Technical Standard Orders (TSO) Catalog

Technical Standard Order parts refer to parts adhering to the minimum performance standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for materials, parts, processes, and appliances found in civil aircraft. Any part of an aircraft must have authorization that it meets these standards in order for the aircraft to be considered airworthy. The most basic authorization is called a type certificate. A secondary certification, called a supplementary type certificate, is given to aircraft that have undergone major structural modifications, additions, or repairs. For example, if a passenger aircraft is converted into a freight aircraft, a supplementary type certificate must be issued before the aircraft is able to take flight.

TSO Aviation standards are the highest level of authorization and serve as a standardized criteria for manufacturers to adhere to. For a part of an aircraft to be TSO certified, it must meet standards relating to electrical, safety, and environmental performance. The electrical standards that must be followed are capacity and power ratings at different temperatures, charge and discharge characteristics, life cycle testing, charge acceptance, shelf life, and more. Safety criteria includes short circuits, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, explosion containment, and general strength of parts. Lastly, TSO certified parts must be environmentally efficient at different altitudes, humidities, and be resistant to fluid and fungal contamination.

For customer convenience, Aviation Orbit’s inventory is conveniently catalogued into an FAA TSO database. This, coupled with our FAA TSO search tool, allows customers to quickly and easily find the exact parts they are looking for. Not only is Aviation Orbit FAA AC 00-56B accredited and ISO 9001:2015 certified, but also the only independent distributor with a No China Sourcing Policy, ensuring that each part you purchase from us will come from a trusted manufacturer. To see how Aviation Orbit and ASAP Semiconductor are revolutionizing the purchasing process, submit an RFQ today. Our team of dedicated account managers are standing by and will respond to your request in 15 minutes or less.

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TSO Number TSO Holder Name TSO Title Part Model Number/Name
TSO-C10B rockwell collins control tuning panel model ctp-6000, p/n 822-2493-001,
TSO-C10B avidyne corporation integrated flight display, ada 530-00209-( ),
TSO-C113 honeywell uk ltd. (skyfor sentinel remote processor (no ob3001-009,
TSO-C117A honeywell international i mk v and mk vii enhanced groun 965-0976-040-xxx-xxx, 965-1076-001-xxx-xxx, 965-0976-060-xxx-xxx, 965-0976-020-xxx-xxx, 965-0976-003-xxx-xxx, 965-1676-0xx, 965-1690-0xx, 965-1076-030-xxx-xxx, 965-1076-020-xxx-xxx, 965-1076-060-xxx-xxx, 965-1076-040-xxx-xxx,
TSO-C124A l-3 communications, aviat fa2500 solid state combined vo model fa2500cvdr dasu p/n dasu( ),
TSO-C126 honeywell elt rescu 406, p/n 1151324-( ),
TSO-C127 recaro aircraft seating seat forward facing passenger 3410-2-( ), forward facing passenger 3410-4-( ), forward facing passenger 3410-5-( ),
TSO-C127A brice manufacturing co. seat assy., triple, e/r, no re b1010s, 70784-401-( ),
TSO-C127A timco aerosystems seat assy., triple, f/r, b3100 model b3100, p/n 70778-402-( ),
TSO-C127A timco aerosystems seat assy., double, front row, b2054, p/n 70823-402-( ), b2054, p/n 70823-402-( ), b2054, p/n 70823-402-( ),
TSO-C127A recaro aircraft seating a lh tpl, front row, iat 3510f930-31z211,
TSO-C127A timco aerosystems seat assy., triple, f/r, conve model 3200, p/n 3203030-501-( ),
