Top Listing of FSC 6615 Automatic Pilot Mechanisms and Airborne Gyro Components Parts

FSC 6615 Automatic Pilot Mechanisms and Airborne Gyro Components parts are in stock and ready to ship.  Get an instant quote for top performing parts such as 00808-0051-0001, 00808-0051-0001, 00808-0078-0002, 00808-0078-0002, 00817-0024-0002 following under NSN number 6615010750489, 6615010750489, 6615011257938, 6615011257938, 6615010747681.

Browse or search for your desired parts with Aviation Orbit, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has one of the largest inventories of 6615 Automatic Pilot Mechanisms and Airborne Gyro Components in the U.S. and overseas As an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company. FSC 6615 Automatic Pilot Mechanisms and Airborne Gyro Components consist of parts like those that Computer Flight Control, Sensor Assembly, Sensor Assembly, Sensor Assembly, Sensor Assembly manufactured by Rosemount Aerospace Inc, Rosemount Inc, Moog Inc respectively.

Part type list for FSC 6615 Automatic Pilot Mechanisms and Airborne Gyro Components

accelerator assy la accererometer block actuator
actuator auto pilot actuator electro mechanical rota actuator gyroscope bearing race
actuator pitch trim assembly actuator switch adjuster assy
adjuster shock moun adjusting assy cali adjustment assy
adjustment assy twe adjustment module afc unit
afcs control panel afcs test panel altitude blend assy
altitude control altitude controller altitude gain modul
altitude reference amplifier and heat amplifier assy comp
amplifier assy serv amplifier auto pilo amplifier autopilot
amplifier board ass amplifier command coupler amplifier compass
amplifier computer amplifier control amplifier cruise gu
amplifier dem dual amplifier dem singl amplifier electroni
amplifier forward pitch amplifier heading computer amplifier integrator
amplifier low pass filter amplifier meter dri amplifier operation
amplifier servo amplifier signal in amplifier special
amplifier stick trim amplifier summing and compesatio amplifier unit
amplifier yaw control anchor assy anchor plate
anti rotation pin anvil anvil steel
assembly mounting block auto control pick o autofeather control
autofeather contu autofocus assembly autom
automatic flight co automatic pilot assembly autosyn assy specia
background backshell assembly baffle assembly gyro
ball and retainer band sealing bar
bar assembly bar assembly torsio bar torison
bar torsion barrier base a is rate gyro
base and actuator a base and bracket automatic pilot base and gyroscope
base assembly base assembly conne base assembly flight
base assembly gyros base assy base assy gyro
base assy gyroscope base assy synchroni base autopilot control
base computer power base connector asse base control
base controller fli base gyro base gyro a is rate
base gyro mounting base gyroscope base gyroscope mounting
base inverter base inverter machining base mounting
base mounting ampli base mounting gyro base plate gyro
base roll rate gyro base subassembly base subassy
base synchronizer baseplate gyroscope bearing and assy
bearing and packing bearing and pivot bearing and pivot s
bearing assembly ho bearing assembly rotor bearing computer
bearing mechanism a bearing ram bearing rotor
bellows and calibra bellows assembly bellows assy servo
bench mockup unit hover coupler bench set test bezel and window as
blade blade terminal block
block assembly block assy block assy nozzle
block backup spring block bearing block centering
block damping block gyroscope block locating fo
block slotted block spring block spring clampi
block spring contro block spring mounting block switch
block switch contro blower blower assembly gyroscope
board and post asse board assembly board assembly filt
board assembly powe board assembly prin board assy amplifie
board assy computer board assy wiring a board computer
board printed body assembly body assembly auto
body assembly valve body poppet body rear valve ser
body servo valve body spool and nozzle assembly bolt pedal damper
bolt stripper boost monitor bottom and side com
bottom gimbal gyroscope bracket bracket amplifier
bracket and brush a bracket and connect bracket and plate
bracket and post as bracket and switch bracket assembly
bracket assembly co bracket assembly ho bracket assembly switch
bracket assy bracket assy dashpot adjustment bracket assy stator
bracket assy transf bracket asy bracket balance wei
bracket clamp bracket computer bracket computer fl
bracket computer re bracket control bracket controller
bracket cylinder bracket damper link bracket detector
bracket deviation bracket filter comp bracket frame
bracket gimbal brak bracket gyro bracket gyro mounti
bracket gyro rool r bracket gyroscope bracket gyroscope displacement
bracket lever bracket module moun bracket mount
bracket mounting bracket panel autop bracket panel compu
bracket piston bracket piston supp bracket pointer gyr
bracket relay bracket stator bracket stop contro
bracket stop gyroscope bracket switch bracket synchro
bracket synchronize bracket time delay bracket transformer
bracket transistor bracket turn switch bracketassy gyro ra
brake brake assembly gimb brake assy friction
branch assembly breaker arm assembl bridge
bridge ass bridge assy brush and ring assy
brush assembly brush assy brush block gyroscope ring conta
buffer module bulb indicating bumper gyro
bumper hover trim bumper nylon bungee assembly
bushing bushing adjusting bushing and spool assembly
