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FSC 5970 Electrical Insulators and Insulating Materials parts are in stock and ready to ship.  Get an instant quote for top performing parts such as 0-04006-10, 0-04006-5, 0-04006-8, 0-0460, 0-0608036-1 following under NSN number 5970013552355, 5970013552357, 5970013552354, 5970002848020, 5970014286324.

Browse or search for your desired parts with Aviation Orbit, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has one of the largest inventories of 5970 Electrical Insulators and Insulating Materials in the U.S. and overseas As an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company. FSC 5970 Electrical Insulators and Insulating Materials consist of parts like those that Insulation Sleeving Electrical, Insulator Plate, Insulator, Insulation Sleeving Electrical, Tape Insulation Electrical manufactured by Tyco Electronics France Sas, Parker Hannifin Ltd, Essex Group Inc, Normenstelle Luftfahrt, Raytheon Company respectively.

Part type list for FSC 5970 Electrical Insulators and Insulating Materials

adapter adapter coil primar adapter connector e
adapter flex shaft adapter insulator air pump
aluminum bodies apex insulator assembly armature banding
asbestos sheet woven backshell bar insulator
barrier dielectric barrier strip base antenna insula
bead elect bead insulators bearing
block block connector block insulating
block insulating pl block insulation block insulator
block protector block spacing blowout core insula
board crystal mount board insulator sea boot coax strain re
boot electrical boot expandable boot heat shrink
boot heat shrinkabl boot insulating boot transition ca
bottom shock isolator sub assy bracket bracket assembly el
braid textile elect braided sleeving brush
brush holder insul brush holder insula bushing
bushing armature bushing assembly bushing assembly sh
bushing assy bushing contact ter bushing electrial
bushing electrical bushing indicator bushing insertion
bushing insulating bushing insulation bushing insulator
bushing isolator bushing keying peg bushing nonmetallic
bushing nylon bushing potential d bushing u type
buss block insulato canopy boot cap heat shrink
cap heat shrinkable capacitor insulator captive insulative
catalyst cement pvc chafing pad
channel axle channel ins clamp insulator
clamp rim clinching clamp special cleat cable
closure head insul coating conformal collar
collar insulating collar rolled collar spacing
compound duramix conductor conductor thermal
conduit assy shield conduit insul sleev conformal coating
connector electrode contact and bushing set electrical contact post insula
contact reducer cord sealing core ferret
cork sheet cover cover duct
cover insulated cover insulating cover insulator
cover insulator spe cover interface cover spring
cover standoff moun cover tower cup potting
cushion cushion special dielectric anode li
dielectric key unit disk disk electric
dockside lift rig dropper end no 19 dump load
encapsulant enclosure insulated europa p7118 modified assy
feed thru assy 10 12 feed thru assy 12 12 feed thru assy 12 20
feed thru assy 14 16 feed thru assy 14 20 feed thru assy 16 20
feed thru assy 16 32 feed thru assy 20 10 feed thru assy 20 15 sp
feed thru assy 20 29 feed thru assy 8 12 feed thru assy 8 6
feed thru assy ante feed thru assy blank feed thru assy coaxial
feed thru assy high pwr feed tru fiber opti filler gap
filler panel filler solid cable fluoro silicone
foam conductive foam insulator generator foam left front generator
form potting former sleeving frame electrical
frame ta friction tape galvanic isolator
gasket insulation grounding kit guide bridge
guy strain insulator head gland header water inlet
heat shrink special heat shrink tubing heater insulator su
heatsink insep asse hood insulator housing insulator s
hub i5su3ati65 s3eevi5g industrial sleeving
initiator ins rf co special ins waterprf entran
insert insert housemark insert installation
insert insulator insert keying insert transport ad
