Optoma 4K UHD Projectors and Components

Projectors are not a new concept, nor are they rare. Optoma is one of the leading manufacturers of many different types of projectors and continue to create new products. Their newest announcement is a projector that uses Amazon Alexa voice recognition. Other upcoming products are the 1080P high definition projector which includes LED lights, a 4K-resolution, ultra-high definition (UHD), and the ultra-mobile pocket projector which is smaller but delivers outstanding quality and contains a 2 hours battery life.

The new projector with Amazon Alexa voice recognition is known as the Optoma UHD51A 4K UHD Projector. Not only does it support Amazon Alexa, but Android OS, 2 HDMI 2.0 inputs, and most 4K UHD game consoles. The price is said to be around $1,699. If that price tag is a little too high for some, Optoma also offers the UHD50 which is similar to the UHD51A but does not include Amazon Alexa capabilities. This UHD50 is priced at around $1499.

The Optoma LH150 is an HD mobile projector. It supports HDMI and USB connections, but also has wifi and Bluetooth capabilities to stick with the portability of the unit, along with built in speakers. There is not a pricing on this LH150 because it is not expected to be on the shelves until mid-2018.

One of the more expensive units offered by Optoma is the 4K UHD HDR Laser UST, which has incredible quality and is priced at $4,999. The last unit that Optoma is announcing is the LED pocket Projector, which is the smallest they have ever made. It has incredible mobile ability due to its size. The picture quality is not the best they provide, but is perfect for traveling, and still supports HDMI. The battery life, like mentioned above, is only about 2 hours, but the price is only $279.


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