrp rear transition nrp riser module
nrp router mainboar nrp rs 232 intrfc c nrp s tadl j conver
nrp sas interface c nrp sensing input b nrp smart array
nrp sngl board comp nrp sr xfp module nrp status panel assemb
nrp storage system nrp synchro assembl nrp synchro card 40
nrp sys monitor board nrp tactical receiv nrp temp mntr sw
nrp test platform nrp unit data acq nrp unix interface
nrp usb 2 0 kvm tx nrp utility extensi nrp vcsb 4 pcb
nrp video card nrp video fx 3800 nrp vis 35 kvm tx
nrp vme card rack a nrp vme converter bd nrp vme ethernet sw bd
nrp vme ip carrier nrp vme single bd comp nrp vp11 processor
nrp vr pwm driver c nrp vxs switch card nrp x terminal asse
nrp x450e summit nrpfixed capsule ntds if bd mod
ntds interface board optical coupler air optimiser assembly
option board osc module 400hz oscillator module
oscillator network oscillator output oscillator special
output analog output brd dvi output interface
output module output relay oven assy controlle
ovpzboard p c board pa injector hdl kit
pa shelf orion pa8800 dual core pr pad card
pad isolation page frame assembly panel
panel analog output panel assembly 3 wi panel assembly power control
panel assembly spar panel blank wiring harness cover panel blanking ra 1
panel connector panel cont flhg panel control electrical electro
panel discrete inpu panel distribution primary rate panel electronic ci
panel extender panel front pl spec panel guide
panel kit advisory panel module status panel pc assembly m
panel pc board panel printed circu panel receiver test
panel scm statu panel stop panoramic sweep sha
parallel duplex reg parallel interface parts kit special electric compo
patch cord signal a patchboard electric patchboard electrical
patchboardelectrical patchcard patchpanel electric
pc assy see and det pc board monitor pc dell optiplex 90
pc2100mem 2x1gb 2gb pcb adaptor board pcb analyzer blood
pcb analyzer clin h pcb assy aircraft m pcb assy gate drive
pcb assy regen pcb capacitor clean pcb centrifuge labo
pcb cleaner ultraso pcb collimator radi pcb computer assy
pcb controller volu pcb cpu assy pcb defibrillator h
pcb defibrillator m pcb digital input pcb dimmer
pcb electrosurgical pcb filter cleaner pcb furnace dental
pcb gps p cod pcb lensometer ocul pcb manikin resusci
pcb monitor airway pcb monitor oxygenm pcb oximeter pulse
pcb personality pcb pump intravenou pcb sphygmomanomete
pcb suction apparat pcb table exam trea pcb table radiograp
pcb tester audiomet pcb tester safety h pcb thermometer ele
pcb turret pcb ultrasonic phro pcb ultrasonic prop
pcb vcsb dpcb pcb ventilator volu pcb vital signs mea
pcb vitl sign measu pcb x ray apparatus pcb x ray generator
pcba reset circuit pccrd dck greystone pci express interfa
pci mezzanine card peripheral shelf personality module
phone line interfac pilot display drive pilot driver centra
piston buffer pitch control planar memory unit
plastic sheet laminated copper clad plate guide plate legend
plc base unit plow power distrabu plug assembly short
plug assembly shorting plug bnc pluse generator ctl
pm control cca pmc 1553 pmc bridge board
pmc carrier card pmc expansion module positional entry de
potantiometer volum power power amplifier
power box overwiev power control unit power dist assy
power dist panel as power distribution power fail assembly
power lead strip power line conditio power module amp
power module amplif power monitor board power pc processor
power supply power supply 1000w power supply 10vdc
power supply 24vdc power supply 28vdc power supply 5
power supply aircra power supply assy power supply backplane
power supply module power supply pcb ay power supply spc
power supply switch powerboard powerigbt 45a 1200v
powerzsupplyzcardzz preamplifier board predriver vertical
preflight panel ass preloadassembly pri card svs kdx
print wire bd printed circuit printed circuit ass
printed circuit assembly printed circuit asy printed circuit baa
printed circuit bd printed circuit boa printed circuit board
printed circuit board assembly printed circuit car printed circuit card
printed circuit cod printed circuit err printed circuit flexible
printed circuit ove printed circuit special printed circuit subassembly
printed circuit syn printed circuitboar printed wire board
printed wiring printed wiring asse printed wiring assembly
printed wiring assembly flex printed wiring assy printed wiring bd
printed wiring boar printed wiring board printed wiring board assembly li
printed wiring card printed wiring flex printer digital data
printhead special probe probe temperature a
proc 3 0gh xeon process mod 3 4gh processor assembly
processor assy ext processor assy rf processor audio
processor autotune processor boar processor board
processor board sp processor card g processor card ge
processor coinciden processor crd re processor digital
processor dual sust processor electronic board assem processor general
processor host processor module as processor pwr mod
processor radar dat processor signal processor unit
processorboar prog pal dsp prog pal dsp misc
programmed cfc programmer programming plug
prom dsp prom fault mngri prom plc
pull tab puller module pulse analyzer
pulse assembly pwa a d converter pwa bitsync
pwa blower filter pwa blower logic pwa cpu hud and tra
pwa display ge pwa fltr board as pwa gate dr h bridg