insert voltage regu inserter insulator insl sleeving
insul insul ring insul tor
insul tor strip fie insulastor spec insulat
insulating bakelite insulating barrier insulating bowl
insulating compound insulating compound electrical insulating compound kit
insulating compound kit electric insulating compound kit electrical insulating compound kitelectric
insulating compoundelectrical insulating cover insulating cup
insulating kit printed wiring bo insulating kit special insulating material
insulating pad insulating pad electric insulating ring
insulating sleevin insulating spacer insulating strip
insulating varnish insulating varnish electrical insulation
insulation ac insulation apron insulation barrier
insulation bearing insulation blanket insulation blanket electrical
insulation board insulation brush insulation brushhol
insulation bus bar insulation bushing insulation cable
insulation cloth electrical insulation compound insulation cord electrical
insulation electr insulation electric insulation electrical
insulation fibre formed insulation flat str insulation flex bottom
insulation flex front insulation flex top insulation foam
insulation glass wo insulation hood insulation hood insulator
insulation hoodinsulator insulation hose electrical condu insulation kit
insulation kit cable assembly st insulation kit sleeving insulation lower ru
insulation mounting insulation pad insulation phase b
insulation plate insulation primer insulation ring
insulation rod electrical insulation segment insulation set
insulation set brus insulation sheet insulation sheet cover
insulation sheet el insulation sheet electrical insulation sheet tank
insulation sheetelectrical insulation sleeve insulation sleeve a
insulation sleeve c insulation sleeving insulation sleeving electrical
insulation sleeving electrical s insulation sleeving electrical special purpose insulation sleeving kit
insulation sleeving kit electric insulation sleeving set electric insulation sleeving setelectric
insulation sleevingelectrical insulation sleevingelectricals insulation slug
insulation spec insulation strip insulation tape ele
insulation tape electrical insulation terminal insulation top
insulation tube insulation tube ass insulation upper ru
insulation wire insulation wiring insulationsleeving
insulator insulator 4pdt insulator 530 to 006odx340
insulator access panel insulator accessory insulator aft bulkh
insulator alt term insulator alternator insulator amplifier
insulator angle bra insulator angle bracket insulator antenna
insulator antenna b insulator antiskid insulator armament
insulator assembly insulator assy engi insulator assy sp outlet
insulator au iliary insulator barrier insulator base
insulator battery insulator battery terminal insulator bead
insulator bearing insulator bearing ring insulator bent cont
insulator bind insulator binding p insulator blank
insulator blanket insulator bleed air insulator block
insulator block h1g insulator board insulator body
insulator boot insulator bottom insulator bottom co
insulator bowl insulator bracket insulator bracket d
insulator brake insulator brake gear insulator brake pad
insulator brush insulator brush box insulator brush bra
insulator brush hol insulator brush plate insulator brush spr
insulator brush stud insulator brushhold insulator bu hing
insulator bulkhead insulator bus bar insulator bus suppo
insulator bush insulator bushing insulator bushing assembly
insulator bushing h insulator bushing p insulator bushing set
insulator bushing t insulator button insulator cab eng
insulator cab mount insulator cab mtg insulator cable
insulator cable cla insulator cap insulator cap block
insulator capacito insulator capacitor insulator captive
insulator carbureto insulator carburetor insulator cathode
insulator cell base insulator center insulator ceramic
insulator channel insulator chassis insulator circuit
insulator circuit b insulator clamp insulator cleaner
insulator cleat insulator clip insulator clip element
insulator coil insulator coil commutator insulator coil end
