Mexican Navy Receives Its Final Batch of AS565 MBe’s

In 2014 the Mexican Navy announced it would be ordering ten units of the Airbus AS565 MBe panther helicopters. They closed the deal during the delivery ceremony, and the Navy become the first customer to launch this new helicopter version. The first four helicopters were delivered to the Mexican navy in 2016 and the remaining amount were delivered this year. The MBe panther is a multi-role, all weather medium rotorcraft. The helicopter is specifically designed to land on and operate on ship decks, land based sites, and offshore locations. It is made to assist the navy with various tasks including but not limited to, search and rescue, casualty evacuation, maritime surveillance, counter- terrorism and offshore patrolling.

The Airbus AS565 MBe is one of the most dependable helicopters designed to date. The aircraft is powered by two Safran turboshaft engines. These engines are extremely reliable even in high and hot conditions. Its automatic flight control system makes it easier for piolets, and more reliable in a dangerous situation. Safety is also improved by including the digital control system and vehicle engine management display which both reduce the piolets workload drastically. The Mexican Navy has stated that these helicopters perform an average of 300 flight hours for reconnaissance, training flights and patrol missions alone. The AS565 has drastically enhanced the Navy’s operational capabilities, allowing them to participate in a wide variety of missions. They Mexican Navy takes full advantage all the mission equipment the helicopters have to offer, which includes cargo hooks, infrared night vision, and a rescue hoist. The Mexican Navy’s confidence in Airbus helicopters has helped airbus succeed greatly in south America.

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December 7, 2023
June 30, 2022

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