FSC 6610 Flight Instruments Parts Catalog

FSC 6610 Flight Instruments parts are in stock and ready to ship.  Get an instant quote for top performing parts such as 16292361, 1626869-1, 1625965-1, 3750002, 00026-0034 following under NSN number 6610000012516, 6610000012516, 6610000015511, 6610000019681, 6610000019683.

Browse or search for your desired parts with Aviation Orbit, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has one of the largest inventories of 6610 Flight Instruments in the U.S. and overseas As an ISO 9001:2015 certified FAA AC-0056B accredited company. FSC 6610 Flight Instruments consist of parts like those that Pressure, Aneroid Assy, Link, Flag Assembly, Ring Reflecting manufactured by Ge Aviation Systems Llc, Carleton Life Support Technologies, Aircraft Instruments Company, Rosemount Aerospace Inc, Honeywell International Inc respectively.

Part type list for FSC 6610 Flight Instruments

accumulator acft spec actuator and arm as
actuator and bearin actuator assy actuator pointer
actuator spoiler actuator temperatur adjuster
adjuster spring adjuster spring ass adjusting screw
adjustor sensor tra aiming device alerter alt presel
alignment block roller altitude hose assy altitude module
altitude module ass altitude plug in unit altitude preselecto
amplifier amplifier assembly amplifier assy
amplifier azimuth s amplifier board amplifier buffer
amplifier computer amplifier control i amplifier deflection
amplifier deflection receiver amplifier detector amplifier dual direct current
amplifier erect pat amplifier focus control amplifier horizontal deflection
amplifier indicator amplifier isolation amplifier logic receiver
amplifier module amplifier module as amplifier operational
amplifier potted as amplifier rate amplifier rate of turn
amplifier rate override amplifier servo amplifier servo ele
amplifier special amplifier subassy amplifier transduce
amplifier vertical deflection anchor assy restrai anchor mainspring
anchor spring anchorage assy anchorage zeroing
anchorage zeroing s aneroid assembly aneroid assembly al
aneroid assy aneroid assy comput annunciator assembl
annunciator assembly anr module 30 spec anvil assembly indicator
artificial horizon assembly vacuum display autosyn assembly
back plate assy ind backing backing plate assy
backplate backplate assembly backplate assy
balance screw balance weight balance weight arm
balance weight indicator ball bellows band clutch and shaft assembly
band drive chassis band seal band seal window
band sealing band sealing indica band sensor
band solder bank scale bar
bar assembly bar assy bar assy horizon
bar command bar load transmitta bar locking
bar retaining case bar sensor assy base amplifier
base assembly base assembly computer base assembly resistor
base assembly sensor mounting base heat sink base indicator
base module rolled base mounting base plate
base recorder base retainer assy beam compensator
beam sensor beam static pressure compensator beam stop
beam transducer bearing bearing and gear as
bearing assembly bearing assembly drum bearing assembly ec
bearing assembly fu bearing assembly fulcrum bearing assembly gy
bearing assembly jewel bearing assy jewel bearing ball
bearing damper bearing holder assy bearing mounted
bearing pivot bell assembly end bellows
bellows and shaft assembly bellows assembly bellows assembly transducer
bellows assy transd bellows computer bellows transducer
belt assy counter belt drive belt drive transmit
belt transmitter bench set test bezel
bezel and body assembly bezel and glass as bezel and ring assy
bezel assembly bezel assembly indi bezel assy
bezel glass bezel indicator bezel indicator pos
bimetal bimetal assembly blade stop indicator
blank bushing blanket cover rear block
block anchor screw block assembly block assembly moun
block assy block brush block clip
block connector block meter mountin block meter mounting
block mounting block mounting sens block ranging
block resistor mo block spacer block subassembly
block subassembly cover block transformer m board assembly
board assembly term board assy board insulator
board lighting a12 lower board power supply board regulator
board servo board servo amplifi board soldered mode
board soldered wedg body assembly front mechanism body assy
body dashpot mounti body indicator body meter
body wiper boss assembly boss transducer cha
bracket bracket and card gu bracket and pin assembly
bracket and roll assy i bracket angle chass bracket assembly
bracket assembly adjustment bracket assembly al bracket assembly indicator
bracket assembly mo bracket assembly mounting bracket assy
bracket assy angle bracket assy chassi bracket assy comput
bracket assy mounti bracket assy transd bracket chassis
bracket compensator bracket computer bracket counter
bracket damper bracket hinge bracket horizon bar
bracket hub bracket indicator a bracket monitor
bracket motor bracket mounting bracket mounting cy
bracket mounting cylinder bracket movement bracket mtg
bracket pickup bracket printhead bracket sensor
bracket sensor tran bracket shield bracket signal processor
bracket switch bracket transducer bracket transducer mount
bracket transformer bracket trimmer bracket unit
brackettmeter brake assembly brake assembly indi
brake assy indicato brake computer brake electric fail
bridge bridge assembly bridge assy
bridge assy indicat bridge asy bridge machining
bridge sensing mech brush assembly brush assembly atti
brush assembly electrical brush assembly indicator brush assembly molded
brush assembly transducer brush assy brush assy electric
brush assy indictor brush assy transduc brush block assy
brush block indicat brush board assembl bulkhead mechanism
bumper gimbal stop bus instrument assembly bushing
bushing and rod ass bushing and rod assembly bushing and rod asy
bushing assembly bushing assy bushing computer ai
bushing differential bushing eccentric bushing indicator
bushing locator bushing plate bushing shouldered
bushing sleeve clut bushing transmitter butterfly assembly
button cable assembly aoa transmitter cable assembly control
cable assy probe cable assy switchin cable assy transmit