insulator collector insulator collector ring insulator collet
insulator collet body insulator compensat insulator component
insulator conductor insulator connector insulator connector mounting
insulator contact insulator contact p insulator contact t
insulator control u insulator conversion adapter insulator core slot
insulator coupling insulator coupling assembly insulator cover
insulator cover pre insulator crossmember transfer c insulator crystal
insulator crystal h insulator crystal o insulator cup
insulator cup beari insulator cushion insulator dial ligh
insulator diode insulator diode pla insulator diode rig
insulator disk insulator disk assy insulator display
insulator door handle convection oven insulator duct insulator duct supp
insulator elec lite insulator electric insulator electric primer
insulator electrica insulator electrical insulator electrical cooling
insulator electrical fan insulator electrical panel pin insulator electrici
insulator electroni insulator element upper insulator eletrical
insulator end insulator end cap insulator end cover
insulator engine insulator engine co insulator engine fr
insulator engine mo insulator engine mount insulator engine rear support
insulator exciter ignition insulator exhaust insulator exhaust pipe
insulator exhaust pipe mounting insulator external insulator eyepiece
insulator fader mot insulator fastener insulator feed through kit
insulator feedline insulator feedthru insulator female
insulator female receptacle insulator ferrite insulator field coi
insulator field coil insulator field con insulator field ter
insulator field win insulator film insulator filter
insulator filter bo insulator firing pi insulator flash shi
insulator flash shield insulator flexible insulator foam
insulator front insulator fuel pump insulator fuel tank
insulator fuel tank bracket insulator fwd bulkh insulator gas lens
insulator generator insulator governor insulator ground sleeve
insulator ground st insulator grounding insulator guard
insulator gun mount insulator gyro magn insulator heat bloc
insulator heat stac insulator heater insulator heatsink
insulator high volt insulator high voltage insulator holder
insulator holder ring insulator hood insulator hood mtg
insulator horn insulator horn cabl insulator hot air a
insulator housing insulator hybrid insulator ignition
insulator indicator insulator inner con insulator interphas
insulator key insulator kit insulator kit transistor mountin
insulator klystron insulator knob insulator lamp
insulator lamp bloc insulator lamp brac insulator lampblock
insulator lampholde insulator lead insulator lead threaded
insulator light insulator light source insulator limit swi
insulator load insulator low voltage power supp insulator lower cab
insulator magazine insulator magetic insulator mica
insulator missile insulator mod boar insulator molded
insulator motor insulator motor dri insulator motor topstick
insulator mount insulator mounting insulator muffler
insulator muffler and tailpipe insulator mylar insulator nozzle
insulator oil burne insulator outer terminal insulator oven
insulator pad insulator panel insulator paper
insulator paper alt insulator passive insulator pc brd
insulator phenolic insulator pick insulator pin
insulator pin cap insulator pincap insulator pincap assembly
insulator piston insulator piston brake insulator pitot tub
insulator plastic insulator plastic s insulator plate
insulator plate assembly insulator plate cov insulator plate dri
insulator plate swi insulator plate vib insulator plug
insulator polar insulator polarizing insulator pole
insulator porcelin insulator post insulator power
insulator power sup insulator power supply insulator power unit
insulator preamp detector case insulator printed wiring board insulator probe
insulator propeller insulator protectiv insulator radiator
insulator radio insulator rear insulator rear support tail pipe
insulator receiver exciter insulator receptacl insulator receptacle
insulator recording insulator rectangular insulator rectifier
