What is a Filter Manifold?

A filter manifold, pressure filter, is tasked with combining a myriad of separate filtration components into a single assembly. The compact construction reduces the total weight and cost of the unit, making it the optimal choice for many applications. Often implemented in commercial and military aircraft, they have been responsible for protecting aerospace fluid systems for decades. With this in mind, this blog will cover filter manifolds and how they work.

Filter manifolds have a number of distinguishing features, including the fact that they are composed of very few components, connection points, and couplings. They also require less tubing, enable easy maintenance and routine checks, and are designed to meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Some of the benefits of filter manifolds include increased system reliability as well as reduced weight, complexity, and cost.

As filter manifolds combine all the sub-components of a fluid system, they work very similarly. First, the filter manifold consists of high-performance filter elements that protect the pressure, return, and case drain lines from contaminants and pollutants. Additionally, they have filter bowls. Within these easily-removable bowls, the filter elements are positioned. They are secured by a locking mechanism to prevent the bowl from loosening due to vibration.

Moreover, filter manifolds are also equipped with monitoring devices such as differential pressure indicators/switches (DPI/DPS), which detect when the filter elements have been obstructed and need to be replaced or repaired. In some cases, the filter manifold contains a shut-off diaphragm which prevents the fluid from bleeding out when the element is being replaced. Other devices that are often affixed to filter manifolds include temperature and pressure sensors.

Lastly, filter manifolds contain various valves that will be covered in-depth in this section. The first is a bypass valve, which serves to control pressure in a system by diverting a fraction of the flow, typically back to a tank or reservoir. Next, a check valve, or non-return valve, enables the fluid within a system to flow in only one direction. A control valve is often incorporated to control flow, pressure, temperature, and other variables. More than that, it controls the flow of fluid substances by varying the size of the flow passage, usually directed by a signal from a controller.

Other valves include shut-off valves and sampling valves. Shut-off valves are typically used to manage compressed air in pneumatic applications and can be utilized to block compressed air in an industrial automation process. Lastly, sampling valves allow operators to take a sample or portion of fluid or product for testing purposes, enabling them to test for identification and quality control, as well as subject them to a number of other assessments.

Filter manifolds are composed of various components such as sleeve system relief valves, filter elements and reservoirs, and other parts integral to their optimal functionality. As each component is tasked with completing certain duties, finding a distributor you can depend on is important. When replacing or repairing a filter manifold or its components, sourcing top-quality items is paramount.

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