Nvidia, a Graphics Cards Supplier, Supplies Gamers-First When it Comes to Graphics Cards

The usage and availability of graphics cards and online currency, such as bitcoin and cryptocurrency, has created a growing industry for miners. This high-end hardware is in extreme demand and becoming very scarce.

Nvidia, a leading graphics card supplier, has becomes aware of this scarceness and changed the priority to go to gamers instead of miners to receive the greatest amount of profit possible. When you sell things in smaller amounts, you can charge more per item than when you sell bulk. This is because their main target group is GeForce- Gamers.

This is being done by limiting the amount that a single customer can buy to only one or two. It works because miners must purchase multiple cards to run their computers, while gamers only need one in most cases, and in some cases two for their purposes.

These parts are being bought out and resold at an extremely inflated price which can be too much for gamers, unlike miners who have a bigger budget. Many think the easy solution is to produce more graphics cards, however due to the unpredictable manner of the crypto market, which is the online currency like bitcoin, they do not want to start producing mass amounts only to have the crypto market crash and leave them with a ton of excess stock.

The mining industry will take the biggest hit because they rely so heavily on their graphics cards core systems. Their need for a larger number of cards to run their parallel configurations is not being met, especially after this new regulation for priority to be given to gamers.


December 7, 2023
June 30, 2022

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