insulator rectifier tube insulator reel insulator relay
insulator relay hou insulator reset switch insulator resistor
insulator retain insulator retainer insulator retaining
insulator retaining ring insulator retaining ring set insulator ring
insulator rotating insulator rotor cap insulator rubber
insulator screw insulator seal insulator semicondu
insulator set insulator set brush insulator set electrical
insulator shaft insulator shaft e t insulator sheet
insulator sheet ele insulator shield insulator shoulder
insulator shunt insulator shutter insulator sleeve
insulator sleeving insulator slip ring insulator slot
insulator socket insulator spacer insulator spacer o
insulator spacer plug insulator spec insulator special
insulator splice conductor insulator spotlight insulator spray gun
insulator spreader insulator spring insulator spring clip
insulator spring shackle insulator square po insulator standoff
insulator starter insulator starting insulator starting motor
insulator stator insulator stator te insulator steatite
insulator stiffener insulator stop insulator stop swit
insulator stqasoff insulator strain insulator strip
insulator strip ele insulator strip electrical insulator strip fee
insulator strip fie insulator strut torque insulator stud
insulator stud cablecap insulator stud washer and sleeve insulator support
insulator support b insulator support s insulator suppresso
insulator suspension insulator switch insulator switch de
insulator switchett insulator synthesizer insulator tab mount
insulator tailpipe insulator tank insulator tape
insulator teletype insulator terminal insulator terminal board
insulator terminal strip insulator thermal insulator thermal top
insulator thermally insulator thermocou insulator thermophi
insulator toaster insulator top insulator training system
insulator trans insulator transfer case insulator transfer case mounting
insulator transform insulator transformer insulator transist
insulator transisto insulator transistor insulator transmiss
insulator transmitter insulator transpond insulator trigger
insulator tube insulator tube fitting insulator tube rev
insulator tube socket insulator tuning insulator turbine
insulator unit insulator upper cab insulator v tube
insulator var insulator vertical mount insulator vibration
insulator vibrator insulator vibro insulator video
insulator voltmeter insulator wafer tra insulator washer
insulator washer ty insulator wedge insulator whip ante
insulator windshield wiper insulator winteriza insulator wire
insulator wire guide insulator wire wrap insulator wrap rounnd
insulator wrapper insulator xstr insulator y driver
insulatorangle bracket insulatorbushing insulatordisk
insulatorelectricalcooling insulatorfeedthru insulatorpin
insulatorplate insulatorprobewaveg insulators ring plu
insulatorspacer insulatorstandoff insulatorwasher
interface card insulator isolation amp isolator
isolator battery isolator engine fro isolator special
isolator steck isolator strip isolierfolie elekt
isolierfolie elektr isolierfolie elektron isolierschlauch tr
isulator jack pad key antenna
kit alternator kit cable splice electrical kit insulating
kit insulation kit insulation sleeving kit insulator
knob lever line kit fuel spec liner pump
link electrical insulator magnetic shield marker cable assy
mount resilient weapon system mounting insulator mounting kit
mounting pad mounting pad transi mounts cylindrical
nrp plate retaining nylon insulator od nylon space
pad pad damper pad insulating
pad insulating re pad insulation pad insulator
pad rubber pad thermal panel backing
panel operator paper ladder fanfold windowed parts kit insulator
pillar insulating pillar sleeve pin digitizing
plaquettexisolantex plate plate assy insulati
plate bearing plate bottom standoff assembly plate gyro
plate insulating plate insulating ph plate insulation
plate insulator plate insulator a plate insulator hol
plate insulator sta plate jack plate mounting
plate plastic plate top standoff plug control unit
