Functionality of Different Parts of Aircraft

An aircraft is made up of different parts. When owning an airplane, it is important to not only look at the sub-parts and main components but also look at the spare parts that will be used when a part fails. As an aircraft owner, it is crucial to understand the different parts of an airplane and the effects of a non-working part on the entire airplane.

There are 5 structural parts on an aircraft. The aircraft engine is a vital component that permits the aircraft to move. All aircraft are manufactured with a unique engine according to its size. In earlier times, the propeller-driven engine was common amongst aircraft. However, these are no longer being utilized as they are now considered traditional engines. Aircrafts today are using jet engines. There several different jet engines, but the most utilized are the turbofan and turbojet.

The wing is considered a crucial aircraft part because it works to balance and improve the stability of the aircraft during flight. It is the part that permits the plane to go up in the air. The aircraft has 2 wings that are connected by a fuselage. The horizontal stabilizer, much like its name, is incorporated onto the aircraft to maintain stability during flight. The wing cannot maintain stability alone and the horizontal stabilizer provides a counteractive force that helps during disturbances.

The last 2 structural parts on an aircraft are the fuselage and the rudder. The fuselage is connected to the wing of the aircraft and comes in 2 different shapes. It can either be rectangular or come in cylindrical tubes. This acts as the connecting point for all parts. The rudder acts as the hinge that permits the plane to make left turns. It helps with the steering of the aircraft.

The parts mentioned above are basic parts of an aircraft. There are other parts smaller in size that are also important such as the main gear, nose, trim tab and more. Regular maintenance must be done so every part is functioning. This is usually done twice a year. It is important for aircraft owners to understand the importance of each part.


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