cable interconnect cage assembly caging arm assy
caging unit assy gy cam cam adjustment
cam and gear cam and gear assy cam and gear set
cam and hub assy cam assembly cam assembly altime
cam assembly contro cam assy cam assy computer
cam assy control cam assy switch cam caging indicator
cam compensating cam control cam control chassis
cam correction cam drum cam eccentric
cam follower cam follower assy cam gear assembly
cam gear set cam gear set comput cam lock
cam multiple cam pendulum assy cam sensor
cam switch cam transducer pres camfollower transdu
camshaft assy chass camshaft indicator camshaft transducer
can amplifier can and bracket ass can assembly
can recorder assembly can subassembly card assy indicato
card reflector bank card reflector dial carriage
carriage assembly carriage assembly sensor carriage assy senso
carriage fulcrum carriage spool carrier assembly
cartridge door assembly case case and bezel assembly
case and glass assy case and light bar case assembly
case assembly compu case assembly front case assembly indicator
case assembly rate case assembly rear case assembly trans
case assembly transmitter case assembly upper case assy
case assy front case assy gear case assy indicator
case assy rear case back assembly case indicator angl
case instrument case rear case rear sub assem
case recorder case sensor case sensor pressure
case shipping and handling senso case special case sub assembly f
case transducer cha case transmission casting meter
centering arm assy chain indicator chain woven
channel channel amplifier channel subassy
chassis altitude encoder chassis and harness chassis and shaft
chassis assembly chassis assembly el chassis assy
chassis assy comput chassis assy spec chassis interconnect assembly
chassis pressed chassis set computer chassis subassembly
circuit assy circuit board circuit board assembly
circuit board assy circuit board print circuit card and cable assembly
clamp clamp adjustable clamp and lever ass
clamp assembly scre clamp assy clamp assy indicato
clamp assy pendulum clamp calibration clamp collar
clamp component clamp component ass clamp connecting torsion bar
clamp cylinder clamp electrical le clamp fle ure senso
clamp flight instrument clamp gear clamp half torsion bar
clamp indicator clamp instrument clamp light block
clamp mounting clamp plate clamp pointer arm i
clamp probe unit clamp rate spring clamp rim transduce
clamp screw clamp sensing sprin clamp sensor assy
clamp servo clamp shaft lock clamp shaft straigh
clamp shaft trunnio clamp stop assembly clamp transducer pr
clamp transformer clamp unit clamp wedge
clamp wire clamp wire indicato clamp zeroing arm i
clevis plate climb clip aluminum
clip assembly clip assy clip head shield
clip locking pointe clip tube clip tube computer
clip vertical gyro cluster assy spur g clutch
clutch and gear asy clutch and pin asse clutch assembly
clutch friction com clutch transducer cockpit control uni
coder coil and block asse coil and block assy
coil and shield assembly coil assy coil indicator
collar assembly collar assy collar bellcrank
collar computer com collar counterweigh collar retaining
collar shaft collar shaft specia collar spring
collar spring retai collar transducer p collect position tr
command bar assembly comparator board comparator speed command
compensator compensator assembly compensator assy
compensator assy ro compensator half te compensator half temperature
compensator machmet compensator special compensator static
component assy component assy elec component board
component board ass component chassis components assy ele
computer computer alpha mach computer altitude
computer angle of attack computer assembly elevator computer auto throt
computer central ai computer collision avoidance computer flight con
computer flight director computer flt fgc bo computer host
computer integrated computer lift computer mach number
computer navigational computer pitch chan computer roll chann
computer stall warn computer steering computer steering w
computer subassembl computer subassembly computer trim augme
computer ult desk concentrator unit cone
connector and frame connector and harness assembly connector and plate
connector and plate assembly connector assembly connector assembly plug
connector assembly wiring board connector assy connector assy cabl
connector board ass connector bracket assembly connector computer
connector pitot contact contact and brush a
contact assembly contact assembly el contact assy
contact bulb contact detector contact female
contact indicator contact lamp contact lamp indica
contact spring contact trimmer terminal container assembly
container shipping and storage i container spec control display uni
control display unit control flight director control indicator
control mode select control mode selector control shaker
controller compass controller compass special controller mfd
controller pressure controller reversionary converter pressure data
core assembly core assy mount core damper
core syntrol counter and flag counter assy
counter assy altime counter bracket ass counter bracket assembly
counter weight counterbalance counterbalance asse
counterbalance assembly counterbalance beam counterbalance indi
counterweight counterweight arm counterweight assembly
counterweight assy counterweight indic counterweight light
counterweight machined counterweight probe counterweight sector
counterweight sensing unit counterweight trans counterweight transmitter
counterweights pr coupler assy instru coupler assy system
coupler instrument coupling coupling antibackla
coupling assy reel coupling herm seale coupling hermetic
coupling indicator coupling motor shaf coupling reel shaft
coupling shaft coupling transmitter cover
cover access cover access spring cover altered
cover altitude indi cover and heater cover and insulator
cover and pad assy cover assembly cover assembly amplifier
cover assembly comp cover assembly end cover assembly front
cover assembly indi cover assembly indicator cover assembly left hand
cover assembly pito cover assembly rear cover assembly terminal
cover assembly top cover assy cover assy amplifie
