What You Need to Know About Wide-Body Airplanes?

In our modern day, aircraft are produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate a diverse set of applications. The commercial sector is one of the primary elements of aviation, serving for passenger transport both domestically and internationally across the globe. One of the most common types of aircraft that airliners will employ is the wide-body airplane, those of which are used for some of the longest distance trips. In this blog, we will discuss wide-body airplanes in more detail, allowing you to have a better understanding of how they are separated from other options, and why they are chosen for specific flight operations.

In general, a wide-body aircraft is one in which two aisles of seats are present within the aircraft fuselage cabin. As such, they are also commonly referred to as twin-aisle airplanes where the fuselage is spacious enough to accommodate a large set of passengers. While each major aircraft manufacturer slightly differs in the designs of their wide-body airplanes, most have a diameter ranging between 16 to 20 feet for their fuselage. Depending on the total number of seats that are present within a particular model, anywhere from 200 to 850 passengers may be transported at a time.

The opposite of a wide-body airplane would be a narrow-body airplane, and those are models that present a smaller fuselage. While a typical wide-body aircraft can fit two aisles of seats in the fuselage as a result of the wide diameter, narrow-body aircraft are only designed to accommodate one aisle. This is because the typical narrow-body aircraft is around 8 to 13 feet in diameter. While there are less seats available for customers, this is not the only constriction that narrow-body airplanes present. Wide-body airplanes also have the benefit of offering passengers more space in general, as narrow-body aircraft may situate rows of seats closer to one another. This leads to increased loading and unloading times for passengers and cargo with less aisles to move through. With all of these various differences put together, many passengers will often have a preference for wide-body airplanes over narrow-body models.

While narrow- and wide-body airplanes are the most commonly found types at an airport, there is also a specialized class of models that contains what are known as “jumbo wide-body airplanes” or “jumbo jets.” These types of aircraft are the largest of all wide-body aircraft, and there are only a small number of jumbo jets that currently exist on the market. One of the most well-known jumbo jets is the Boeing 747, followed by the Airbus A370 and A350-1000. While these aircraft will often have the same amount of aisles as a typical wide-body aircraft, their difference lies in the diameter of the fuselage which gives them the title of being jumbo.

Whether operating narrow-body, wide-body, or jumbo wide–body aircraft, all will require regular maintenance and care to uphold safety and cleanliness for the benefit of passengers. As flight operations are carried out, it is important to ensure that all seats, carpets, and other passenger amenities are kept in good condition for their ease of use and cleanliness. If you find yourself in need of various commercial aircraft parts for any type of airplane, we at Aviation Orbit can help you source everything you need with competitive pricing and rapid lead times.

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