pwa h brg blk capa pwa h bridge capaci pwa h bridge contro
pwa h bridge snubbe pwa interface pwazoptoisolatorszz
pwazpfcz2kvazm7 pwb assy adcap pwb assy dig discr
pwb assy transmit pwb match pwb pwr ctrl
pwboardi pwbzfanzpwrzsupplyz pwr converter mod
pxb2 vcmd raceway i pxi chassis assembl quad dsp bd
quicksilver sc rack aud tray ass rack electrical swi
rack kvm tray ass radio cmd lw pwr radio frequency distribution ass
radio frequency rea rail card guide rcvr balanced video
receiver receiver assy receiver interface
receiver module receiver radio red csp assy
red ps assy reference generator reflectivity bridge
regboard register module regulator amplifier
regulator assembly regulator pwa pass regulator set subas
regulator voltage relay and switch relay dpdt aircraft
relay fader special relay module aircra relay pc board
relay solid state a relay switch printe remote board assembly
remote ground stati remote interface printed wiring reset module
resistor diode assy resistor varistor retainer assembly c
retainer circuit ca retainer ejector retainer ejector el
retainer ejector electrical card retainer ejector set electrical retainer ejector setelectrical
retainer ejectorelectrical card retainer flex cable retainer pcb
retainer printed wr rf distribution car rf input board
rf tuner rf video assembly right protection
ring clamp rj45 to def9 dce cr rotor and stator as
rotor bar rotor can router cisco wave 7
rupture vent panel rx if module sa6i cache enabler
satellite tv antenn sbc assembly dcy scaler video
scan modl cvr p7100 scanner interface sci offline ass
scr scramnet scratch pad module
screened 300a ipm screened 600a ipm scsi 2 chan ultra
scsi comm board scsi control card scsi hard disk spec
sdram 2gb ddr2 security module selector input
selector mode selector timing int self test assy
sensor amplifier assembly sensor arc input sensor assembly
sensor interface cr sensor interface un sensor intrface cr
sensor intrface crd sensor optical arc sensor tli
sensor tracking hea serial card qu serial interface
serial trans module serial uplink pwa server motherboard
sheet printed wirin sheet printed wiring board sheetprinted wiring board
shelf equipmnt ies shield board isolator shield wire
shorting board asse signal board signal combiner
signal cond module signal conditioner signal power distribution cca
signalzcondzcard single bd cmptr single bd computer
single board single board spec sips h bridge
sips h bridge assy sips interconnect sips link
sitepro conv board sitepro reset board slide disconnect
smart array sas con smartarray 6i mod smd grabber red
software configuration card software crv gen sola battery modu
sola power modul solenoid valve airc spacer capacitor
spacer memory spare part spare parts kit
spare slot assembly splitter hf splitter power
spray bar electrical spu chassis stackzassy
stake pin starter kit steering mirror dri
stiffener electrica stiffener electrical card stiffener pcb
stiffenerelectrical card stiffner cca stimulator peripera
storage module stowage box single strobegate mudule
sub channel control subassy sun storedge c2 aut
sunstoredge lto3 ta support arm shroud support assembly mo
support circuit board support control panel support electrical
support electrical card holder support shield supportelectrical card holder
switch cisco ws 7 switch ethernet switch matrix
switch matrix unit switch panel switch sensor radio
switch table exam t switch time constant switching assembly
switching unit switchng module cca switchyboard
synthesizer subasse sys modl cvr p7100 system board
system board scsi system memory module system module
t rail clamp spec tadil j interface tail lock
tap splitter tape trnspt assy target if generator
tcas 2000 avionics telemeter rangemast telemetry unit
temp monitor assy temperature sensor termination hardware ethernet
test assembly test assembly self test set data
test set data compa test set generator testpoint card
tfu cover themis pc assy thermocouple probe
threshold amplifier throt ctrl cabinet throttle junction b
time delay time display door assembly timer counter
timing circuit assy tiu board toa control assembl
top electrical assembly torque pot torquer pot assembly
tps computer assy a tps computer assy j track azimuth drive
traffic control system traffic control system aircraft transceiver module
transducer transducer 0 100 ai transducer 0 2000 a
transducer 0 250 ai transducer 0 50 air transducer 0 500 ai
transducer 0 5000 a transducer aircraft transducer flap
transducer pressure transec assembly translator synthesi
transmitter transmitter carrier transmitter interfa
transmitter module transmitter prog transponder backpla
tray charge pump trimm assembly trimpotxhv assembly
triple dac three pl trnmt synthz module trunk adapter
trunk feature set tuner scan indicato tuner serv0 b0ard 2
turret flir unit tus monitor two line display
uartboard modified udc pwb kit ultra wide host ada
uninterrupted power universal bob card ups 1500 va
ups mge pulsar spec v mem bd valve plug assembly
vcb assy kit vcb drawer assy vco card assembly
vdmc pm board vertical deflecti vertical ref unit
vertical staircase vhf ddm graphite bo video board
video card video card 60 video circuit card
video control srq video extender video processor
video processor cca video scout remote videoscope