cover assy case fro cover assy computer cover assy connecto
cover assy end cover assy gyro cover assy indicato
cover assy pendulum cover assy rear cover bottom
cover cassette cover compensator cover computer
cover control cover coupler cover cup
cover cylinder cover data computer cover dust resistor
cover e core cover electrical am cover fitch referen
cover flange cover frame end cover front
cover front ground cover gear cover glass
cover hole cover id plate cover identification
cover indicator cover indicator att cover instrument
cover lower cover mach module cover mechanical
cover mechanism cover pendulum cover plate resisto
cover plug cover pressed cover probe
cover protective connector cover protective recorder cover rear
cover rear assy cover rear marking cover reat
cover resistor cover round cover sensing unit
cover sensor cover strain recorder cover top
cover transducer cover transducer wi cover transmitter
crank assembly head lifting crossmember evacua cup and terminal
cup assembly cup bearing cursor contl panel
cushion center cushion top cylinder assembly damping
cylinder assy dashp cylinder damper cylinder dash pot
cylinder indicator d g back plate damper assembly
damper assembly transmitter damper assy damper heat pwa
damper plate assy damping assembly in damping assy
damping disk damping unit dashpot assembly
dashpot assy data acquisition an data acquisition unit
data display group data managment unit demodulator
demodulator and pua detector assembly detector assy
detector lift detector probe assembly detector probe assy
detector tube ass detector tube assy detent
dial dial and hub dial and stop assy
dial assembly dial assembly bank dial assembly indic
dial assembly marki dial assy dial assy indicator
dial indicator dial instrument dial marking
dial sindow dial turn and slip dialbank
differential differential assemb differential assembly
differential assy differential assy i differential computer
differential synchr difusser assy digital flight data
digital flight data acquisition disk assembly commu disk binary coded
disk damper indicat disk friction disk sealing
disk solid plain disk stop display multiple ai
display remote display stick posit display unit flight
display unit flight information display unit head up display unit multifunction
dissipator damper assembly divider board assy door cartridge
door switch access double lip trim double lip trim 8 50
dowel meter block drip ring drive arm indicator
drive assy fle ible drive band assy drive hub
drive hub assembly drum drum and hub assemb
drum and hub asy drum assembly drum assembly counter
drum assembly indicator drum assy drum assy counter
drum gear centering drum take up drum transmitter fl
dual assembly dummy connector ass dust cover
eccentric eccentric adjust sy eccentric assembly
eccentric transduce eccentric washer ejector assembly
ejector circuit card elbow and tube asse elbow assembly
electrical angular electrical linear electron tube and yoke assembly
electronic flight i electronic module electronics modul
element element and bridge element assembly
element assembly fl element assy element bearing and
element valve seat enclosure enclosure angle of attack transm
enclosure assembly encoder encoder altitude
encoder altitude re encoder assembly encoder suppressi
encoder unit altitude encoding end assembly gimbal
end bell assy end bell electrical rotating equ end bell gimbal
end bell indicator end cover assembly end cover assy
end cover transmitt end plate amplifier end plate assy
endstone indicato equilibrant equilibrant assembl
equilibrant assy face instrument faceplate assembly
failure monitor fastener unit computer fces computer
fiber optics block fight systems filling tube indica
film adhesive filter filter assembly
filter assembly aut filter assy filter assy bracket
filter asy filter element filter light
filter mode filter red filter spool assy f
flag angle of attack flag assembly flag assembly power failure
flag assembly power off flag assy flag assy indicator
flag assy power fai flag indicator flag mechanism indi
flag movement assy flag solenoid rotar flange
flange case flange mounting ind flange reel
fle ure fle ure assembly fle ure assembly be
fle ure assy fle ure assy sensor fle ure bar sensor
fle ure compensator fle ure computer co fle ure counter bal
fle ure counterbala fle ure sensor fle ure sensor tran
fle ure transducer fle ure yoke sensor flig
flight instrument s flight reference sy flight systems
fly weight flywheel drive foil liner
follower arm assy c force balance uni force balance unit
fork assembly bank fork assembly turn frame
frame and bearing a frame and bimetal assembly frame and post
frame assembly frame assembly coun frame assembly diff
frame assembly differential frame assembly indicator frame assembly mech
frame assy altimete frame assy bearing frame assy differen
frame assy indicato frame assy instrume frame cassette machined
frame circuit card frame differential frame gyro
frame heater assembly frame horizon bar frame indicator
frame machined frame main frame mechanism
frame mechanism alt frame meter frame printer assembly
frame roller retainer frame sensor comput frame sub assembly
frame subassembly frame transducer frame transmitter a
frame window indicator front plate assy gaging unit assembl
gasket connector gasket cover gasket mach and tru
gasket rfi shieldin gasket subassembly gasket transmitter
gate assembly gear gear and bracket
gear and bushing as gear and gearshaft gear and hub assy
gear and jewel assy gear and marker gear and pinion ass
gear and rotor asse gear and rotor assy gear and shaft asse
gear and shaft assembly gear and shaft assy gear and shaft indi
gear and stop assembly indicator gear and stop assy gear and switch assembly
gear and synchro ro gear assembly gear assembly anti
gear assembly antibacklash gear assembly attit gear assembly bevel
gear assembly clust gear assembly compu gear assembly counterwheel
gear assembly drive gear assembly indicator gear assembly match
gear assy gear assy anti backlash gear assy antibackl
gear assy cam gear assy computer gear assy drive