bushing assembly bushing assembly pi bushing assy
bushing auto pilot bushing base screw bushing cable
bushing gimbal gyro bushing pinion button assembly
button assy test button stop cable assembly gyr
cable assembly spec cable assembly special purpose e cable assy amplifie
cable assy terminal cable connector ass cable fle ible navi
cage assembly ring cage assy bearing cage rotor bearing
cager automatic pil calibration board electrical calibrator assembly
calibrator autopil calibrator componen calibrator coupler
calibrator gain calibrator roll calibrator yaw
calmp assy cylinder cam cam and clutch assy
cam and stiffener a cam assy cardan cag cam follower caging
cam phenolic resin cam switch can and connector a
can and foot assemb can and foot assy can assembly amplifier
can assy can assy gyroscope can detector
can round cap motor card follow up auto
card module pitch card module roll card power supply
card self test carriage plate carrier asy
carrier ball carrier bearing case
case and stud assem case assembly case assembly dual
case assy function case assy synchroni case calibrator autopilot
case carrying gyroscope case compensator case gyroscope
case test panel chanel assembly con channel
channel assembly channel assy channel assy latera
channel assy vertic channel pitch control channel roll control
channel speed trim chassis chassis amplifier p
chassis and bracket assembly chassis and servo a chassis and servo assembly
chassis assembly chassis assembly amplifier chassis assembly module
chassis assy chassis computer au chassis modular mounting
chassis subassy com chassis top compute chassisandbrktassy
check valve and hyd chopper assy comput chopper module
circuit board circuit board print clamp
clamp assembly clamp assembly servo clamp assembly valve
clamp bearing clamp block clamp control stick
clamp controller co clamp damper clamp eccentric
clamp electric lead clamp gyro clamp gyro a is rat
clamp gyroscope clamp pilot control clamp pitch potenti
clamp plate vertica clamp rear amplifie clamp resistor hold
clamp split hub clamp stator shaft clamp synchro
clamp synchronizer clamping assembly clamping assembly g
clamping assembly gyroscope clevis assy clevis assy open lo
clevis assy piston clevis rod attachm clip
clip cable retainer clip condenser clip control stick
clip cylinder clip damper pin clip integrator ass
clip safety clip vertical gyro closure lock servoc
clutch clutch and indicato clutch assy servocy
clutch pack assembl coil and armature coil and bracket as
coil and brake assy coil and core assy coil and flange ass
coil assembly coil assembly lears coil assembly synch
coil assy coil seat gyroscope coil speed detector
collar collar and pin collar assy shaft
collar bypass valve collar servocylinde collar stop
collar valve command coupler comparator
comparator bit voltage comparator phase compass system controller
compensator compensator armamen compensator assembl
compensator tempera component assembly component assembly stability aug
component assy component assy elec component board
computer computer assy pitch computer auto pilot
computer automatic computer automatic pilot computer autostab
computer autothrottle computer flight con computer flight control
computer flight dir computer flight guidance computer lift
computer pitch computer processor computer roll
computer roll yaw computer spoiler computer spoiler co
computer spoiler con computer stallimiter computer subassembly
computer throttle computer throttle c computer yaw
computer yaw damper computer yaw stabil connector
connector and strip connector assembly gyroscope amp connector deck asse
connector seal connector servocyli contact
contact and spring contact and wiper assembly contact assembly
contact assembly gr contact assembly gy contact assembly tu
contact assy electr contact assy gyrosw contact assy synchr
contact brush assy contact electrical contact gyro
contact plate assy contact switching container and rail
container inner control control altitude automatic pilot
control altitude en control assembly control assembly au
control assembly fo control assembly synchronizer control assembly system
control automatic f control directional automatic pi control dual
control filter control follow up automatic pilo control gyro and am
control gyro direct control indicator control indicator subassembly
control panel control panel ahrs control panel assembly
control panel coupl control panel navig control panel unit
control parameter control rate control rate of turn automatic p
control roll pitch control rudder control servo automatic pilot
control station control subassembl control system flig
control turn automa control unit electronic control unit pitch
control unit trim control unit yaw control yaw damper
controller controller automatic pilot controller autopil
controller autopilo controller autopilot controller autopilot stability a
controller compass controller engaging automatic pi controller flat slat
controller flight automatic pilo controller logic controller multifun
controller stabilat controller turn automatic pilot converter power
core assembly gener core assy rotor core servo assembly
counter angle counterweight contr coupler
coupler amplifier coupler automatic p coupler collective
coupler dual channe coupler dual comman coupler electrical
coupler integrator coupler mode coupler module
coupler module command coupler navigationa coupler single chan
coupler yaw coupler yaw damper coupling actuator cross shaft
coupling shaft coupling shaft sync coupling spider