post insulating post insulator post mounting socket
post special purpose post support pressure pad
protector electrica ramp plug rear shock isolator sub assy
rectifier block assembly repair kit electrical cable insu repair kitelectrical cable insu
repair sleeve insul retainer detector retainer insulator
retainer toroid return insulation ring fixing
ring insulation ring insulator rivet
rod rod locking rubber driving engi
screen wind microphone seal interfacial shaft and insulatio
sheath cable sheet insulating sheet shield
sheild fence shield shield conductor
shield fence shield insulated shield insulating
shield insulation shield insulator shield plastic
shield sleeve shielded cable terminating kit shim insulation
shock pad shrink band shrink tube
shrinktubing sleeve sleeve battery
sleeve braided sleeve cable repair sleeve cable specia
sleeve gen assy sleeve housing gene sleeve insulated
sleeve insulating sleeve insulation sleeve insulator
sleeve insulator ai sleeve motor sleeve mtg
sleeve pin sleeve probe sleeve protective
sleeve repair sleeve rubber sleeve shrinkable
sleeve solder sleeve special sleeve tube fitting
sleeve varnished br sleeve wirewrap sleeving
sleeving black acry sleeving corrugated sleeving electrical
sleeving expandab sleeving insulation sleeving set
sleeving textile el sleeving textile electrical sleevingtextileelectrical
slider idler shaft slot insulation sock insolation
sock insulation solder sleeve solvent coating
spacer spacer contact spacer insulating
spacer insulation spacer insulator spacer lighting board
spacer mount spaghetti kit wire insulation splice
splice kit electrical splicing kit power cable inline spreader
stablizer output stand off stand off insulated
standoff standoff assembly standoff assy
standoff clinching standoff female standoff hex
standoff insulator standoff power standoff printed ci
standoff rod standoff special standoff support
standoff synchroniz stator slot insulator steel spacer fittin
stiffener angle strain guy wood ins strap relay
strip strip barrier strip insulating
strip insulation strip insulation sh strip insulator
strip insulator air strip nylon strip protection
strip rubber stud feed thru stud mounting insulated
support circuit support circuit bd support conductor
support insulatop support plate insu tab feed
tape tape antisize tape assy
tape electrical tape electrical clo tape electrical conducting
tape fuse tape insulating tape insulation
tape insulation ele tape insulation electrical tape insulator
tape lacing tape sealant tape shielding electrical
tape special tape unidirectional tapeinsulationelectrical
terminal and plate terminal insulator terminal sleeve
terminal strip terminal wire kit secondary termination kit
thermally cond wash thinner insulating varnish elect transistor mounting
transit case assembly transit case wired tube insulating
tube insulation tube insulator tube plastic
tubing tubing bundle plast tubing electrical insulating
tubing heat shrink tubing heat shrinkable tubing insulation
tubing plastic tubing radio tubing shrinkable
vent adpater electr wafer insulated washer
washer and pin assembly washer insulated washer insulating
washer insulating s washer insulator washer potentiomete
wheel insulator wire bundle w0592 wire shell hydrophone
woodward 723 wrap spiral wraparound
wrapping polepiece zipper tube

Part Number's List for FSC 5970 Electrical Insulators And Insulating Materials

Part No NSN Item Name Manufacturer QTY RFQ
0 0135929 7 5970-14-343-9432
insulation sleeving electrical Tyco Electronics France Sas Avl RFQ
0 11 4996 1677 5970-01-210-4972
insulator plate Parker Hannifin Ltd Avl RFQ
0 5700DX0 1695ID 5970-00-286-1219
insulator Essex Group Inc Avl RFQ
0 5X0 25LN9301 5970-12-306-6570
insulation sleeving electrical Normenstelle Luftfahrt Avl RFQ
0-00030-1 5970-01-289-1021
tape insulation electrical Raytheon Company Avl RFQ
0-04006-10 5970-01-355-2355
sleeving textile electrical Raytheon Company Avl RFQ
0-04006-5 5970-01-355-2357
sleeving textile electrical Raytheon Company Avl RFQ