gear assy pitch gear assy roll gear assy sensor
gear assy spur gear assy transmitt gear asy
gear bevel straight gear cluster antiba gear cluster chassi
gear dial gear differential gear drive
gear head generator gear hub assembly gear output roll
gear pivot gimbal gear plate assy alt gear plate assy mac
gear plate assy tru gear ring gear ring assy
gear sector gear sector assy gear sector chassis
gear sector compute gear sector transdu gear selector compu
gear shaft gear shaft knob gear spur chassis
gear spur drive ban gear spur indicator gear spur sensor wi
gear spur synchro gear train assy pit gear transducer
gear transmitter gear zero adjust gearhead and motor
gearing subassembly gearshaft gearshaft and cam a
gearshaft and gear gearshaft and stop assembly gearshaft antibackl
gearshaft assembly gearshaft assy gearshaft assy chas
gearshaft assy comp gearshaft assy indi gearshaft assy spur
gearshaft assy tran gearshaft different gearshaft helical s
gearshaft spur gearshaft spur chas gearshaft spur comp
gearshaft spur serv gearshaft spur sync gearshaft spur tran
gearshaft transduce gearshaft transmitt general instrument
generator aural ton generator mfd generator symbol head up display
geneva assy compute gimbal and shaft gimbal assembly
gimbal assy gimbal indicator gimbal pitch
gimbal roll glass and bezel assembly glass assembly cover
glass assy glass cover glide slope mechani
global positioning ground control unit guard amplifier
guard brush gyroscope direction gyrovertical
hand assembly hand assembly indic hand assy
hand assy indicator hand assy main hand assy minus
hand assy plus hand bank and turn hand staff assy
handle handle amplifier handle computer
handstaff handstaff assembly handstaff assembly indicator
handstaff assy harispring and hub harness assy
head assembly readout head assy special head cylinder
head lower regulato head read and write header
header bellows header indicator header input
header power transi heading indicator heat sink assembly
heater assembly pit heater assy heater control assy
holder assembly bearing holder assembly lam holder assembly meter movement
holder assy altimet holder assy bearing holder bearing
holder filter holder fle ure holder indicator horizontal flig
holder jewel holder jewel assembly holder lamp
holder restraining holder roller bearing holder torsion spri
holder transistor hood hook hold down
horizon bar horizon bar and arm horizon bar assembl
horizon bar indicat horizontal referenc hub
hub and liner assem hub and sector assembly hub assembly
hub assembly transmitter hub assy hub assy actuator
hub cam hub clutch hub dial
hub filter spool hub main hand hub minus hand
hub pawl hub plus hand hub pointer
hub pointer indicat hub reel hub spheroid
hub spring hub wiper arm idler gear assembly front
idler gear assembly rear idler shaft no1 idler shaft no2
idler shaft no3 image assembly mini impact pressure
impact pressure module assembly impact pressure plu impact pressure plug and in unit
impact pressure pneumatic inde ing ring indentification cov
indicating assembly indicating assy indicating mechanism
indicator indicator accelerat indicator adi
indicator ametek indicator angle indicator angle of attack
indicator assy indicator assy gyro indicator assy tens
indicator assy unit indicator avionic f indicator ay az
indicator ay el indicator body indicator cable assembly
indicator case indicator color indicator command
indicator control indicator control subassembly indicator counting
indicator course indicator cruise gu indicator deviation azimuth elev
indicator dive and indicator drum indicator flag
indicator flag alar indicator flight d indicator flight information
indicator flight mode indicator gas spec indicator ground sp
indicator ground speed indicator gyro moni indicator heading gyroscopic
indicator homing po indicator hori indicator horizon
indicator horizonta indicator hsi indicator hydr spec
indicator line up a indicator longitudi indicator longitudinal position
indicator mach and indicator machine indicator mechanism
indicator miniature indicator nose wheel indicator nozzle p
indicator nozzle position indicator off warni indicator off warning
indicator oil spec indicator position indicator power
indicator power fai indicator power off indicator rudder
indicator rudder servo indicator shock indicator spec
indicator special indicator speed tri indicator speed trim
indicator sphere as indicator stabilization data indicator stick pos
indicator stick position indicator subassemb indicator subassembly angle flig
indicator subassembly angle of a indicator subassembly horizontal indicator subassembly mach and t
indicator subassembly position f indicator subassembly trim contr indicator subassembly turn and s
indicator subassembly vertical v indicator subassy p indicator tachomete
indicator temperatu indicator temperature indicator three position
indicator throttle indicator trim cont indicator trim control surfaces
indicator trim posi indicator trim roll indicator turn and slip
indicator turn bank indicator vertical indicator vertical velocity
indicator warning power off indicatoraltitude indicatorhorizonsit
indicatortslip indice ring assembl injector special
inner gimbal subassembly input assembly power supply insert
insert bushing insert indicator insert lower head
insert pitch insert pitch link instrument
instrument assy instrument oil temp instrument rate of
insulation board insulator and eyelet assembly insulator assy indi
insulator indicator insulator shield insulator special
integrator afcs pit interconnection assembly counter interface assembly
interface assembly digital fligh interface electrica interface subassembly flight dat
interface unit flight instrument interpreter assy inverter
inverter and housin inverter assembly inverter assy indic
jack and nut set se jack screw assembly jacking hardware
jackscrew jackscrew assembly jackscrew carriage
jet jet alum jewel
jewel and bushing a jewel and bushing assembly jewel and chaton assembly
jewel and endstone assembly jewel and screw ass jewel assembly
jewel assembly eccentric jewel bearing jewel bearing assembly
jewel indicator jewel mounted jewel pivot