coupling transducer cover cover a is rate gyr
cover actuator cover and connector cover and foot assy
cover and receptacl cover and stator cover assembly
cover assembly coupler cover assembly gyroscope cover assembly left hand
cover assembly pivo cover assembly remo cover assembly roto
cover assembly serv cover assembly ver cover assembly vertical gyro
cover assy cover assy base cover assy computer
cover assy cord com cover assy coupler cover assy dust
cover assy end cover assy gyro cover assy gyroscop
cover assy gyroswit cover assy instrument cover assy rear
cover assy shaker cover assy stabiliz cover bearing
cover bottom cover bottom sensor cover c2g power con
cover can cover chassis cover computer
cover computer assy cover computer auto cover computer bott
cover computer powe cover control cover control ampi
cover control panel cover control stick cover control wheel
cover controller cover cylinder cover dust
cover end gryo cover end gyro cover flight controller automati
cover foot assy cover front cover gear
cover gyro cover gyro a is rat cover gyro assy
cover gyro directional cover gyro rate cover gyroscope
cover gyroscope assembly cover gyroscope gimbal cover hinged comput
cover instrument cover integrator cover integrator an
cover lead cover lock damper cover meter
cover oil valve bod cover panel compute cover plate gyroscope
cover protection cover protective cover protector
cover rate gyro aut cover rear servo cover roll rate gyr
cover rolled cover servo cover servo valve
cover servocylinder cover shipping cover side servocyl
cover special cover stick trim amplifier cover subassembly
cover synchro cover terminal cover terminal boar
cover test panel cover top cover top left
cover top servocyli cover transmitter cover wheel gyro
crank crank arm assy crank assembly
crank servo cup cup and torque ring
cup drag cup insulating bear cup rotor and shaft
cup thrust cushion end cushion side
cushion spring cushion top cylinder actuating linear
cylinder assembly cylinder assembly a cylinder assembly actuating line
cylinder screw dampener fluid pressure dampener gyroscope
damper assy gimbal damper assy mfov damper servo valve
damper servocylinde damping assembly damping assy
dashpot assembly decade unit deck assy amplifier
deck assy connector deck assy control p deck monitor
demodulator demodulator assy demodulator board a
demodulator dual demodulator modul demodulator modulat
demodulator throttle lever boost demodulator tunable detector
detector as detector optics assy detent antenna elevation throttl
device antispin dial assy horizon dial asy inclinomet
dial horizon bank a dial vacuum gage differential assemb
directional gyro disengage assembly disengage limiter
disk erecting disk inner disk servo
disk shift disk solid plain dissipator heat boa
dissipator heat com dissipatory heat co divider voltage com
dog adjusting door front drain orifice
drive bearing assembly drive pin assembly drive servo assembl
driver driver assembly she driver electronic
driver servo amplifier drum and bracket drum and bracket as
drum and bracket assembly drum assembly mount drum cable
drum sleeve assy dual cover duct amplifier
eccentric inner cag elbow tube connect electrica
electrical linear electronic componen element
element assembly embedded unit ampli embedded unit amplifier
end assy end bell end bell and header
end bell assy end bell assy frame end bell gimbal
end bell gyro end bell gyroscope end frame and conne
end gimbal end plate assembly end plate assy
end plate damping s end plug hydraulic end shield
endbell assembly endplate assembly endplate gimbal
engage monitor evacuation tube evaluator phase error
failure monitor fastener mounting filter
filter and orifice filter and orifice assembly filter assembly mol
filter assy actuato filter assy orifice filter control gyroscope
filter end filter oriface assy filter orifice assy
filter servo cylind filtering disk fluid flag assy
flag controller com flasher asy flight control system
float and spindle a follow up wire serv follower valve
fork gimbal fork stop pin frame
frame and stator as frame assembly frame assembly gimbal
frame assembly gyro frame assembly mach frame assembly moto
frame assembly rate of turn sens frame assy frame assy gyro
frame computer auto frame end frame end gyroscope
frame gyro frame gyroscope frame instrument as
frame subassy gyros frame synchro frame torquer
frame window frequency control gage vacuum bank an
gasket a is rate gy gasket computer gasket computer cov
gasket cover comput gasket function sel gasket gyro rate
gasket outer drain gasket roll rate gy gate and modulator
gate module compute gear gear actvator
gear and collar ass gear and pinion gear and pinion ass
gear and weight gear assembly gear assembly clutc
gear assy gear assy synchroni gear asuto pilot
gear asy gear auto pilot gear case navigatio
gear cluster gear collar asy gear differential
gear servo gear shaft helical gear spur
gear spur and cam a gear stop gear subassy automa
gear synchronizer a gear synchronizer c gear train assembly
gear train assembly collective gearing assy motor gearshaft and cam
gearshaft and cam a gearshaft and dial geartrain assembly
geartrain synchroni generator generator assembly
generator assy gyro generator asy generator clock pulse
generator gyroscope generator hydraulic gimbal
gimbal assembly gimbal assembly mat gimbal assy
gimbal assy gyrosco gimbal gyro gimbal gyroscope
gimbal gyroscope displacement gimbal inner gimbal pitch gyrosc