TSO-C127A ki holdings co., ltd. seat top assy -dbl lh with b/o ars-837, p/n ya3tg-20037-425,
TSO-C127A c&d zodiac double y-belt, sliding foodtra 41192031-113, -114,
TSO-C127A ki holdings co., ltd. tpl ctr with 0.8 in nrw seat b yh1b73, p/n yh151b74412-401,
TSO-C127A b/e aerospace inc. lh exit tpl, 0 recline, 6" bmf be16.0-3-60, 1012660-007,
TSO-C127A flight line products, llc double standard lhs seat assem pb3-2006, pb3co-10041-401,
TSO-C127A hubei ali-jiatai aircraft left-hand triple, in-arm foodt p/n kky400-0931-111,
TSO-C127A decrane aircraft seating forward/aft facing seat model 4048,
TSO-C127A timco aerosystems seat assy., double, offset, b/ b2054, p/n 70823-406-( ), b2054, p/n 70823-406-( ), b2054, p/n 70823-406-( ),
TSO-C127A b/e aerospace inc. lh tpl, track adaptor 87995511, ba3.23-3-59,
TSO-C127A ki holdings co., ltd. dbl rh with break-over ars-857, p/n 83296b18630-404,
TSO-C127A ki holdings co., ltd. tpl rh std 2.5 in nrrw lrw 4.0 y11b73, p/n y1151b7c343-404,
TSO-C127A ki holdings co., ltd. tpl lh 2.7 in nrw no rec with ars-849, p/n y7157b3a411-401,
TSO-C132 rockwell collins satcom antenna adapter, model saa-2100, p/n rcpn 866-0105-050,
TSO-C135A goodrich aircraft wheels goodrich brake assembly p/n 2-1778( ),
TSO-C139 nat seattle, inc. area micropone preamplifier model 265-[], 265-[004 mod c], model 265-[], 265-001, model 265-[], 265-[003 mod a,b,c], model 265-[], 265-[000 mod a,c], model 265-[], 265-[002 mod a,c],
TSO-C142A orolia s.a.s. mounting bracket integra af p/n s1850551-04,
TSO-C142A ultralife corporation lithium dioxide battery s00313,
TSO-C144 comant industries, inc. comdat iridium/gps antenna ci 490-1 series,
TSO-C148 alcoa fastening systems avionic hold-down mechanisms s ca1270-( ), ca1270b-( ), ca1274b-( ), ca1282-( ), ca1283-( ), ca1286-( ), ca12145-( ), ca1260-6-1, hd11074-( ), hd12031-( ), hd11090-( ), hd11091-( ), hd11097-( ), hd11098-( ), hd12000-( ), hd12003-( )-( ), hd12004-( ), hd12006-( ), hd12008-( ), hd12010-( ), hd12029-( ), hd12037-( ), hd12055-( ), hd
TSO-C148 alcoa fastening systems erco lighting captive nut assy erco6500-( )-( )-( ),
TSO-C148 fairchild fasteners sealing cap model 4-ps2c,
TSO-C148 alcoa fastening systems stud - ring locked series s( )f111-( )sn( )(a)-eo308,
TSO-C148 alcoa fastening systems anchor nut, corner, proc.spec. km3000-(*),
TSO-C151B chelton flight systems j1 backshell adapter size 17 42-007010-[ ],
TSO-C154C aviation communication & ngt-9000rd release 1 configura p/n 9029000-40000,
TSO-C165 aspen avionics efd1000-500 map executable obj 302-00007-[ ],
TSO-C165 avidyne corporation release 9.3 adahrs software p/n 530-00209-( ),
TSO-C26A cessna aircraft co. mccau wheel/brake assembly d-30039-x,
TSO-C26B meggitt aircraft braking tail wheel assy 9531924,
TSO-C30C whelen engineering compan led position / strobe light as 90375( ), model 90340( ),
TSO-C31D rockwell international av high frequency (hf) radio comm 822-0074-204, 822-0074-210, 822-0002-228, 822-0002-222, 822-0002-210, 622-8111-004, 622-8111-005, 622-8111-006, 622-9852-208, 622-9852-224, 822-0990-004, 822-0923-032, 822-1626-703, 822-1626-503, 822-1626-103, 822-1626-303,
TSO-C34E avidyne corporation integrated flight display, gps 530-00196-( ),
TSO-C34E rockwell international av ils glide slope receiving equi 822-1084-202, 822-1152-130, 822-1152-121, 822-1152-130, 822-1465-001, 822-1444-012, 822-1255-502, 822-1152-003, 822-1444-011, 822-1084-304, 822-1084-406, 822-1084-404, 822-1084-402, 822-1084-306, 822-1084-460, 822-1084-302, 822-1084-208, 822-1084-208, 822-1084-204, 822-1467-001, 822-1084-408, 822-11