jewel pivot indicat joystick control assembly keeper lower
keeper lower comput key paddle keyboard assembly
knife edge knife edge adjustme knife edge assy sen
knife edge sensor a knob and shaft assembly knob and shaft assy
knob assembly knob assembly bakel knob assembly minia
knob assembly tension knob assy knob assy trim adju
lamp lamp and cable assembly lamp and holder ass
lamp assembly lamp assembly computer lamp assembly indic
lamp assy lamp assy bank scal lamp assy indicator
lamp board lamp board assembly lamp incandescent a
lamp plug lampholder and lampholder assy ind
lanyard special purpose lateral lead indicator electrical
lead screw assembly lens green lens indicator
lever actuator lever and hub assem lever and hub assembly
lever and hub assy lever and hub asy lever assembly
lever assembly damp lever assembly driv lever assembly drive
lever assembly foll lever assembly follower lever assy
lever assy compensa lever assy first lever asy
lever counterweight lever pressure roller lever reversing
lever spring lever transducer light assembly
light assembly computer light assembly special light assy
light assy indicato light bar assembly light conductor ind
light shield indica light wedge light wedge indicat
lightblock lighting assembly lighting assembly aileron
lighting assembly rudder lighting assy lighting group wedge
lighting wedge lighting wedge marking lightplate assembly
line line assembly link
link actuator pin link assembly link assembly indicator
link assembly machm link assembly rigid link assy computer
link drive link fle ure link indicator rate
link lever link movement link piston turn an
link yoke linkage assembly actuating syste load transfer unit
lock knob shaft lock shaft locking pin altimet
locking shaft lockup band assy logic board assembly
loom assy lower caging arm as lubber line
lubricator bearing mach and angle of a mach module
mach module assy mach plug in unit mach sector assy
machmeter magazine recorder a mainspring anchor
mandrel assembly marker marker assembly bearing
marker assembly heading marker assembly reciprocal beari marker hi set
marker horizon marker indicator mi marker lo set
mask mask and hub assy mask assembly
mask assembly attit mask assembly dial mask assembly indic
mask assembly indicator mask assy mask assy indicator
mask assy sphere me mask bezel mask flight instrum
mask front mask indicator mask indicator atti
mask lighted mask mechanism mask mechanism indi
mask off flag mask sphere mask tis
mask turn and displ mask upper deck mask wedge
masktfront mass mass assembly accel
mass assy mast assembly mast static tube
mast tube guard mechanical mechanism assembly
mechanism assy mechanism assy baro mechanism displacem
mechanism indicating mechanism rate of t mechanization assem
mechanization assy memory programmable memory unit flight data
memory unit flight data recorder meter assembly meter displacement
meter mechanism meter mechanism ass meter mechanism cou
meter mechanism fla meter mechanism hor meter mechanism lat
meter mechanism pow meter mechanism rat meter mechanism ver
meter turn meter vertical metermechanism power
microsyn assy modulator modulator assembly
modulator board module angle of att module assembly
module assembly computer module assembly mal module assembly oscillator
module assembly power supply module assembly signal module assembly sla
module assembly switching module assy module computer
module current module interconnect module regulator
module servo module stall warnin module switching
module voltage regulator molded insulator monitor heater cont
mother board motor and arm assy motor assembly
motor assy motor assy indicato motor assy servo
motor gearhead clut motor generator ass motor stepper 24vdc
motor stop assembly mount mount assembly
mount assy pivot mount assy sensor mount assy sensor t
mount assy transduc mount cushion mount electronic eq
mount sensor transd mount shock mount special
mount tray mounting mounting bezel
mounting block spring mounting block transformer mounting meter
mounting plate assembly mounting plate assy mounting plate front
mounting tray mounting tray assembly computer movement assembly
movement assy movement assy gage movement indicator
nose cone assy numeric display nut assembly jackscrew
nut jackscrew nut plate assembly nut spanner lock
outlet tube assy output assembly encoder outrigger assembly
outrigger assy transducer overspeed sensor pad
pad brake pad indicator pad rubber
pad transducer paddle paddle and filter
paddle probe panel afcs flight s panel assembly
panel assembly edge lit panel assembly illuminated panel assy comm nav
panel bottom panel computer panel controller
panel edge lighted panel front panel front casing
panel indicating panel integrated control display panel left hand
panel lighting panel meter panel mode
panel mode select panel rear panel top
pawl and pivot asse pawl assembly pawl assy
pawl assy minus pawl assy plus pcas assembly
pcas assembly spec pcb motor assy pendulum
pendulum caged pickoff indicator piloting sector
pin and plate assy pin link pin locating
pin special pin transducer pres pin valve brass
pinion adjusting pinion adjusting kn pinion and shaft as
pinion assembly pinion assy altimet pinion handstaff
pinion shaft pinion shaft roll d pinion shaft subass
pinion staff pinion staff indica pinion zero adjust
piston assembly piston assy piston assy dashpot
piston dashpot indi piston sealing pitch computer
pitot head pitot mast pitot static p
pitot static tube pitot tube pivot
pivot and bearing assembly pivot and mount ass pivot arm indicator
pivot assy pivot assy computer pivot assy gimbal c
pivot assy indicato pivot asy pivot boss
pivot computer pivot double end pivot gimbal
pivot gimbal ground pivot horizon bar i pivot indicator
pivot indicator rat pivot jewel indicat pivot pointer turn
pivot steel plate plate access comput
plate and bearing assembly plate and bracket a plate and carriage
plate and cup assy plate and heater as plate and jewel
plate and jewel ass plate and post assembly plate and receptacl
plate and shaft plate and stud asse plate assembly