gimbal pitch vg gimbal roll gimbal subassembly
gimbal subassy pitch gimbal torquer gimble gyro
gimble gyroscope gland gland front servocy
gland input aileron gland lock servocyl gland retainer
gland snubbing governor assembly governor assembly i
guard brush guard cable guard cable autopilot
guard directional g guard drum guard indicator
guard nut gyro gyro and amplifier
gyro assembly gyro assy gyro assy special
gyro balance weight gyro cover assembly gyro directional
gyro displacement gyro gimbals gyro group rate rol
gyro pitch gyro rate gyro rate pitch ass
gyro roll gyro subassembly gyro vertical
gyro vertical assem gyromotor gyromotor and case
gyromotor assembly gyromotor gyroscope gyroscope
gyroscope assembly gyroscope assembly pitch gyroscope assembly rate
gyroscope assembly roll gyroscope assembly yaw gyroscope direction
gyroscope displacement gyroscope integrating gyroscope mirror
gyroscope rate gyroscope stabiliza gyroscope subassemb
gyroscope subassembly gyroscope vertical gyroswitch bracket
gyroswitch rate hand assy hand held digital m
handle assembly com handle control handle synchro
harness assembly harness assy specia head cylinder contr
head linear actuating cylinder head lock piston header
header gyro heador sensor hearing synchronize
heat sink computer heat sink subassy heater assy gyrosco
heater sensor heater sensor gyro heatsink assembly
hemisphere gyro hinge computer auto holder
holder actuator holder bearing holder bearing gimb
holder level holder pitch holder stator and c
holder stop gimbal holder switch hub and gear assy
hub assembly hub assembly cam hub assy
hub assy control wh hub clutch hub control stick p
hub drive hub shutter indicator
indicator distance indicator light assembly indicator light ay
indicator power indicator power war indicator servo eff
indicator stabilization data indicator tacan indicator trim
inertial reference inner gimbal machined insert
insert alignment insert buoyancy insert cavity
insert flange installation pressu instrument display
insulation washer m insulator insulator tester
integrant mechanica integrated circuit integrator assembly
integrator assy amp integrator coupler integrator mechanic
integrator module integrator synchron interface module assembly
interlock inverter electric isolator mount
jet servocylinder h keeper key circuit board c
key circuit card key circuit card co key rotary
keyslocking knob assembly control knob asy
knob bank and climb knob stud gyro lamination assembly
lamination assy rot layshaft assembly lead electrical
lead end gimbal sea learsyn learsyn assy
leather piston left bracket switch lens assembly
level detector lever assembly lever assembly input
lever assembly outp lever assembly yaw lever assy inner gi
lever assy input lever asy lever caging
lever control stick lever coupler lever disengage switch
lever release lever servo drive lever servocylinder
lever switch lid sub assy lift computer
limiter assembly limiter roll angle limiter variable
linear transducer lining rubber lining transmitter
link link and coupling p link assembly
link assembly manif link assembly pilot idler link assy
link assy beeper tr link assy input link assy rudder su
link assy servovalv link gyro assy link piston
link piston special link servovalve link summing
link valve locator lock bearing
lock spring balance lockspiston loom assy
louvre lubricator bearing lug attachment
machining assembly mechanism aileron stop mechanism assembly
meter circuit compu meter computer auto meter synchronizati
mirror gyroscope mocule assembly osc mode select
mode select panel modulator modulator assembly
modulator asy modulator pulse width module
module ac mon module ac monitor module alternating
module amplifier module and circuit module assembly
module assembly amp module assembly cal module assembly osc
module assembly pit module assembly rol module assembly sensor amplifier
module assembly yaw module assembly yaw damper module circuit
module computer ass module coupler module diode
module driver circu module driver compu module dual inverte
module flip flop co module hydraulic co module integrator
module inverter com module linear module logic receiv
module nor circuit module or circuit c module preregulator
module pusher drive module starter module stick trim amplifier pitc
module trigger monitor autopilot monitor board assy
monitor comparison monitor computer monitor in flight automatic flig
monitor power suppl monitor servo failu monitor vibration
mooring plate motor and drive ass motor assembly gear
motor assembly gyro motor assy gyro motor generator ass
motor stick shaker motor tachometer as mount
mount assembly shock mount assy gyro con mount clamp
mount computer mount directional g mount dual
mount gyroscope mount installation mount leveling torquer
mount paddle mount resillient bo mount servo
mount servo speed c mount solenoid mount stop
mount tray rh mounting amplifier mounting base
mounting base assem mounting pad front mounting plate
mounting plate asse mounting plate assembly mounting plate assy
mounting rack mounting ring mounting servo
mounting servocylin mounting servocylinder mounting tray
nipple automatic pi nozzle assembly dir nozzle assembly val
nozzle asy nozzle block assemb nozzle block assy
nozzle oil nut nut assy gimbal rin
nut rotary wing blade nut stator shaft nut synchro lock
operational amplifi orifice orifice assembly
orifice assembly fi orifice assy supply orifice control
orifice servo valve orifice valve outer gimbal
