Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Techniques

In the aerospace and aviation industry, sometimes the biggest problems, like engine failure, are not the most important problems to be dealt with. Sometimes, it’s just basic structural maintenance and repair. Aviation, due to the high stress and drastic change in air pressure, requires the use of stronger and more versatile materials for things like the exterior walls or doors. However, just because a structure is more durable doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need servicing.

Aviation composites are generally made with any combination of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or aramid. By combining several different materials together, manufacturers can produce one composite material with different physical or chemical properties that better suit the needs of their clients. Aircraft like the Boeing 737, Airbus 330, and MD-80 use composite materials for flight controls, cowls, gear doors, and more. In the case of aviation, that means a more durable and versatile material that is less likely to decay from corrosion and fatigue. Damage over time is unavoidable but easy enough to fix with the right tooling equipment and replacement parts.

When composite parts need maintenance and repair, there are several steps involved. First, there is a visual inspection and damage assessment to see what is obviously wrong with the aircraft. Further thorough inspections may also be necessary. Afterward, the maintenance crew will need to take stock of all the parts they will need, order them, and begin repairs, and if necessary, overhaul. Servicing an aircraft can sometimes mean AOG, or aircraft on the ground, which means that the damage is serious enough that the aircraft cannot fly. Parts like aircraft overhaul kits and composite parts and replacements will be needed, and quickly, in order to get the aircraft up and ready for flight again.

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