plate assembly alti plate assembly bearing plate assembly comp
plate assembly decompression plate assembly dial plate assembly differential
plate assembly end plate assembly front plate assembly ind
plate assembly indi plate assembly inte plate assembly mounting
plate assembly nut plate assembly pitc plate assembly rear
plate assembly right plate assembly sepa plate assembly transducer mtg
plate assembly transmitter plate assembly wiper plate assy
plate assy bearing plate assy computer plate assy damper
plate assy encoder plate assy indicato plate assy jewel
plate assy mountin plate assy mounting plate assy rear
plate assy roll ind plate assy transduc plate back
plate backing plate backup plate bearing
plate bearing indic plate bearing pivot plate bearing speed
plate brake indicat plate brush mountin plate chassis
plate clamp plate clutch pressu plate clutch pressure
plate computer plate connector plate connector assembly
plate coupler assy plate cover plate cover compute
plate dial plate dial indicato plate drive arm
plate drive gear plate driver indicator plate end transmitt
plate face plate flag meter mo plate front
plate gear plate gear bearing plate gear center
plate gear command plate gear front plate gear rear
plate hook plate indicator plate indicator att
plate intermediate plate internal conn plate jewel holder
plate jewel indicat plate left plate lift detector
plate lighting plate linkage posit plate lug assembly
plate main assembly of plate mechanism plate mechanism ass
plate motor assembly plate mount retaini plate mounting
plate mounting comp plate mounting conn plate mounting dial
plate mounting gear plate mounting indi plate mounting indicator
plate mounting mach plate mounting meter plate mounting moto
plate nut plate pinion and clutch plate pitch trim
plate port end assy plate printed circu plate push to test
plate rail backing plate rear plate rear indicato
plate reciver plate retainer plate retaining
plate retaining spe plate scale plate sealing vane
plate sensor transd plate side clevis plate solenoid mounting
plate sphere mounti plate sphere mtg plate spring cover
plate stop plate switch plate synchro mount
plate synchro mtg plate transducer plate transducer se
plug plug cover plug evacuation
plug porting plug tuning indicat plunger
pointer and bracket pointer and dial as pointer and hub ass
pointer and pivot a pointer assembly pointer assembly bank
pointer assembly i pointer assembly in pointer assembly lo
pointer assy pointer assy altime pointer assy bank
pointer bank pointer bank angle pointer cushion sto
pointer hub assembl pointer release pointer scale displ
pointer subassy dia pointer unit floore pointer unit fluore
pole piece assemble poppet valve compen porcelain asy
port and tube assy port pressure port static
port tubing assy position transmitte post
post and plate assembly post assembly post component assy
post front pivot post indicator post instrument
post mounting post mounting assy post rear cover
post spacer post spring compute post standoff
post stop post switch mounting potentiometer base
power pack power pack mechanic power supply
power supply assy power supply oscillator amplifie power supply unit
preamplifier assy preform adhesive film pressure
pressure element pressure element sensor pressure sensor
pressure sensor assembly pressure transducer printed lighting assembly
printed wiring assembly printed wiring harn printer head
prism assy instrume prism indicator probe
probe angle of atta probe angle of attack transmitte probe assembly
probe assembly dete probe assy detector probe detector
probe detector angle of attach probe detector angle of attack probe slotting as
probe static tube processor command processor command i
processor flight in processor flight information processor signal
processor unit protective cover sensor head pulley
pulley acceleromete pulley and arm sens pulley assy
pulley idler push rod assy servo push rod sensor ass
push rod short pushbutton assembly quad ring damper
race bearing lower raceway flat sensor raceway linear
raceway precision rachet assembly rack assembly
rack assembly compu rack assy rack mounting cadc
rackspitch indicato rail rail pressure ratio
rainshield transduc ratchet assembly minimum ratchet assy
ratchet assy plus ratchet blank and t rate module compute
re beam assembly rear case indicator rear cover and lock
rear mask assembly recorder assembly strain recorder assy
recorder computer recorder recorder flight data recorder group
recorder mechanical strain recorder signal data recorder strain mechanical
recorder subassembly red stripe reel assembly
reflecting ring rea reflector reflector rear
regulator computer regulator module reinforcement spring
relay assy relay assy computer relay board harness
relay module relay module assy resistance spool
resistor and block resistor and diode set resistor and mounting block asse
resistor block resistor block asse resistor calibrated assembly
resistor module restraining spring restrictor indicator
retainer retainer amplifier retainer assembly
retainer assembly c retainer assy beari retainer assy bolt
retainer assy cagin retainer assy diphr retainer assy indic
retainer ball bellows retainer bank point retainer base
retainer bearing retainer bearing in retainer bearing se
retainer cable retainer cartridge retainer circuit bo
retainer contact retainer eccentric retainer filter
retainer gear retainer glass retainer inclinomet
retainer indicator retainer lighting retainer lock
retainer plate retainer printed wi retainer probe un
retainer seal retainer spring retainer spring space
retainer spring syn retainer window dia ring
ring and block assy ring and glass assy ring assembly
ring assy ring assy electrica ring assy special
ring coil assy ring computer ring damper transmi
ring dial spacer ring drip ring e pansion
ring e pansion indi ring eccentric ring heading
ring indicator hous ring light ring pilot
ring reflecting ring reflecting fro ring resistance
ring sealing indicator ring segment instrument ring slip
ring spacer rod actuator rod and swivel telescoping assem
rod assembly rod assembly rack rod assy