outer gimbal assemb outer gimbal matche packing servo unit
packing speed contr pad pad assy
pad feet pad gyro pad oil
pad pressure pad rubber pad rubber control
pad shipping rate g pad thrust etched pad thrust ion mill
pad transistor comp paddle assembly se paddle assembly sensor
panel panel and bracket panel and filter assembly
panel and top panel assembly panel assembly amplifier
panel assembly cent panel assembly cont panel assembly coupler
panel assembly diode panel assembly front panel assembly indicating light
panel assembly test panel assembly test point panel assembly wiring
panel assy computer panel assy function panel auto flight control
panel autopilot panel board panel chassis
panel computer panel computer flig panel control
panel control automatic flight panel control automatic pilot panel control switch
panel edge lighted panel edgelighted panel fault isolati
panel flight control panel front panel front special
panel indicating light transmitt panel lighting panel lower
panel manual trim panel rear machining panel resistor vari
panel upper pawl assembly gyro pendulum assembly g
pendulum caged sign pendulum gyro erect pick off assembly
pick off assembly y pickoff assembly pickoff assembly light sensor
pickoff assy pickoff gyro assembly photoelect pickoff gyro gymbal
pickoff photoelectr pickoff photoelectric pickoff rotor
pillow block pin pin actuating
pin bail arm follow pin bearing pin bevel zero adju
pin crank pin gimbal pin gudgeon
pin piston pin special pinchoff assembly
piston piston and ball ass piston and insert a
piston and link ass piston and rod assy piston assembly
piston assy piston assy gyro piston bellows
piston centering piston cylinder piston gyro
piston input piston instrument piston linear actuating cylinder
piston lock ela piston lock servocy piston pin assembly
piston power piston rod servocyl piston rotor
piston sensor piston servocylinde pitch gain module
pitch servo spec pitch synchronizer pitch trim ser spec
pitch wheel and clu pitch wheel clutch assembly pivot
pivot and bearing pivot and bearings pivot and lead asse
pivot and slip ring pivot assy pivot bearing
pivot bearing steel pivot gimbal pivot gimbal selsyn
pivot gyro pivot gyro gimbal pivot gyro rotor ho
pivot gyroscope pivot ring pivot servo valve
pivot spring pivot stud plate
plate access contro plate adapter plate adjusting
plate adjustment plate and detent as plate and element a
plate and plug assy plate assembly plate assembly bear
plate assembly clut plate assembly cont plate assembly inne
plate assembly moun plate assembly sensor plate assembly servomechanism
plate assy plate assy componen plate assy connecto
plate assy controll plate assy damping plate assy function
plate assy mtg plate assy pressure plate assy rear
plate assy terminal plate asy plate backing conpt
plate bank and turn indicator plate bearing plate bearing contr
plate bearing cutof plate bearing lock plate bottom comput
plate center plate chassis plate clamping
plate clutch plate compass plate computer auto
plate connector mtg plate control gyroscope plate correction ch
plate coupler control plate cover plate damper
plate end plate end lh plate end rh
plate front plate gear computer plate gear synchron
plate gimbal indica plate grounding plate gyro
plate gyro rool rat plate gyroscope plate insulator
plate limit screw plate locating plate lock
plate locking plate mounting gyroscope plate mounting rela
plate mounting switch plate mtg connector plate orifice inner
plate orifice outer plate pendulum stop plate pilot control
plate port valve plate rear plate retaining sha
plate scale plate sealing plate securing
plate servo plate shear plate shipping
plate shroud gimbal plate spring contro plate stop
plate top component plate valve plate wheel assy
plug access hole plug adjusting gyroscope plug and core synch
plug assembly plug check valve plug filter
plug indicator plug rack and power plug seal
plug servocylinder plug shaft plug tuning
plunger actuator plunger assembly plunger brake shoe
plunger cylinder plunger return plunger spring
pointer pointer assy pointer switch
pole and coil assem pole piece valve polepiece
polepiece bottom polepiece solenoid polepiece top
poppet assembly poppet assy servova post frame
post mounting contr post servo potentiometer elect
power hybrid circui power supply power supply board
power supply logic power supply module power switching assembly
pre amplifier assembly preregulator module preregulator subassembly
printed assy printed circuit boa processor boost interlock logic
processor engage interlock logic processor flight co processor flight control
processor flight control set processor signal sp processor verifier computer
protector board ass protector overload pulley and sevro mo
pulley by pass pulley cable pulleyfollow up m
pusher computer dri pusher driver pusher driver compu
rack and panel automatic pilot a rack assembly rack automatic pilot controls
rack computer rack logic module rack special
ratchet gear shaft receiver ils spec receptacle
rectifier erection relay and resistor relay assembly cont
relay assy relay control modul relay driver module
relay module release servo automatic pilot remote compensation
remote instrument c resistance element assembly resistor and board
resistor and gear assembly resistor and switch resistor and switch assembly
resistor and synchr resistor assembly s resistor switch ass
resolver electrical hub position retainer retainer assembly
retainer assy retainer assy beari retainer assy front