TSO-C34E rogerson kratos aviation electronic flight instrument s 160e050,
TSO-C35D s-tec corporation mkr-350, marker beacon receive 609106-(),
TSO-C35D l-3 communications avioni black bezel, internal attitude gh-3900.2, p/n 9200-34600-0201(first in series),
TSO-C35D l-3 communications avioni black bezel, internal attitude gh-3900.2, p/n 9200-34500-0201(first in series),
TSO-C35D rockwell collins adaptive flight display runtim model afdr-6500, p/n 810-0180-003, model afdr-6500, p/n 810-0180-002,
TSO-C39A ki holdings co., ltd. economy class triple standard ars-276, p/n 117-1320-434f,
TSO-C39A ki holdings co., ltd. business class double standard ars-357, p/n 171-3786-401,
TSO-C39B precision aircraft compon aft one place seat model 1900a-( ),
TSO-C39B ki holdings co., ltd. first class seat double narrow ars-480, p/n 83-204b6155-409, ars-480, p/n 83-204b6155-411, ars-480, p/n 83-204b6155-413, ars-480, p/n 83-204b6155-415, ars-480, p/n 83-204b6155-407, ars-480, p/n 83-204b6155-401, ars-480, p/n 83-204b6155-403, ars-480, p/n 83-204b6155-405, ars-397, p/n 183-5498-403,
TSO-C39B contour premium aircraft aircraft seats and berths m78203-001-036, m78203-001-035, m78203-001-033, m78203-001-032, m78203-001-031, m78211-001-015, m20202-001-xxx, m78211-001-011, m78211-001-016, m78211-001-017, m78211-001-013, m78211-001-019, m78211-001-020, m78211-001-021, m78211-001-022, m78211-001-012, m78203-001-037, m78203-001-028, m20301-001-x
TSO-C39B c&d zodiac inc double seat assembly exit row 41033002-106, 41033002-105,
TSO-C39C pac seating system, inc. single place side facing divan model (f)d1229-( ), model (f)d1228-( ), model (f)d1227-( ),
TSO-C39C ki holdings co., ltd. tpl rh i/a with prox light (ar ars-869, p/n 83304b20420-404,
TSO-C39C ki holdings co., ltd. tpl ctr with pc ars-671, p/n y5151b6j141-401,
TSO-C40C ups aviation technologies vhf nav/comm model apollo sl30 p/n 430-6040-3[xx],
TSO-C43C electronics international multi-functional display unit mvp-50t-( ),
TSO-C44A eldec corporation pick-off coil assy 9-231104-01, (eco) 512266, 9-231104-01, (eco) 512337,
TSO-C44A eldec corporation pwg assembly pl9-115148, (eco) 512509,
TSO-C4C avidyne corporation gps software pn 530-00196-( ), 530-00196-( ),
TSO-C4C aspen avionics efd1000-500 map executable obj 302-00007-(),
TSO-C50C wulfsberg electronics div -009 derivative, switch panel 802-809,
TSO-C50C northern airborne technol derivative aa95-xxx, -853, aa95-xxx, -866,
TSO-C52A telephonics connector kit 3605830-4611, 3605839-1031, 3605984-0502, 3614379-5201, ml211b, 3605984-0502,
TSO-C5E honeywell international i field loadable aircraft specif p/n nh2205( ) where nh2205ba01 is the first in a series,
TSO-C62E off highway tire programs aircraft tire, 15x6.0-6 3410 l 156k23b1,
TSO-C63B telephonics color weather radar system 4001294, model in-2025b rdr 1400c, p/n 4001670-( ), 4001295,
TSO-C66C l-3 communications avioni gray bezel, external air data gh-3900.2, p/n 9200-34700-0101(first in series),
TSO-C69C air cruisers offwing emergency evacuation s model bd-500, p/n 68332-( ),
TSO-C69C air cruisers company slide/raft type ii, model 777- 65342-( ),
TSO-C6D northrop grumman, litton ltn-91/90-100 msu 463884-01, 461630-02,
TSO-C6D bae systems integrated sensor unit p/n 445000-( )-( ),
TSO-C72C regent aerospace corp. bottom cushion assembly, narro 885788-07,
TSO-C72C timco aerosystems uph. cushion assy., bottom, 19 7500, p/n 69001-451, 7500, p/n 69001-451, 7500, p/n 69001-451,
TSO-C74D avidyne corporation fpsm software 530-00208-( ),
TSO-C90C advanced composite struct cargo container model ake-4sc, p/n 12500-001-xxx,
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