rod compensation roller assembly take up roller cartridge
roller pinch roller pressure roller take up
rotor and shaft ass rotor and slip ring rotor angle of atta
rotor assembly damper rotor assy rotor assy damper
rotor assy pitch sy rotor assy roll syn rotor asy
rotor damper rotors and tuning p rudder pitch trim
scale assy bank scale assy miniatur scale bank
scale deviation scale indicator scale rate of turn
scale roll trim ind screen screen assembly dir
screen filter screen filtering screen front
screen indicator screw actuator screw adjusting
screw adjusting spe screw adjustment screw and nut assem
screw assembly screw assy screw assy mounting
screw cup point screw feed thru res screw seal
seal assy bearing seal cover assy seal hermetic rotar
seal indicator seal torsional sealing strip
seat segment shaft sector sector and hub asse
sector assembly sector assembly hig sector assembly indicator
sector assembly low sector assy sector assy indicat
sector shaft assy selector assy sending unit assy w
sensitive acft sensor altitude sensor and filter m
sensor angle of att sensor angular sensor angular cali
sensor assembly sensor assembly double position sensor assembly inertial
sensor assembly pneumatic sensor assembly single position sensor assy
sensor assy transdu sensor assy transmi sensor differential
sensor final assembly sensor gp pr sensor inlet high pressure
sensor inlet low pressure sensor motion sensor pressure
sensor pressure mec sensor pressure tra sensor rudder
sensor stabilizer trim sensor static trans sensor subassembly
sensor temperature sensor transducer p sensor unit signal conditioning
separator post indi servo servo assembly
servo assy pitch servo assy roll servo controlled autom
servo controlled prese servo demodulator servo drive
servo unit assembly servomechanism shaft
shaft adjustment shaft and arm assem shaft and arm assy
shaft and bracker a shaft and brush ass shaft and counterweight arm asse
shaft and damper as shaft and gear assembly shaft and gear assy
shaft and lever ass shaft and pivot ass shaft and pivot assembly
shaft and plug assy shaft and rotor shaft assembly
shaft assembly adjustable shaft assembly alti shaft assembly counter
shaft assembly gyroscope attitud shaft assembly indi shaft assembly indicator
shaft assembly pini shaft assembly pointed shaft assembly pointer
shaft assembly posi shaft assembly roc shaft assembly transfer
shaft assembly vert shaft assembly wiper arm shaft assembly worm
shaft assy shaft assy adjustin shaft assy altimete
shaft assy aneroid shaft assy arm shaft assy center
shaft assy computer shaft assy frame shaft assy geneva
shaft assy indicato shaft assy locking shaft assy mechanis
shaft assy outer shaft assy output shaft assy pinion
shaft assy rotor shaft asy shaft compensating
shaft computer shaft counter shaft counter indicator
shaft gear assembly shaft gear spur shaft idler
shaft indicator shaft indicator kno shaft knob drive
shaft locking shaft lower casing shaft main
shaft mechanism ass shaft outer shaft pin
shaft pinion shaft pivot assembly shaft pivot pinch r
shaft plate shaft plate sphere shaft pointer
shaft retaining shaft roller shaft roller specia
shaft shield arm as shaft shielded shaft shielded chas
shaft shielded comp shaft special shaft spring return
shaft transducer an shaft transmitter shaft vane
shaft vane transmitter shaft zero adjust shafttinput
sheave idler shell assy shell inner indicator
shield shield acceleromete shield amplifier
shield assy compute shield assy indicat shield assy light
shield coil choke shield dial shield display
shield dust shield electromagne shield element
shield indicator horizontal flig shield light shield light assem
shield light assy shield sensing unit shield slip ring
shield transistor shield wedge light shim arm
shipping and storage container a shock mount assy shockmount assembly
shockmount assy shoe pole indicator shroud connector
shunt insulator and shutter shutter flag
side rail left side rail right signal caged
signal conditioner signal conditioning distribution signal flag assembly
signal generator as signal processor slaving unit
sleeve sleeve acceleromete sleeve and retainer
sleeve and screw as sleeve and synchro sleeve and tube ass
sleeve assembly sleeve assy sleeve detector t
sleeve flare sleeve frame sleeve indicator
sleeve minus sleeve motor assy t sleeve pitot static
sleeve plus sleeve protective t sleeve spring lock
sleeve spring retur sleeve tranducer sleeve transducer p
sleeve vertical spe slide assy bearing slide subassembly
slinger slip clutch assembl slip clutch assy
slip indicator slip ring and brush slip ring and bush
slip ring assembly snubber snubber assembly
socket and cable as socket spring tip a solenoid and flag a
solenoid flag assy spacer spacer and ear assy
spacer assembly spacer assy compute spacer baffle
spacer baffle seal spacer bar spacer bearing roto
spacer center spacer dial spacer front
spacer indicator di spacer machine scre spacer motor dr1ve
spacer rate of clim spacer rear spacer recorder assembly
spacer resilient spacer rotor bearin spacer set bearing
spacer sleeve spacer transmitter spacer tube
spacer vane spacer wiring board spec
sphere sphere and plate as sphere assembly
sphere assembly ind sphere assembly indicator sphere assy
sphere assy attitud sphere assy indicat sphere bottom
sphere bottom half sphere indicator sphere mounting ind
sphere top sphere top half spheroid
spheroid assembly spheroid indicator spheroid marked
spheroid marked ind spider assembly spider cam mounting
spindle assy reel split gear assembly spool assy band
spool assy chassis spool band position spool band positive
spool chassis assy spool take up spring
spring accordion fl spring and hub assy spring and screw as
spring anti back la spring antibacklash spring assembly
spring assembly actuator spring assembly zero adjust spring assy
spring assy ratchet spring centralizing spring clutch attit
spring compensator spring compression spring computer com
spring controller l spring cylinder spring damper
spring e ternal cha spring e ternal sen spring gear lock
spring gear lock cartridge spring helical spring helical e te