vme board vme chassis 2u vme dio card
vme enclosure assembly voice announce ckt voice coupler board
voltag input modul vp11 processor vpa mdl isis i
vrtu assy mod kit vsi tra avionics vxi controller airc
wafer assy control wafer assy detector wafer assy gain sta
wafer assy ramp off wafer assy receiver wafer assy slow ram
wafer assy switch watchdog timer wedge front
wedge holder electrical card wedge rear wedge upper locking
windshield box wire assembly wire rope assembly
wired assembly wiring cable flexible wra tcas processor
wwb ram control x terminal assembly xcvr mdl for mmf 8
xmtr balanced video y deflection module yaw module assy
zone indicating card

Part Number's List for FSC 5998 Electrical And Electronic Assemblies Boards Cards And Associated Hardware

Part No NSN Item Name Manufacturer QTY RFQ
0 4054 1 20 5998-99-983-9601
circuit card assembly Air Log Ltd Avl RFQ
0 49002 1 5998-01-109-8397
circuit card assembly Reliance Electric Co Avl RFQ
0 49004 5998-01-109-8401
circuit card assembly Reliance Electric Co Avl RFQ
0 49007 1A 5998-01-109-8407
circuit card assembly Reliance Electric Co Avl RFQ
0 51808 5998-01-117-4583
circuit card assembly Reliance Electric Co Avl RFQ
0 51820 1 5998-01-216-8398
circuit card assembly Reliance Electric Co Avl RFQ
0 51849 1 5998-01-015-9523
circuit card assembly Reliance Electric Co Avl RFQ
0 54121 10T 5998-01-217-7529
circuit card assembly Reliance Electric Co Avl RFQ
0 54121 22 5998-01-217-7530
circuit card assembly Reliance Electric Co Avl RFQ
0 811 405 149 5998-01-506-5094
circuit card assembly Bosch Robert Corp Avl RFQ
0-001U446A 5998-01-428-2300
circuit card assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-001U446A 5998-01-428-2300
circuit card assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-003U007A 5998-01-428-2309
circuit card assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-003U007A 5998-01-428-2309
circuit card assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-009U002B 5998-01-428-2306
circuit card assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-009U002B 5998-01-428-2306
circuit card assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-014U022B 5998-01-428-2299
circuit card assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-014U022B 5998-01-428-2299
circuit card assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-014U022C 5998-01-428-2283
circuit card assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-014U022C 5998-01-428-2283
circuit card assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-015U004A 5998-01-428-2303
backplane assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-015U004A 5998-01-428-2303
backplane assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-015U005A 5998-01-428-2310
backplane assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-015U005A 5998-01-428-2310
backplane assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-0300-206-01 5998-01-201-1093
electronic components assembly Honeywell International Inc Avl RFQ
0-030U002A 5998-01-428-2284
circuit card assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-030U002A 5998-01-428-2284
circuit card assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-080U014B 5998-01-428-2285
circuit card assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-080U014B 5998-01-428-2285
circuit card assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-0821 5998-01-318-3193
electronic components assembly Atec Inc Avl RFQ
0-10546 5998-00-004-4303
extender card electronic test Systron Donner Corp Avl RFQ
0-1504WIC 5998-01-077-7663
circuit card assembly Dynalec Corporation Avl RFQ
0-181U002A 5998-01-428-2287
circuit card assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-181U002A 5998-01-428-2287
circuit card assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-183-337-01 5998-01-201-1094
electronic components assembly Honeywell International Inc Avl RFQ
0-183-372-01 5998-01-201-0919
module engine seque Honeywell International Inc Avl RFQ
0-196100-00 5998-00-258-3128
circuit card assembly Emerson Electric Co Avl RFQ
0-283U006A 5998-01-428-9078
circuit card assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-283U006A 5998-01-428-9078
circuit card assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-283U006B 5998-01-428-2295
circuit card assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-283U006B 5998-01-428-2295
circuit card assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-283U006C 5998-01-428-2298
circuit card assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-283U006C 5998-01-428-2298
circuit card assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-300-201-01 5998-01-266-6229
circuit card assembly Honeywell International Inc Avl RFQ
0-300-203-01 5998-01-564-7965
circuitzcardzassemb Honeywell International Inc Avl RFQ
0-300-203-01 5998-01-266-6230
circuit card assembly Vericor Power Systems Llc Avl RFQ
0-300-205-01 5998-01-266-6231
circuit card assembly Honeywell International Inc Avl RFQ
0-349U015A 5998-01-428-2296
circuit card assembly Cardion Inc Avl RFQ
0-349U015A 5998-01-428-2296
circuit card assembly Target Corporation Avl RFQ
0-383-600-01 5998-01-287-5129
extender card electronic test Honeywell International Inc Avl RFQ
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