Safe Solvent to Clean Aircraft Components

The Environmental Security Technology Certification Program is actively working to transition to a more environmentally friendly solvent to quickly and efficiently remove hydraulic fluid from DoD aircrafts. Petroleum-based solvents contain air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause health and environmental issues are currently being used by the U.S. military. The immediate ramifications of these harmful solvents include ground-level ozone, or photochemical smog, lung tissue damage, respiratory illness, and vegetation damage. Some examples of these harmful solvents are Stoddard Solvent, PD-680 and MLF-PRF-680.

NAVIAR has developed a cleaner solution that may help address a few of these issues. NAVSOLVE is a non-petroleum-based solvent that follows the specifications listed by California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District and the DoD’s “Cleaner, Non-Aqueous, Low-VOC, HAP-free” initiative. This new solvent is currently the only configuration that meets MIL-PRF-32295A for Type II cleaners. MIL-PRF-32295A classification encompass cleaners that are non-aqueous, low-VOC, and HAP-free used to clean aircraft components and ground support equipment.

For even more proof that NAVSOLVE is the superior solvent that is environmentally conscious, validation field tests at seven DoD sites were carried out. First, mechanical tests were conducted to ensure this chemical is compatible with different types of materials and structures used. Then, several field tests were used to verify that NAVSOLVE is an appropriate substitute to current hazardous chemicals being used by the DoD. The items being tested were the F-35, V-22, and MC-4Q Triton UAV/Global Hawk aircraft.

NAVSOLVE has several other reasons why it is superior to other cleaning solution out there. It is low-VOC, HAP-free, non-ozone damaging, recyclable, fast drying, and compatible with several different types of materials. NAVSLOVE is now known for its environmentally conscious efforts and overall dedication to safety.

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