0-04006-8 5970-01-355-2354
sleeving textile electrical Raytheon Company Avl RFQ
0-0460 5970-00-284-8020
insulator bushing Rosen Raymond And Co Avl RFQ
0-0608036-1 5970-01-428-6324
tape insulation electrical Tyco Electronics Corp Avl RFQ
0-06402-1 5970-01-288-2973
insulating compound kit electric Raytheon Company Avl RFQ
0-161-000-49 REV G PC025 5970-01-192-0322
insulator standoff Honeywell International Inc Avl RFQ
0-183-291-01 5970-01-192-0322
insulator standoff Honeywell International Inc Avl RFQ
0-250X0-365X0-03 5970-00-137-2461
insulator washer William H Brewster Jr Inc Avl RFQ
0-25X15X5DIN40631G1SW 5970-12-121-1692
tape insulation electrical Din Deutsches Institut Fuer Avl RFQ
0-30X15X5DIN40631G1SW 5970-12-121-1692
tape insulation electrical Din Deutsches Institut Fuer Avl RFQ
0-3822 5970-00-553-3829
insulator bushing Donallco Inc Avl RFQ
0-3822 5970-00-553-3829
insulator bushing Ontic Engineering And Mfg Inc Avl RFQ
0-6X0-3LN9301 5970-12-184-9408
insulation sleeving electrical Normenstelle Luftfahrt Avl RFQ
0-880X0-320 MYLA 5970-00-401-5174
insulator washer Reliance Mica Company Inc Avl RFQ
0-880X0-320MYLAR 5970-00-401-5174
insulator washer Reliance Mica Company Inc Avl RFQ
0-IN-14 4 5970-01-180-4762
insulator bushing Small Parts Inc Avl RFQ
0.010 ID 0.004 THK SLW BLUE 5970-01-219-5211
insulation sleeving electrical Zeus Industrial Products Inc Avl RFQ
0.012THK PTFERED 5970-01-266-0426
insulation sleeving electrical Zeus Industrial Products Inc Avl RFQ
0.034ID 0.012THKPTFE WHT 5970-01-265-8425
insulation sleeving electrical Zeus Industrial Products Inc Avl RFQ
0.042ID 0.012THKPTFE BLK 5970-01-265-8422
insulation sleeving electrical Zeus Industrial Products Inc Avl RFQ
0.042ID 0.012THKPTFE BLU 5970-01-265-8424
insulation sleeving electrical Zeus Industrial Products Inc Avl RFQ
0.042ID 0.012THKPTFE BROWN 5970-01-265-8417
insulation sleeving electrical Zeus Industrial Products Inc Avl RFQ
0.042ID 0.012THKPTFE GRAY 5970-01-265-8419
insulation sleeving electrical Zeus Industrial Products Inc Avl RFQ
0.042ID 0.012THKPTFE GRN 5970-01-265-8420
insulation sleeving electrical Zeus Industrial Products Inc Avl RFQ
0.042ID 0.012THKPTFE ORANGE 5970-01-265-8423
insulation sleeving electrical Zeus Industrial Products Inc Avl RFQ
0.042ID 0.012THKPTFE WHT 5970-01-265-8425
insulation sleeving electrical Zeus Industrial Products Inc Avl RFQ
0.042ID 0.012THKPTFE YEL 5970-01-265-8418
insulation sleeving electrical Zeus Industrial Products Inc Avl RFQ
0.053ID 0.012THKPTFE BLK 5970-01-265-8428
insulation sleeving electrical Zeus Industrial Products Inc Avl RFQ
0.053ID 0.012THKPTFE VIO 5970-01-265-8429
insulation sleeving electrical Zeus Industrial Products Inc Avl RFQ
0.060-SZF(1641 5970-99-894-0785
filler solid cable Te Connectivity Ltd Avl RFQ
0.090IDX3 16ODX0.015T 5970-01-360-6083
insulator washer Product Components Inc Avl RFQ
0.098IDX0.265ODX0.005 0.012THICK 5970-01-244-2241
insulator washer Reliance Mica Company Inc Avl RFQ
0.116IDX0.125LG 5970-01-250-0146
insulator bushing Nyltite Corp Avl RFQ
0.120-SZF(1641 5970-99-567-0599
filler solid cable Te Connectivity Ltd Avl RFQ
0.194IDX0.125LG 5970-01-250-0144
insulator bushing Nyltite Corp Avl RFQ
0.250CLRHS-CT75 5970-01-549-2099
insulation sleeving electrical General Cable Industries Inc Avl RFQ
0.252IDX0.125LG 5970-01-250-0145
insulator bushing Nyltite Corp Avl RFQ
0.370 X 0.140 X 0.002 THK MICA 5970-01-318-0876
insulator washer Reliance Mica Company Inc Avl RFQ
0.625DIAX0.062THK 5970-01-249-3400
insulator disk Materion Brush Inc Avl RFQ
0.64975-3339 5970-00-899-6653
insulation sleeving electrical Renk Aktiengesellschaft Avl RFQ
0.88X0.320MYLAR 5970-00-401-5174
insulator washer Reliance Mica Company Inc Avl RFQ
0.8EXP 5970-01-549-1537
insulation sleeving electrical General Cable Industries Inc Avl RFQ
00-024670 5970-01-668-9029
insulator bushing Hobart Corporation Avl RFQ
00-060679 5970-01-514-2392
insulator plate Hobart Corporation Avl RFQ
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