MHI Reduces Wing Prices Enhances Long-Term Relations for Future Business

Boeing has conducted business with MHI in many projects in the past and therefore has established a well-known relationship between the two entities. In collaboration to be able to create a more efficient flight. MHI has agreed to lower the production cost for wings that are to be placed on Boeings 787 Dreamliner aircrafts. Both companies have agreed to analyze the currently produced aircrafts while observing the aero structure that will affect the production of future aircrafts.

Alongside the current plans of creating a newer type of aircraft, they are also focused on the sales side of the business in hopes of generating more sales for MHI productions.

MHIs more efficient production would increase their sales not only for themselves but for other companies that they use to bring the wing together. Currently Boeing uses components from over 150 Japanese companies to supply their component needs for their commercial and defense production.

Both companies have sacrificed a lot of their resources to be able to bring this partnership to life and are thinking in the future with this recent project. “Collaboration with suppliers is at the heart of our Partnering for Success efforts, positioning our companies to win in today’s competitive marketplace and look ahead to future opportunities.”

Wings are not the only part of the aircraft that MHI is able to bring to the table but also supplies Boeings fuselage. The types of fuselage that MHI proves Boeing is for the 767 , 777, and the 777X model series.

Boeing is well established all across the nation has created many other jobs that are held in the US and Japan . An annual report shows that Boeing generates over 5 billion US $ in Japan alone every year.

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