retainer assy rear retainer ball servo retainer bearing
retainer cable retainer circuit card retainer cylinder
retainer filter retainer filter m retainer gyro
retainer gyroscope retainer head pisto retainer nut
retainer nut damper retainer potentiometer retainer pringed
retainer printed wiring board lh retainer rectifier retainer screw
retainer seal retainer servocylin retainer shaft
retainer spring retainer valve retainer wire
ribbon conducting right bracket switc rim and insert assembly
rim assembly rotor rim wheel assy ring
ring adjusting ring adjustment ring and sleeve ass
ring assembly ring assembly conta ring assembly gimba
ring assembly gimbal ring assenbly ring assy dial
ring assy final ring assy gimbal ring assy slip
ring brush adjusting ring friction knob ring gimbal
ring gimbal directi ring grease retaini ring gyro a is rate
ring gyro roll rate ring lock ring packing
ring piston ring retainer ring rotor
ring segment torque ring servo unit inn ring shaft
ring split inner ring stop assy ring torque
ring torque motor ring torque outer rod
rod adjusting rod assembly center rod assembly centering
rod connecting rod dampner rod end assembly
rod hydraulic syste rod input rod piston
rod servocylinder rod torsion roll arm assy
roll resistance ass roll servo spec roll stabilizer
roll switch assy roll synchronizer c roller
roller follower roller lockout leve roller retainer
rotor rotor and bearing a rotor and bearing assembly
rotor and end bell rotor and insert rotor and insert as
rotor and race asse rotor and ring rotor and ring assembly
rotor and ring assy rotor and shaft ass rotor and shaft assembly
rotor and shaft asy rotor and stator as rotor and stator assembly
rotor and stator se rotor and stator set rotor assembly
rotor assembly atti rotor assembly bank rotor assembly gyro
rotor assembly gyroscope rotor assembly sync rotor assembly torq
rotor assembly vert rotor assy rotor assy gyro
rotor assy gyroscop rotor assy leveling rotor assy synchro
rotor asy rotor bearing assembly rotor bearing assembly gyroscope
rotor gyro rotor gyromotor rotor gyroscope
rotor gyroscope gen rotor pickoff gyros rotor stator assemb
rotor synchronizer rotor torquer rubbing pad
scissors control st scissors pilot cont screen special
screw screw assy screw assy adjustin
screw assy shock seal assembly oil seal plug threaded
seal servo unit seal strip gyro sealing strip gyro
seat seat bail seat ball
seat ball socket seat spring seat valve servo un
sectorshaft assy segment stator segment stator torq
selector heading selector mode selector set directional control
selector switch ass selector test point sensor
sensor amplifier pitch sensor amplifier roll sensor amplifier yaw
sensor angular rate sensor assembly sensor assembly amplifier
sensor assembly pneumatic sensor assembly rate sensor module
sensor pitch roll yaw sensor pneumatic sensor position
sensor pressure sensor pressure shielded sensor rate gyro
sensor rate of turn sensor stick force sensor throt hndl f
sensor yaw separator dampener service parts assy
servo aile elev rud servo assembly servo assembly auto
servo assembly automatic pilot servo bracket servo control spec
servo drive servo drive actuator servo drive assembl
servo drive assy servo mechanism heading servo motor
servo motor assembl servo motor assy servo motor damping
servo motor inhibit servo motor inhibitor servo mount
servo primary servo rotary servo surface autom
servo tail rotor servo trim actuato servo unit
servocylinder servocylinder assembly hydraulic servomechanism amp
servomechanism amplifier servomechanism assembly servomechanism heading
servomechanism pitch roll servomotor automatic pilot servovalve assembly
servovalve hydraulic shaft shaft and bearing
shaft and bearing a shaft and bushing shaft and clutch pl
shaft and collar as shaft and gear assy shaft and stator as
shaft and stop assy shaft assembly shaft assembly cont
shaft assembly inpu shaft assembly left shaft assembly manu
shaft assembly remo shaft assembly righ shaft assembly rotor
shaft assembly serv shaft assy shaft assy cup
shaft assy gyro shaft assy manual c shaft assy rotor
shaft assy transduc shaft asy shaft bearing assy
shaft clutch shaft input shaft knob
shaft pendulum shaft reset shaft resistor sync
shaft rotor vertica shaft servo shaft special
shaft switch functi shaft switch guard shaft valve cut off
shaft yoke shell assembly gimbal inner shell gimball
shell gyroscope mat shield shield asy
shield dust shield electrical c shield gyroscope
shield meter shield wind shim steel cad pl
shock mount base shock unit gyro tur shockmount
shoe shroud bank and tur shroud gimbal
shunt block assy shunt coil assy shutter
shutter gyroscope shutter pickoff signal adjustment a
single board comp skirt knob indicati slaving accessory
sleeve sleeve actuating sleeve actuator
sleeve and orfice valve sleeve and piston m sleeve and plunger
sleeve and rotor assembly sleeve assembly sleeve assy
sleeve bearing spli sleeve by pass sleeve caging gyros
sleeve control gyroscope sleeve grommet sleeve gyro mountin
sleeve gyroscope sleeve insert sleeve pilot contro
sleeve piston sleeve plunger sleeve power pisto
sleeve power piston sleeve servocylinder sleeve spring
sleeve spring lock sleeve tube sleeve tubing
slide assy servocyl slide gyroscope assembly slide servocylinder
slieve shaft slip ring assembly slug valve
snubber and clamp snubber assembly spacer
spacer and slinger spacer assy pin and spacer asy
