Tracing back to the inception of powered flight, safety has been a staple of the aviation industry as various engineers, manufacturers, and governing bodies seek new and reliable ways to improve aircraft and their systems. While the job is far from over, current regulations and past breakthroughs have made flying by aircraft one of the safest methods to travel long distances when compared to other common options such as automobiles. While keeping passengers and crew members safe is essential, there is also much benefit to protecting goods and resources that the world depends on as many flights are for commercial transportation as well.

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The day someone earns their pilots license can be an exciting moment, opening up a world full of adventure for many, and allowing individuals to pursue their dreams of navigating the skies. However, the time it takes to obtain a pilot's license can vary depending on the certificate one is pursuing and its allotted requirements. No matter if an individual is pursuing a private pilot's license, commercial pilot certificate, or airline transport pilot certificate, each license requires a prerequisite of accumulated hands-on experience to qualify. Consisting of 40 hours of applied flight time experience to obtain a private license, 250 hours for a commercial license, and 1,500 hours for an airline transport license, mandatory training incorporates all the primary skills and knowledge a pilot needs to obtain a license. Despite this, those who receive their pilots license are inevitably bound to continue to experience important safety lessons throughout their overall duration as a pilot. Within this blog, for those interested in learning more, we will go over resources and safety practices all pilots should consider when navigating an aircraft.

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