spring helical tors spring indicator spring link
spring linkage pin spring locking spring lower casing
spring mechanism assembly spring pendulum spring rate of clim
spring retainer spring retaining spring retard
spring retard indic spring sensing spring spiral torsi
spring sriral torsi spring torsion spring tube
spring upper casing spring weight balan spring zero adjusti
stabilizer assy ind stabilizing disk as staff
staff assembly staff assembly bank staff assembly sect
staff assy sector staff hand staff pinion
stand off indicator standoff standoff assembly
standoff bank scale static port instrum static tube
stator and gear hou stator and terminal stator assy
stator synchro indi stem adjustment stiffener
stop accelerometer stop assembly stop assembly mechanical
stop assy stop assy carriage stop assy pointer r
stop assy transmitt stop beam sensor co stop carriage
stop door stop eccentric stop gear sector
stop gimbal stop gimbal indicat stop indicator
stop limit stop mechanical stop minimum
stop multiturn comp stop multiturn stop stop off flag
stop pin stop positive stop sensor
stop spring stop spring servo stop transducer pre
stop transmitter stop yoke stopcgimbal
stoptdifferential g strai strain gage assembl
strain relief strain relief conne strain relief sensing unit
string mass strip bi metal set strip bimetal
strip coated strip cover strip ground
strip indicator strip seal strip sealing
strip sealing attit strip tear strut gimbal indica
strut half pitot strut pitot summing unit signal
switch assy switch assy mechani switch element
switch panel lighted switchboard switching assembly angle of atta
symbol dial symbol indicator synchro computer
synchronizer assy a systems panel assembly tab connecting inde
tab minus tab plus tachometre spec
tain bearing pointe take up drum assembly tamper seal
tas ooppler inter tcrd tear band cover
tear band cover ind tear strip tear wire
tearstrip solder temperature probe a terminal and case a
terminal block assy terminal board assy terminal board indi
terminal heater pic terminal ring test module stall w
tester and heat sink assembly tester torque aoa thermostat assembly
throttle assembly engine tip pitot toggle assembly
tone generator top coupling transm top plate assembly
top plate terminal toroid assembly indicator torophragm assy
torsion wire torsion wire assembly torsion wire assy
torsion wire assy s tracking receiver a transceiver
transducer transducer absolute transducer accelera
transducer accelero transducer altitude transducer assembly
transducer assembly armature lif transducer assy transducer counting
transducer differen transducer lift transducer lvdt
transducer p2 press transducer pressure transducer relative
transducer special transistor and resi transmitter
transmitter acceler transmitter angle o transmitter angle of attack
transmitter assembl transmitter assy po transmitter control
transmitter electro transmitter error signal transmitter failure
transmitter position transmitter pqs transmitter turn
transmitter wing transmitter wing sw transmitter wing sweep
tray assembly tray converter tray mounting
trim double lip trim knob trimweight
trip trigger triple tacho trunnion bearing
trunnion indicator trunnion instrument tube
tube and bridge ass tube assy tube assy computer
tube assy pitot tube assy pitot sta tube assy static
tube base tube beaded tube detector compl
tube detector probe tube e haust tube evacuating
tube evacuation tube evaculation tube filler
tube indicator tube pitot tube pitot pressure
tube pitot static tube vent tubing assy
unit assy spec v block adjustable valve assembly
valve assy damping valve assy indicato valve asy
valve poppet valve seat element valve subassembly r
vane and pivot assy vane angle of attack vane assembly
vane assembly heated vane assembly heater vane assembly self
vane assembly transmitter vane assy transduce vane attack angle
vane damper vane erection vane machine
vane machine castin vane machined vane shroud assembl
vane transducer ass vane transmitter vane transmitter as
vane turbo trainer venturi tube vibrator
vibrator assy video amplifier assembly warning caution adv
washer assy stop washer contact wedge
wedge assembly wedge cylindrical wedge front
wedge glass wedge indicator wedge inner
wedge light wedge light assembl wedge light indicat
wedge lighting wedge optical wedge outer
wedge outer glass wedge pressure wedge rear
wedge spherical rad wedge transformer weight
weight and rack ass weight assy counter weight balance indi
weight balance poin weight balance ring weight balancing
weight counter bala weight counterbalan weight gimbal
weight instrument balance weight relative win weight set test
weight spiral balan weight spiral balance weight trim servo
weight trim special wheel assembly alti wheel worm assembly
window window and case ass window assembly
window indicator wiper wiper arm assy
wiper assembly wiper contact wiper dual transmit
wiper pwa wiper switch indica wiper transmitter
wire wire braided prob wire cable assy
wire dial assembly wire list assembly wire pointer
wire tear wire tear band yoke adjusting
yoke adjusting link yoke and pin assemb yoke and shaft
yoke and shaft asse yoke and shaft assy yoke assembly
yoke assy yoke assy indicator yoke assy inseparab
yoke assy sensor tr yoke indicator yoke mounting
yoke sensor yoke sensor assy

Part Number's List for FSC 6610 Flight Instruments

Part No RFQ
152515-01-04 RFQ
1626173-1 RFQ
1626171-1 RFQ
1626027-1 RFQ
1625565-1 RFQ
16292361 RFQ
1626869-1 RFQ
1625965-1 RFQ
3750002 RFQ
00026-0034 RFQ
949470-6-1 RFQ
514332 RFQ
7951737 RFQ
1604923-1 RFQ
2119-500 RFQ
3623 RFQ
18007-7A10A1 RFQ
808316-1-1 RFQ
311-37038 RFQ
7602261 RFQ
537594-1 RFQ
949470-3-1 RFQ
949470-6-1A RFQ
L467801 RFQ
1617340-1 RFQ
1617865-2 RFQ
26-0034 RFQ
26-0034 RFQ
375003 RFQ
3750003 RFQ
511445 RFQ
139002-01 RFQ
1626061-1 RFQ
1626061-3 RFQ
1626057-1 RFQ
1626042-1 RFQ
732911710 RFQ
546-8434-004 RFQ
107ES530-1 RFQ
12125 RFQ
940229-2 RFQ
512764-1 RFQ
17325 RFQ
3-470-10545 RFQ
536100-17 RFQ
470-10545 RFQ
536100-17-2 RFQ
855AN2-1 RFQ
855AN2-1 RFQ
1612286-1 RFQ

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