spacer bearing spacer bearing carr spacer bottom
spacer bracket spacer connector lo spacer cup
spacer dural specia spacer flow servocy spacer frame
spacer gear spacer gyro rotor b spacer he agon
spacer mounting spacer name plate spacer pivot
spacer servocylinde spacer servocylinder spacer stud
spacer switch spacer top spacer torque motor
speed changer speed detector assembly spindle rotor
spiral and terminal spool and sleeve as spool stop
spring spring and screw as spring assembly
spring assy spring assy collective loop spring assy pilot c
spring asy spring backlash com spring centralizer
spring centralizing spring conpensator spring control stic
spring cushion spring gyroscope spring music wire
spring pilot contro spring pulley drum spring retainer
stability augmentat stability augmentation system stabilizer module
stage driver comput standoff computer a starter subassembly
stator stator amd cup asse stator and cup
stator and shaft assembly stator assembly stator assembly gyr
stator assembly gyroscope stator assembly mot stator assembly rol
stator assembly syn stator assy stator assy gyromot
stator assy gyrosco stator assy levelin stator assy slaving
stator assy synchro stator assy torque stator assy torquer
stator assy wound stator center wound stator dual generat
stator follow up co stator frmae assemb stator gimbal gyro
stator gyro stator gyro motor stator gyromotor
stator gyroscope stator pickoff stator rotor
stator segment stator segment torq stator servo genera
stator servo motor stator torque stator torque motor
stator torquer stator vertical gyroscope stick assy hover tr
stick assy pilots c stick controller stiffener assembly
stiffner circuit ca stop assy stop asy
stop bracket stop circuit card stop circuit card a
stop circuit card assembly stop cylinder slop stop eccentric gyro
stop gimbal gyroscope stop gyro stop gyroscope
stop insert stop piston hydraul stop screw
stop servocylinder stop spool stop spring
stop spring functio stop stabilization stop wiper arm cont
strain gage assembly strain gauge hub string assembly
strip strip clamp base as strip gyro assy
strip retainer strip sealing strip sealing rate
strut compensating strut rotor compens stud
stud bearing stud gyro stud pedal damper
sump automatic pilot support assy sweep comparator assembly
swit switc switch
switch and bracket switch and bracket assembly switch and bracket assembly gyro
switch and circuit switch and holder a switch and lens assembly
switch and plate as switch and resistor switch assembly control
switch assembly ser switch assembly sev switch assembly sol
switch assembly solenoid switch assy switch assy altitud
switch assy electro switch assy electrolytic switch assy gyro e
switch assy rotary switch assy turn switch control gyroscope
switch electrolytic switch gyro erecti switch mode engage
switch pushbtn ind switch ring gyroscope switch sensor
switching assembly sychronizer heading synchro and gear as
synchro automatic synchro automatic p synchro autopilot
synchro stator and synchron8zer automa synchronizer
synchronizer altitu synchronizer amplif synchronizer assy c
synchronizer automa synchronizer electrical synchronizer pitch
synchronizer roll synchronizer subass synchroziner automa
tab tab locking motor a table assembly stab
tear band tear strip gyro tee hose connector
telescope gyro optics terminal terminal board assy
terminal board gyrd terminal brush terminal cover sync
terminal split test panel transmi test point panel assembly
test unit assembly thermostat and resi thread assembly
thrust plate tie rod gyro time delay assembly
time delay assy top computer panel top gimbal gyroscope
toroid assy torque assembly torque motor and cr
torque motor assy torque ring torque winding assy
torquer assembly torquer assembly dc torquer assy
torquer azimuth torquer elevation torquer signal generator
torsion bar torsion bar gyroscope torsion bars gyroscope
track module train assembly gear transducer
transducer altitude transducer assembly transducer assy
transducer control transducer displac transducer displace
transducer displacement transducer force transducer force l1
transducer force li transducer force light transducer linear
transducer pressure transducer yaw damper transformer and relay assembly
transistor and sink transmitter pitch a transmitter sideslip
tray tray mount riveted trigger assembly
trigger demodulator trim actuator trim position sensor assembly
trim sensor module trim servo spec trim tab rotary wing blade
trunion pitch trunnion assembly trunnion gyroscope
trunnion transmitte tube tube adjustable ble
tube aileron servo tube assy panel a tube filler
tube glass indicato tube seal off calib tubing elbow
tubing elbow bank a turn indicator assy turn switch assembl
unit afc unit embedded validity assembly
valve and modulator valve assembly by pass valve assembly servo
valve assembly shuttle valve assy ail cut valve assy elev
valve assy slide va valve bi and metal valve body actuating cylinder
valve pneumatic valve regulating oil pressure au valve transfer
valve transfer automatic pilot vent assembly check vent evacuating
vlave check cylinde warning computer au warning driver comp
washer assembly go washer asy washer gyroscope
weight weight balance gyro weight counter bala
weight counterbala weight counterbalan weight counterbalance gyroscope
weight gimbal weight gyro assembl weight gyro balance
weight gyrobalance weight instrument b wheel assembly auto
wheel assy wheel assy gyro wheel controller
wheel female wheel male wheel trim
wick lube winding ac pick off winding assembly
window observation wiper arm assy wiper assembly
wiper assy wiper asy wiper block
wire harness wire indicator wire pigtail
wire retainer servo wiring harness branched yaw module
yoke assembly yoke assy yoke caging directi

Part Number's List for FSC 6615 Automatic Pilot Mechanisms And Airborne Gyro Components

Part No NSN Item Name Manufacturer QTY RFQ
0020DD 6615-01-558-0870
computer flight control Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
00542-0840-0001 6615-01-179-6795
sensor assembly Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
00542-0840-0001 6615-01-179-6795
sensor assembly Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
00542-0841-0001 6615-01-180-4158
sensor assembly Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
00542-0841-0001 6615-01-180-4158
sensor assembly Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
00808-0051-0001 6615-01-075-0489
sensor assembly pneumatic Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
00808-0051-0001 6615-01-075-0489
sensor assembly pneumatic Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
00808-0078-0002 6615-01-125-7938
sensor assembly Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
00808-0078-0002 6615-01-125-7938
sensor assembly Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
00817-0024-0002 6615-01-074-7681
sensor pneumatic Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
00817-0024-0002 6615-01-074-7681
sensor pneumatic Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
00817-0024-0003 6615-01-074-7682
sensor pneumatic Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
00817-0024-0003 6615-01-074-7682
sensor pneumatic Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
00817-0024-0005 6615-01-097-9071
sensor assembly Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
00817-0024-0005 6615-01-097-9071
sensor assembly Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
010-14589 6615-00-787-7836
servocylinder Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-22297 6615-00-897-3157
valve transfer automatic pilot Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-22440 6615-00-897-3158
servocylinder Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-24810 6615-00-874-7276
valve transfer automatic pilot Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-25426 6615-00-869-8424
valve transfer automatic pilot Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-26330 6615-00-977-9220
valve transfer automatic pilot Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-26331 6615-00-977-9222
valve transfer automatic pilot Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-26333 6615-00-977-9221
valve transfer automatic pilot Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-26334 6615-00-937-5750
valve transfer automatic pilot Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-29018 6615-00-869-8424
valve transfer automatic pilot Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-42099 6615-00-866-7739
valve transfer automatic pilot Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-49095 6615-00-179-9075
valve transfer automatic pilot Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-58312 6615-00-237-6160
servocylinder Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-59285 6615-00-161-0439
valve transfer automatic pilot Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-59288 6615-00-161-0438
valve transfer automatic pilot Moog Inc Avl RFQ
010-59289 6615-00-205-0496
valve transfer automatic pilot Moog Inc Avl RFQ
01241-0126-0003 6615-01-125-1009
control altitude automatic pilot Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0165-0001 6615-01-061-6076
assembly mounting block Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0165-0001 6615-01-061-6076
assembly mounting block Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0290-0001 6615-01-080-8060
branch assembly Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0290-0001 6615-01-080-8060
branch assembly Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0290-0002 6615-01-080-8059
branch assembly Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0290-0002 6615-01-080-8059
branch assembly Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0291-0001 6615-01-071-4139
branch assembly Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0291-0001 6615-01-071-4139
branch assembly Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0292-0001 6615-01-080-8062
panel assembly wiring Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0292-0001 6615-01-080-8062
panel assembly wiring Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0636-7002 6615-01-170-7911
panel and filter assembly Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0636-7002 6615-01-170-7909
panel and filter assembly Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0666-7002 6615-01-170-7912
panel and filter assembly Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0666-7002 6615-01-170-7912
panel and filter assembly Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0829-7001 6615-01-170-7911
panel and filter assembly Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0829-7001 6615-01-170-7911
panel and filter assembly Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0830-7001 6615-01-170-7912
panel and filter assembly Rosemount Aerospace Inc Avl RFQ
01281-0830-7001 6615-01-170-7912
panel and filter assembly Rosemount Inc Avl RFQ
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